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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.
City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.

- CCTV News in Brief Archive -
- July 2008 -

A modern twist on cafe culture - Following the receipt of a threatening e-mail by the Director General of Police, a magistrate in Sirsa district in India, has stated that all local cyber cafe's must immediately install CCTV to record anyone on the premises sending e-mails. - source - The Economic Times - 2nd July 2008

A picture of discontent - An Australian MP has reacted angrily to the display of video surveillance images of suspected shoplifters, in a Tasmanian video rental store. Whilst the stores owner is keen to make clear that no individual is being accused, the display of photos is thought by some to be a clear infringement of an individuals civil liberties. - source - Mercury - - 2nd July 2008

A less than diplomatic position - Administrators in Stockholm have refused permission for the US Embassy to use CCTV cameras, to monitor areas outside of their perimeter fence. Under Swedish law, permits are required for any surveillance in public places, and as the embassy officials refused to divulge exactly what the cameras would be covering, privacy considerations were deemed to take precedence over security concerns.- source - The Local - 4th July 2008

A familiar view on CCTV - It's been confirmed by Dublin City Council, that their use of covert CCTV in tackling drug dealing and illegal fly tipping, has only really been effective in capturing 10 percent of incidents. Although one in ten problems were captured, it would appear that no suspects have ever been identified from the recordings - source - - 5th July 2008

When covert remains confidential - The judge in a canadian terrorism trial has ruled that covert video recordings of the suspect, cannot be released to the country's news media. The material which was filmed in London by the UK's security services, would ordinarily have been released under canada's statutes, but the implications and consequences were considered too sensitive in this case. - source - Ottawa Sun - 7th July 2008

Driving down speeding motorists - News from Illiniois where the deployment of video surveillance cameras to tackle speeding motorists, has helped to more than halve the number of fatalities due to road accidents, in the last four years. Five enforcement vehicles have automatically issued over 7,000 tickets with a statutory fine of $ 375 for a first offence. - source - jg-tc online - 7th July 2008

Nothing worth watching - Outraged local residents are raising a petition, after the Highland Council installed a CCTV camera on the pier at Elgol in Skye, despite the fact that there is no crime problem in the area.- source - BBC News - 7th July 2008

Floating a new idea - A specialist Swiss camera manufacturer has developed the latest in bird cams. Designed to be used for covert military marine applications, the camera is a remote control self propelled unit, deliberately disguised as a bobbing seagull. It's not known whether there are any future plans to develop a cuckoo version - source - Gizmag - 7th July 2008

Kids rule o.k. ...? - The Austrian Data Protection Commission has reportedly outlawed the use of any video surveillance within the country's school buildings. Cameras may however be used to monitor areas such as bicycle racks. - source - Wiener - 8th July 2008

Adding up the bill to protect a buffalo - A pet one tonne water buffalo called Oink has become the subject of unwanted attentions from local vandals. To help protect the troubled animal from a herd of mindless beasts, a local Derbyshire resident has generously supplied a CCTV system, offering a wide view of the field. - source - BBC News - 8th July 2008

Criminals going dutch - Police in Amsterdam, Netherlands, have just launched a website showing still images and video clips of wanted suspects, trawled from security cameras in the city. - source - - 9th July 2008

Keeping ahead in the game - Police officers in Derbyshire, U.K., will soon be benefitting from 25 new sets of Body Worn Video (Headcams), purchased as part of a £ 130,000 ( US$ 255,000, € 155,000 ) project. Used by both Police and Community Support Officers, the systems will be used to gather evidence, and on occassions recordings of youths involved in anti social activity will be replayed to their parents - source - Derbyshire Constabulary - 14th July 2008.

Security team run off with an award - Northampton Borough Councils CCTV Operators are allowing themselves a pat on the back, after scooping a prestigious British Security Industry Association accolade for 'Best use of Technology in Security'. In the last audited twelve month period, the council's CCTV scheme assisted in well over four thousand arrests. - source - Northampton Chronicle - 21st July 2008.

Not so Smart CCTV - It's been reported that in the last year, Richmond Council in London have issued over 6,000 penalty notices to drivers, using their CCTV equipped traffic enforcement Smart car. Unfortunately for the council, and perhaps more importantly the motorists, out of the £ 260k. (US$ 518k, € 325k ) collected in fines, almost 20% has had to be refunded for tickets that were incorrectly issued - source - This is - 22nd July 2008.

Getting windy in the city - Privacy campaigners in Chicago are less than impressed with a new ordinance (city law) that has been promoted by Mayor Daley. Under an ambitious plan being advanced by the City Council's Police and Fire Committee, thousands of privately owned video surveillance cameras would be linked in to the 911 control centre, using the existing fibre optic network. - source - Chicago Sun Times - 23rd July 2008

Coming to a cinema near you ... - It's been revealed that the Odeon cinema operators, have installed security cameras in nine of their establishments, to watch the patrons as they watch the films. Described as having been installed solely for the "safety and security of guests", not everyone is happy being in front of the cameras. - source - - 23rd July 2008.

Hands up who wants to watch - Dorset Police have come in for criticism after advertising for 'volunteers' to work shifts monitoring 26 town centre cameras. Successful applicants will be required to sign a confidentiality clause, before being given training on the various CCTV operating procedures. - source - This is London - 25th July 2008

Not really a good look - A 56 year old maintenance man was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, after a remote control surveillance camera was found hidden behind a ventilation grill, in the ceiling of a female tenants bedroom. Staff and police had no alternative but to search all 96 apartments to see if any further cameas had been hidden. - source - - 25th July 2008.

An island joins the technology race - During a recent State of the Nation debate, Jamaica's Minister of National security has announced the governments intention to push on with the widescale deployment of CCTV, as part of an overall strategy to tackle crime. - source - The Jamaica Observer - 31st July 2008

A closer look at an investment opportunity - In an unusual twist on an age old problem of raising funding for Town Centre surveillance , the City of Flint in Michigan, U.S.A., has asked local businesses to stump up the $ 420,000 required, by sponsoring individual CCTV cameras. - source - NBC25 Online- 31st July 2008

No smoke without ire .... - New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, U.K., has installed 'Talking CCTV'', which will allow security staff to castigate smokers caught lighting up in no smoking areas. - source - BBC News - 31st July 2008.

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