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Doktor Jons Guide to CCTV - The CCTV News pageCity of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.

- CCTV News - October 2008


Post event analysis - A federal employee tasked with screening baggage at the Newark International Airport in New Jersey, has been charged following the recovery of almost two hundred items of high value electronics, stolen from passengers luggage. The crimes came to light after the proceeds were auctioned on Ebay, and investigators captured the suspect on CCTV, mailing the goods out to customers at his local Post Office. - source - The Register - 14th October 2008

Tackling a grave situation - Repeated acts of vandalism in the Brookside Cemetery in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, have forced a decision to install four CCTV cameras to help tackle the problem, In just the last six months, $30k worth of damage has been caused in a series of attacks. - source - - 16th October 2008

A bonza bonanza of speaking surveillance ...- News from Queensland, Australia, where the town of Ipswich is the latest to add "talking CCTV" to it's existing video surveillance network., which is already credited with having reduced crime by 80%, in the last five years. - source - - 16th October 2008

Watching the detectives - It's been reported that criminals operating in Utica, USA are increasingly using video surveillance cameras, often installed covertly, to keep an eye out for police squads intent on raiding their premises - source - - 24th October 2008

Not much to talk about - Councillors in Redditch, Worcestershire remain to be convinced, after the towns £ 25,000 "talking" CCTV cameras have so far turned in what can best be described as a somewhat lacklustre performance. Since the speaker system was added on almost six months ago, the equipment has actually only been used 83 times, to verbally challenge people acting inappropriately within view of the cameras. - source - Redditch Standard - 24th October 2008

Signalling the changes on camera - In a series of vandal attacks on the CCTV system currently deployed in Limerick, Eire, around a quarter of the cameras have been disabled, with cabling, junction boxes and poles being the favoured targets. Authorities are now urgently looking at ways to protect the cameras and cabling from any possible further repeat attacks. - source - Limerick Leader - 25th October 2008

New tricks tackle the oldest profession - Authorities in the town of Lynwood, California have resorted to installing street monitoring CCTV cameras, to help tackle the problem of street walking ladies of the night. Outraged local residents demanded action to tackle the problems caused by prostitution, so the city invested $ 250k in advanced video surveillance technology, which it's already claimed has reduced crime by some 14% since the first four cameras went live. - - 26th October 2008

Caught out on camera - Police in Aukland, New Zealand have arrested two men thought to be behind the theft of medals from a local military museum. The breakthrough came after one of the suspects was unwittingly caught on a hotel security camera, whilst taking part in an 'obscured' news interview, filmed by a TV celebrity and his film crew working for a national television station. The medals worth almost NZ$ 5.5m were later returned to the police, and have since been re-instated in the museum. - source - - 26th October 2008

Fired up for completion - Following a shooting incident on a Bombay bus, the transport authority are speeding up their installation of CCTV throughout their entire fleet of 3,800 buses. Having already installed around 2,000 cameras, the project which was due for completion next March, will now hopefully be finished by the end of 2008 - The Times of India - 28th October 2008

Keeping old bangers off the roads - In the run up to the annual Guy Fawkes celebrations, the South Yorkshire Police have arranged for crime prevention buses equipped with CCTV, to travel around Rotherham looking out for misuse of fireworks and general anti social behaviour - source - South Yorkshire Police - 28th October 2008

What price Homeland Security ...? - In an investigative television news report, it's been revealed that the $ 40 million due to be spent on an ambitious video surveillance project in Chicago, has thus far failed to live up to expectations. "Project Shield" is supposed to deliver a 'state of the art' CCTV system, but according to some law enforcement officials, it just doesn't work - source - CBS 2 Chicago - 30th October 2008

Let there be light - The town centre in Woking, Surrey, U.K. has been left with only partial night time CCTV coverage, after it was revealed that concerns over street lighting, which were first raised eleven years ago, have still not been addressed by the county council. According to a news report, when the local shops turn off their lights at night, the images from some cameras become almost unusable - source - Get Surrey - 30th October 2008


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