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CCTV 'News in Brief' - June 2008


Watching the cameras religiously - News from India, where the Punjab Police have advised all religious shrines to install video surveillance as an anti terrorist measure. With a heightened risk of attacks from religious extremists, authorities are suggesting that all entry and exit points and vehicle parking facilities be constantly monitored for the possible presence of "subversives". - source - Howrah News Service - 2nd June 2008

Sounds like a good idea - Research scientists at the University of Portsmouth are working on an analytics system that can recognise key sounds , and then automatically operate remote control cameras to pick out the source. It works on the principle of matching a noise profile to identify the activity taking place, for example a vehicle window being smashed in a car park, and then interfacing with the camera control system to locate and track the persons responsible . - source - The Engineer Online - 2nd June 2008

Getting carried away at college - A group of "anarchists" have claimed responsibility for the systematic theft of security cameras from buildings on the Santa Cruz University campus. They claimed to be rebelling against social control, and have indicated their intention to remove all video surveillance from the site. - source - - 3rd June 2008

When it's needed most - Police investigating the murder of a 25 year old restaurant manager in Glasgow, have discovered that the premises CCTV camera which should have captured her killer, was not working at the time.Officers are now scouring through hundreds of hours of recordings from local CCTV, to see if they can identify a suspect - source - Daily Record - 5th June 2008

Facing up to the future - Three police forces in North West England are working to develop the country's first facial recognition database. Merseyside, Lancashire and West Yorkshire forces are in the process of photographing anyone arrested, so their images can be stored for later comparison against CCTV images. The pilot project is expected to go live within a matter of months. - source - This is London - 5th June 2008

Getting ahead of the game - Senior police officers are apparently asking pub landlords in Yorkshire, to ban any of their patrons from wearings hats.The request has been made to avoid problems with identifying troublemakers, that insist on wearing headgear to avoid identification on CCTV recordings - source - - 6th June 2008

A flight of fancy ...? - It's been reported that the European Union is keen to persue a development programme for deploying extensive video surveillance throughout commercial aircraft cabins, to allow facial recognition systems to identify potential terrorists.- source - Times Online - 8th June 2008

Nowhere left to run - Two young boys aged 11 and 9 were reported missing in Putney, South West London, after failing to return from a trip to the local shops. Alerted to the runaways, a CCTV Control Room Operator spotted the lads boarding a bus and managed to direct the police to intercept the vehicle as it crossed over the River Thames.- source - Wimbledon Guardian - 9th June 2008

One drink too many - A shop worker in Gateshead, North East England, has been prosecuted for selling alcohol to children, after the police seized the CCTV recording from his shops security camera system. Beat officers recognised the two customers as being 15 and 16 years of age, and having spotted them coming out of the shop with a bottle of cider, the assistant was later heavily fined at the local magistrates court.- source - Chronicle Live - 9th June 2008

Keeping order on the border - Following a trial project held over the last year, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has announced the award of a contract to configure two experimental sections of a high tech border fence, into an "operational configuration". The construction will incorporate a range of video surveillance systems, intended to locate and track any persons trying to cross from Mexico into Arizona - source - Reuters - 9th June 2008

New views by the sea - Bulgaria has just officially launched it's first Public Space surveillance system, installed throughout the Black Sea capital city of Varna. Although it's been in partial operation for the last few months, apparently three suspects sought by Interpol have been apprehended thanks to the cameras - source - - 9th June 2008

Pedalling a myth - Following the theft of his bicycle from Portsmouth train station, a shocked commuter was told by British Transport Police that if he wanted the thief identified from CCTV recordings, he'd have to review the material himself - source - - 30th June 2008

Flushed with success - The U.K.'s Environment Agency are experimenting with CCTV systems used to monitor for potential blockages in rivers. The battery powered cameras are maintained using solar panels, and their images are available to view on a website, thereby saving staff thousands of hours a year previously spent visiting remote locations. - source - News Post Leader - 30th June 2008

Putting a stop to crime ... cameras - News from Australia where the Brewarrina Shire Council have decided to scrap plans to install a Aus$ 110k town centre camera scheme. Citing lack of public support and vulnerability of the cameras themselves, the council will have to pay the contractor Aus$ 12k for not going ahead- source - ABC Western Plains - 30th June 2008



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