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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

- CCTV News - September 2008


Beefing up security - Thieves broke in to the Northwest Alabama Livestock auction, and physically moved the security cameras on the roof, before stealing eight Charolais cross calves valued at around US$ 4,400. Images were still captured on hidden CCTV cameras, but the sites owners are now in the process of upgrading the lighting to help improve night time picture quality . - source - News Channel 19 - 3rd September 2008

You can't pull the wool ...- The popular Tweed City shopping centre in Australia, has decided to ban hoodies and hats , in an attempt to prevent youths from deliberately avoiding capture on the centres CCTV system. The ban is due to be in force on thursday afternoons after 6pm. - source - - 4th September 2008

A high tech paper chase - The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has filed a law suit against the New York Police Department (NYPD) over plans to deploy thousands of CCTV cameras in Lower Manhattan. The civil liberties group are seeking to obtain disclosure of all documents relating to the anti terrorism project, in addition to the 91 pages so far made public - source - SF Gate - 8th September 2008

Thefts fuel demands for cameras - On the back of soaring oil prices, a senior police officer has urged homeowners to install CCTV cameras to tackle the growing problem of domestic fuel thefts. It's been revealed that properties in North Wales are being targetted by thieves, using vans equipped with large tanks that allow thousands of litres of homeowners heating oil, to be drained off for resale. - source - Evening Leader - 9th September 2008

If you can't stand the heat - CCTV video footage of the Northern Bank robbery has been shown at the Belfast Crown Court trial of a man accused of stealing £ 26m in cash. The court has been told that two seperate video surveillance systems were in operation at the time, with the older VHS tape based equipment providing immediate access to recorded images. Unfortunately for investigating officers, problems with the newer digital system, meant that vital evidence could not be recovered for many weeks, as the hard drive equipped data cabinets had a nasty habit of overheating, - source - BBC News - 10th September 2008

Getting security back on track - In the face of mounting Homeland Security concerns, it's been reported that all the train stations in Mumbai, India, have now been equipped with CCTV systems. - source - The Times of India - 10th September 2008

Fade to grey matter - Scientists researching memory perception, have produced some startling results in a survey of students recollections of the July 7th London bombings. When questioned, 150 British and 150 Swedish students were asked to describe the CCTV footage that they'd seen on broadcast news reports. 40% of British respondents described seeing CCTV recordings that don't actually exist, whereas the Swedish group response was just 16% - source - - 10th September 2008

Guaranteed to rattle his cage - Having spent the last 84 days in a cage with 40 venemous snakes, "Mad" Martin Smit was well on his way to breaking a world endurance record, and in the process raise a significant amount of money for the South African 'Save a Child Foundation'. Unfortunately for him, three men entered the zoo where the record attempt is taking place, and stole the donation boxes containing approximately R50,000 (about £ 3,600, US$ 7,000, € 4,500). Despite the robbery and subsequent shoot out being captured on CCTV, Mad Martin is continuing with his valient endeavour. - source - The Times - 11th September 2008

An arresting sight - Officers working for the Seattle Police Department have recently been spotted using Body Worn Video out on the city's streets. Although a relatively new use for the technology in the US, this type of personal video surveillance system is already in widespread use with police and local authorities throughout the UK. - source - The Seattle Times - 11th September 2008

When traffic enforcement isn't always fine - Outraged residents in Streatham, London have been complaining about the local councils use of CCTV equipped Smart cars, to enforce parking restrictions in the area. The camera operators have been parking the vehicles on restricted yellow line locations, in order to capture errant motorist committing exactly the same offence - source - This is Local London - 18th September 2008

A modern vision for policing - Police Officers in East Devon, UK are asking operators of private CCTV cameras to register their camera systems, in case the recordings are ever needed to assist with future criminal investigations - source - Mid Devon Star - 18th September 2008

Stretching the envelope - The United States Postal Service is planning to install an IPv6 based video surveillance system to cover 40,000 of it's sites right across the country. The decision to adopt the latest Internet Protocol for video systems, is based on a federal government directive to encourage this approach to networking systems - source - Government Computer News - 19th September 2008

No time for mistakes - Embarrassed police officers have been forced to apologise, after issuing a wanted picture of three innocent members of the public. The mistake occured after CCTV footage was released to the press, apparently as a result of the recording having the wrong time and date information imprinted on screen - source - Fenland Citizen - 19th September 2008

More questions than answers? - As the inquest into the fatal shooting of brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes opens in London, details have been revealed about the problems surrounding the CCTV systems in use at Stockwell Underground Station, on that fateful day. It would appear that vital evidence was lost, because the station platform's camera cable was damaged a few days earlier when a workman stepped on it, and the trains onboard camera couldn't be recorded, as following the bomb attacks two weeks previously, the recorder was removed from the train. - source - Daily Mail Online - 25th September 2008

Cameras drafted in the windy city ...- Following a recent request from the Chicago Police Department, a West Chatham resident has become the first 'Joe Public' to allow their video surveillance cameras to be monitored in the police control room. So far two dozen organisations have agreed to feed their cameras directly to the police, to help fight crime and enhance Homeland Security. - source - - 29th September 2008



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