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Doktor Jons Guide to CCTV - The CCTV News pageCity of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.

- CCTV News - November 2008


Cameras keep 'em rolling - News from the Philipines, where the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority are planning to install a number of CCTV monitors in public places, to display traffic information and live pictures from roadside cameras. It's hoped that by providing traffic jam information, it will help local resdients and businesses to better plan their travel arrangements. - source - - 2nd November 2008

Keeping watch over creature comforts - Researchers are using surveillance cameras to study wildlife in the remote desert wetlands of Australia's Northern Territory. The equipment, which has been used over the last three years as part of an ongoing research project, is set up to capture images of wild animals, particularly in locations around water holes. - National Indigenous Times - 13th November 2008

Let's drink to that - A church in Keighley, West Yorkshire, and the next door pub, are planning to join forces to acquire a CCTV camera. It's hoped that the equipment will help to tackle the problem of lead being stolen from the church roof, which has already cost over £ 10,000 to replace in the last year or so. - Keighley News - 13th November 2008

How low can you get ...? - A thief was caught on camera, stealing a Poppy Day collection box and it's £ 30 worth of donations, from a newsagents in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Minutes later, he returned the emptied box after distracting staff, completely unaware that his every move was caught on CCTV - - 13th November 2008

Give me a sign - The theft of a helmet from a clinic in Jalan Air Itam, Malaysia, was clearly captured on CCTV without the suspects knowledge. So when the hapless individual returned the following day for further treatment, the 'sinseh' victim managed to overpower the thief, and force him to stand outside his clinic, with both wrists bound and a sign around his neck saying ... "I am a thief". - source - The Star Online - 14th November 2008

A gathering of the chiefs - The security services in Peru will be using around 300 CCTV cameras, to help protect the 18 presidents and heads of state due to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit, being held next week in Lima. - Living in - 14th November 2008

Who is that masked man ...? - Two witnesses to an armed robbery in a betting shop, were given custodial sentences at their trial held in Nottingham Crown Court. Both men were known to the staff, but as they let them in, two masked robbers forced entry and stole a total of £ 6,000 from the safe. Unfortunately for the 'witnesses', they had already been captured on CCTV talking with the robbers, some time before the theft took place. - Eastwood Advertiser - 14th November 2008

Getting cagey over security - It's been reported that Singapore Zoo is planning to install CCTV cameras as an urgent safety upgrade, after a bizarre incident where a 32 year old cleaner, committed suicide by climbing in to the tiger enclosure. - The Straits Times - 15th November 2008

Extreme threats demand extreme measures - Despite privacy concerns raised by Iran's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, the country's NAJA law enforcement police intends to press ahead with plans to deploy video surveillance systems to prevent terrorism. Assurances that the cameras will only be aimed at monitoring crime, and not the country's citizens, has not impressed the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. - source - FARS News Agency - 16th November 2008

Security for the taking - Officers from the Flint Township Police Department in Michigan, have been giving away free wireless CCTV cameras, to homeowners in higher crime areas. Meanwhile the towns businesses have been raising money to pay for private cameras, that can provide the police with enhanced security coverage around their downtown stores. - - 20th November 2008

Hail to the Chief - As plans are developed for the January 20th inauguration of US President Barack Obama,.it's been reported that possibly the largest crowds ever seen in Washington, will be subject to unprecedented surveillance as part of a massive security operation. The cities 5,265 surveillance cameras will be monitored in a multi agency command and control centre. - Associated Press - 22nd November 2008

Getting it wrong on Human Rights - A young couple with learning difficulties have managed to stop their local Social Services department, from using CCTV to monitor their bedroom. Although the council officers were concerned about possible issues with their parenting skills, the couple managed to get the camera switched off, citing a breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.. - - 23rd November 2008

Security at the core of the Big Apple - The New York Police Department have just commissioned a brand new anti terrorism nerve centre, as part of a $ 100 million project to protect the Lower Manhattan business district. An initial 150 surveillance cameras are already operational, with the system planned to grow to around 3000 units by 2011 - - 23rd November 2008

The watchers aren't always watching - Since the contract to monitor security cameras in Cirencester, Gloucestershire has run out, Police Community Support Officers are having to fill the gap on three days of the week,At all other times, the Town Centre system is left unattended, and recordings are only reviewed in response to reported incidents. - TimesOnline - 25th November 2008

When private means private - A new law has been agreed in Korea, to prevent the unacceptable use of privately operated video surveillance systems. Due to be introduced during 2009, the Personal Information Protection Law will make it illegal to set up CCTV cameras that intrude on an individuals right to privacy. - The Korea Times - 25th November 2008

The dark side of humanity - Police Officers in Nassau County, US, are trawling through security camera recordings, to establish how a shop worker ended up being trampled to death. The tragedy unfolded when the WalMart employee helped open the store to a crowd of around 2,000 impatient shoppers, that burst in during a mad rush to secure the first sale bargains . - Charleston Daily Mail - 28th November 2008

Seaside city gets Smart surveillance ... - The use of 'smart' CCTV cameras that employ video analytics to determine threats, has been around for quite some time, but now the city of Portsmouth in the South of England, has become the first in the UK to adopt the technology, following the donation of equipment by the systems manufacturer. - source - Security - 29th November 2008

Goes against the grain ... - When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of CCTV cameras, engineers in Japan may well be somewhat ahead of the game. Instead of the conventional metal or plastic weatherproof housings, the best dressed cameras in Kyoto are now contained in indistinguishable wooden enclosures. Meanwhile in Takasaki city, the traditional Daruma dolls are being equipped with a covert camera, that looks out through the eye socket. The fact that the dolls are painted up with a "this is a surveillance camera" legend, does tend to somewhat blow their cover . - source - Japan Probe - 30th November 2008

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