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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

- CCTV News in Brief -
- August 2008 -


Keeping a tighter rein on the belts - In what's believed to be the first deployment of it's kind, authorities in Perth, Scotland have fitted riverside life saving equipment units with a built in alarm device. If anyone attempts to remove a lifebelt, an alarm is triggered and the nearest CCTV camera automatically locks on to the location. It's hoped this will not only reduce incidents of vandalism, but also speed up response times for the emergency services. - source - BBC News - 1st August 2008

A long term view on terrorism - As a result of an increased threat of terrorism, authorities in Pakistan are pressing ahead urgently with significant plans to install elaborate video surveillance systems throughout the country, and in particular, around the government and diplomatic quarter of the Pak Secretariat area in Islamabad. - source - The Post - 2nd August 2008

When three becomes one - Councillors in Leeds, West Yorkshire have agreed to inject almost a £ 1m. into developing a new super 'Digital' CCTV Control Room to replace the three existing analogue centres . It's claimed that the current Leedswatch scheme has contributed to a 32% drop in crime over the last three years. - source - Yorkshire Evening Post - 2nd August 2008

CCTV ... the prescribed solution - Following a series of terrorist attacks targetting hospitals in Ahmedabad, India, the State Authorities have instructed the Health Department to urgently install CCTV systems at all medical centres throughout Gujarat. - source - The Indian Express - 2nd August 2008

Increasing surveillance in the State - As worries about crime grow in the Gulf State of Qatar, it's been reported that sales of CCTV to private homeowners has rocketed in the last year, with demand for general security systems up by 20%. - source - Gulf Times - 3rd August 2008

Eating into the budget - School managers in Fairfax County, USA, have decided to install CCTV cameras in cafeterias, to try and cut the annual $ 1.2 million worth of food mysteriously disappearing at meal times. The project will initially provide video surveillance in six seperate schools, with a trial lasting for one year - source - The Washington Post - 4th August 2008

Hung out to dry - A hapless thief who stole from a Laundromat in Maine, USA, was not only caught by a CCTV camera but also caught by police, when he later returned to pick up his washing which he'd left spinning in the dryer. - source - American Coin-op - 4th August 2008

Train CCTV goes off the rails - A female commuter was pushed onto the tracks at a Kent train station, but the CCTV cameras failed to provide any useful images. The victim narrowly escaped death when she landed close to the live rail, but investigating officers have been left disappointed, as her attackers escaped with only unusable video images being captured by the stations cameras. - source - TimesOnline - 8th August 2008

Teach, your children well - The parents of two twelve year olds were so horrified to see their little darlings caught stealing on a security video, they promptly marched them off to the local police station. The pair were identified after their picture and video were posted in a "Caught on Camera" section hosted by a local paper and supported by Humberside Police. - source - - 12th August 2008

Take it to the bank - The police in Ajman, Abu Dhabi had given the emirate's 24 banks since the beginning of the year, to install urgently needed CCTV. The four that have yet to comply are now facing serious sanctions, which could extend to revoking their licences. It's also been announced that 40 cameras will soon be installed at key locations on the country's major roads. - source - The National - 14th August 2008

He knows his onions - An irate councillor in Burnley, U.K. has demanded that his local authority install CCTV to protect the treasured plants on his allotment. Following a recent theft of produce, including beetroots, rhubarb and onions, the veteran vegetable cultivator has been warned by police that capturing the thief may prove impossible, particularly if they've already eaten the evidence. - source - Lancashire Telegraph - 14th August 2008

What value surveillance ...? - An investigation into the death of a man under suspicious circumstances, has had to be closed, after it was revealed that vital CCTV recordings from street cameras situated in Camden Town, London, were automatically erased before the police were able to retrieve them. - source - Ham & High 24 - 14th August 2008

Teachers learning lessons - The Datatilsynet Norwegian Data Inspectorate are less than happy about the present use of CCTV in the nations schools. In particular, camera systems are not supposed to record children during school hours, and the law which states that video recordings must only be retained for a maximum of seven days, is frequently being flouted - source - Aftenposten - 15th August

Not so Closed Circuit Television - Following a large explosion in the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales last year, leaked CCTV footage of the incident has managed to find it's way onto the video sharing website YouTube. The blast which was caused by a failed turbine blower, destroyed the number 5 furnace and caused 200 tonnes of molten steel to escape - source - WalesOnline - 16th August 2008

Safety in numbers - Authorities in Najaf, Iraq are planning to install 300 CCTV cameras as a less intrusive means of providing enhanced security within the holy city. If successful, it's hoped that some of the existing physical barriers and checkpoints can gradually be removed. - source - AFP - 18th August 2008

Teach your children well - The Association of Teachers and Lecturers conducted a survey amongst it's members, to see what they think about video surveillance in schools. Whilst almost 85% confirmed their schools had installed CCTV, only about half felt any safer as a result, and a similar response suggested that pupils behaviour is not significantly affected by the presence of cameras. - source - The Press Association - 18th August 2008

Keeping track on the travellers - It's been reported that the Indian Home Ministry has approved the installation of sophisticated security camera systems, in the Atari and Munnabao train stations. The equipment will be used to monitor passengers as they travel into the country from Pakistan. - source - Daily Times - 18th August 2008

Served up on a plate - Ambitious plans to secure Manhattan have been unveiled by the New York Police Department. It's been confirmed that Operation Sentinel will use up to 3,000 CCTV cameras, and heavy reliance on number plate reading systems linked up with radiation detecting equipment, in a high tech scheme based on Londons 'Ring of Steel' model. - source - Newsday - 18th August 2008


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