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CCTV 'News in Brief' - March 2008


When Rights go wrong .... - Councillors in the coastal town of Dartmouth in Devon, have decided not to install CCTV, as they believe the equipment would infringe an individuals right to a 'private life'. Despite soaring crime problems and calls from local residents for improved security, the council claims that installing video surveillance may be in breach of the Human Rigths Act.- source - - 1st March 2008

The rings of steel ...? - A senior officer from Scotland Yard, has revealed outline plans for Londons security operation during the Olympics in 2012.. Speaking at a security conference in Dubai, Metropolitan Police Asst. Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur has suggested that 500,000 CCTV cameras will be deployed across the city alongside ANPR technology. - source - Emirates Business 24-7 - 2nd March 2008

Share and share alike - A system which permits various law enforcement agencies to exchange video surveillance images, is being trialled by the US Department of Homeland Security. The operation known as 'Real Eyes' will if adopted permit any number of operatives to access video streams via a secure network, using computer or cellphone devices. - source - Enterprise Security Today - 3rd March 2008

Boots put their foot down - High street retailer Boots are trialling the use of advanced video analytics systems, interfaced with their existing 'point of sale' data analysis software. The experimental loss prevention strategy is being tested out in their Mansfield store, to help identify unusual shopper behaviour.- source - ITPro - 4th March 2008

The first cut is the deepest - Councillors in Darwen, Lancashire are less than impressed after workmen accidentally cut through cables, knocking out the towns eight CCTV cameras for more than five weeks .- source - Lancashire Telegraph - 6th March 2008

Lessons in school safety - The Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley, has announced that more than 4,500 cameras installed throughout the cities public school network, will be linked directly to the emergency services 911 Control Centre. In addition, responding police officers will also be able to pull up appropriate CCTV camera images directly into their vehicles .- source - Chicago Tribune - 7th March 2008

Taking a Stand - Embarassed organisers may have to explain how two large audio speakers were stolen from the Croatian stand, at the recent CeBit technology fair in Germany. Unfortunately for the thief, the stand was being monitored by a high quality video surveillance system, provided by one of the exhibitors .- source - - 8th March 2008

Bang to rights - San Francisco has recently deployed the 'ShotSpotter' system to locate incidents of gunfire. Designed to work alongside the existing CCTV system, it's been revealed that having spent almost a million dollars on cameras since 2005, only one arrest has been forthcoming as a direct result of the video surveillance .- source - - 8th March 2008

The view from afar - Scientists at the University of Alabama have filed a joint patent with Sony Corporation, for their recently developed revolutionary Gigabit camera, which uses multiple lens arrays. Designed for airborne use, the camera provides a true wide angle view, which can be electronically zoomed, providing a 12" (30 cm) resolution, when deployed at an altitude of 15,000 feet - source - Universiy of Alabama - 10th March 2008

Getting down to basics - UK based specialist manufacturer ThruVision have been demonstrating their latest technology camera. Built using a technique much favoured by astronomers for studying star formations, their unique camera system allows security staff to see objects hidden under normal clothing.- source - - 10th March 2008

Hoisted by their own .... - Police officers in Stellenbosch, South Africa face charges after a heavy handed raid on a bar, in which shots were fired, patrons were pepper sprayed, and female customers were molested. The raid on the 'Die Burger' was caught on CCTV which clearly shows officers behaving in a less than appropriate manner.- source - - 10th March 2008

It's all about face .... - Senior UK police officers are asking the government to provide unlimited access to existing local authority CCTV schemes. Under proposals put to the Home Office, constabularies would be able to access council camera feeds, and use facial recognition technology to automatically search for known suspects .- source - Daily Mail - 22nd March 2008

Surveillance on tap - Officials working for the Madison Water Utility Company in Wisconsin, have spent almost half a million dollars installing security cameras, to help protect key infrastructure used to provide the counties water supplies.- source - The Badger Herald - 24th March 2008

Look into my lens .... - An audacious thief has been caught on security video, as he hypnotises his victims and then asks them to hand over the money. The suspect has struck in various locations across Italy, and in the latest incident, a bank clerk was completely unaware that they'd handed over the equivalent of £ 600 ( US$ 1200, € 720 ) .- source - - 24th March 2008

Bordering on the ridiculous .... - News from the US where Law Enforcement Officers spotted three men attempting to disable a border control surveillance camera. By the time Agents arrived on the scene, two men had run back across the border into Mexico, and the third was stuck half way up the 80 foot camera tower.- source - - 25th March 2008

Getting nosey with the parkers - New regulations being introduced by the Government, will shortly allow all UK Local Authorities to carry out traffic enforcement using CCTV cameras. In future, offending motorists will receive a penalty notice through the post without the involvement of any traffic wardens - source - The Press Association - 25th March 2008

Cameras working on a safe platform - Engineers working for Japans Railway Technical Research Institute are developing advanced video analytics systems, that will constantly monitor cameras in train stations, and highlight key behavioural patterns that may indicate a problem.- source - Daily Yomiuri - 25th March 2008

Driving up surveillance - New rules introduced in the UK at the beginning of the month, now permit Local Authorities to issue parking and traffic enforcement penalties, to any drivers caught on camera committing an offence. In future any motorist captured on CCTV, can expect a fine of up to £ 120 (US$ 240, € 148) to be received days later through the post.- source - - 31st March 2008

Putting a face to the Big Brother - The UK's Channel 5 television station have commissioned a new eight part series, examining the people behind the CCTV cameras. Entitled "CCTV Cities", the programmes will show presenter Donal MacIntyre as he investigates "...the real face of Big Brother, the people who watch the streets all the time". - source - The Guardian - 31st March 2008

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