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CCTV 'News in Brief' - May 2008

The truth will out - The officer in charge of London's Metropolitan Police specialist Viido unit, has condemned the existing use of CCTV in the capital as an "utter fiasco". Following his comments that were originally made at a security conference, the story has now been widely reported throughout the nations news and media services. - source - BBC News - 6th May 2008

Keeping 'em covered - Authorities in Torquay, Victoria, Australia are planning to install video surveillance cameras at a popular nudist beach. The cameras will apparently help to tackle the twin problems of unwarrented intrusion from outsiders, and less than acceptable behaviour in the dunes. - source - - 11th May 2008

They could teach us a lesson - Following a spate of tragic events affecting schools throughout the U.S., Imperial District in St. Louis has become the latest school board to adopt extensive video surveillance throughout it's building stock. To assist the Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies in responding to emergency situations, wireless feeds have also been provided, to allow law enforcement officers instant access to camera images, using standard computer terminals fitted into their police vehicles.- source - - 14th May 2008

An expensive indian takeaway - Authorities charged with the protection of the world famous Taj Mahal, have been shocked to discover that fifteen of the nineteen surveillance cameras on site, have apparently gone missing. The country's Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) are tasked with protecting the World Heritage Site following recent terrorist threats, so the theft of vital security equipment has not only proven highly embarrassing, but also triggered a high level enquiry. - source - - 16th May 2008

Driving up surveillance - Manchester has become the next city after London, to install a comprehensive Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. With 600,000 vehice movements being recorded each day, the information gathered from twelve major roadways, will be stored for five years to help combat terrorist or motor vehicle related criminal activity - source - BBC News - 19th May 2008

A conservative case for cameras - The Conservative shadow Home Secretary David Davies has been addressing the issues of CCTV usage throughout the UK. In a speech made to the Society of Conservative Lawyers, he outlined his commitment to introduce new rules and penalties to control the use of video surveillance, whilst also undertaking to ensure that all CCTV be maintained to a high standard, in order to be admissible as evdence in court. - source - - 21st May 2008

No smoke without fire - In an attempt to prevent theft and vandalism in the Springdale Fire Company's firehouse (Stamford, Connecticut, USA), the volunteer members voted to install CCTV to improve security throughout the building. Unfortunately, the union representing the four paid firefighters on duty, have raised objections citing a state ordinance which prevents video surveillance from being used to monitor employees in rest areas. - source - The Advocate - 25th May 2008

It's all up in the air - The New York Police Department has recently taken delivery of a hi-tech helicopter, to be used specifically for anti terrorism operations over the city. Equipped with the very latest in imaging systems, it's claimed to offer vehicle license plate or facial images from targets up to 1.5 miles away, which can be transmitted to either control centres or hand held displays on the ground. - source - - 25th May 2008

No hiding behind cameras - Bank owners in Manilla in the Philippines, have been warned that unless they install CCTV, they face a heavy fine or a jail sentence. This follows the introduction of an ordinance (byelaw) by the authorities in Pasig City.- source - GMA News.TV - 25th May 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of .... - The first public space surveillance cameras are now coming on stream in Trinidad and Tobago, initially installed in Port of Spain and San Fernando. The Ministry of National Security is currently developing a National Monitoring and Surveillance System comprising of at least 60 cameras, which it intends to model on the systems used in the U.K. - source - Trinidad & Tobago Express - 26th May 2008

A sheikh up for drivers - Plans are afoot to deploy video surveillance for traffic management right across Saudi Arabia. Following a successful trial in key locations in Riyadh and Jeddah, the Ministry of Interior has now given the green light for the project to roll out across the Kingdom. - source - Arab News - 27th May 2008

Railing in Crime - Dutch Rail group have announced that all trains operating in the Netherlands, will be fitted with CCTV in an effort to crack down on crime. Whilst there are currently around 5,000 recorded crime incidents annually, it's planned that the first 99 trains will be equipped with surveillance equipment by the end of the year - source - Dutch - 28th May 2008



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