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- CCTV News - December 2008


Every black cloud ... - In the wake of the terrorist outrages in Mumbai, it's been reported that the stock prices of key players in the indian security industry, have risen sharply on the expectation of rapidly increasing demand for integrated security systems. - source - The Economic Times - 1st December 2008

No clubbing without cameras - During an assault trial in Connemara, Eire, the judge has ruled that in future, nightclubs will have to stop playing music late at night, unless they are equipped with correctly functioning security camera systems. The recordings submitted as evidence in proceedings, was so poor as to be unfit for use. - source - - 1st December 2008

It doesn't look right - The Sussex Police Authority have decided to stop Indpendent Custody Visitors, who are tasked with overseeing the welfare of persons held in custody, from observing prisoners on CCTV, as they consider it may be infringing their human rights. - The Argus - 3rd December 2008

Cameras don't come cheap - For the seaside town of Sidmouth in Devon, the rocketing cost of providing a CCTV System has caused major problems for the local Chamber of Commerce. Having originally budgeted for an installation costing around £ 65,000, the latest estimate has now risen to £ 250,000. With no immediate likelyhood of raising such a disproportionate sum, and project delays of possibly up to two years, managers may well have to refund the monies already donated towards the scheme. - source - Devon 24 - 8th December 2008

'tis the season filled with folly - Police officers in Tayside, Scotland claim that criminals are failing to be caught on shop operated CCTV. Problems reported range from straightforward quality issues, staff not being able to operate the equipment, and displays or christmas decorations obscuring the cameras view - BBC News - 9th December 2008

Security can be a religious experience - A New York based security company is offering 200 not for profit religious organisations, the free use of hidden security cameras over the festive season. Apart from christian organisations trying to prevent the theft or damage to religious figures, an orthodox jewish centre will also be hiding a camera in a large menorah (multi branched 'candlestick') - Associated Press - 10th December 2008

Cameras on Guard - Despite a relatively low rate of assaults against staff, Plymouth Hospitals Trust claims to have become the first healthcare provider in the world, to provide body worn video systems for use by their security staff. The shoulder mounted cameras will be deployed to gather evidence which can be used to help prosecute offenders. - BBC News - 11th December 2008

When the big get bigger - News from Japan, where electronics giant Panasonic, has agreed terms to acquire a majority holding in the Sanyo Electric Company. As both are key players in the global CCTV market, it will be interesting to see how their business alliance will impact on future product development. - source - Sanyo PR - 19th December 2008

Facing up to the inevitable - Londons Metropolitan Police specialist VIIDO unit is reporting early success in their ground breaking use of CCTV to track down criminals. Having already developed a face image database, holding details of 7,000 suspects wanted for questioning over serious crimes committed in the last three years, the unit's operations have since resulted in more than 500 arrests.. - source - Evening Standard - 29th December 2008

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