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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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- CCTV News - February 2009


It's all just a blur - Scientists from Hewlett-Packard have reportedly developed an electronic face obscuring system, that uses a persons individual GPS location signal, to blur out their image on CCTV recordings. Somewhat paradoxically, the technique which is designed to uphold an individuals desire for privacy, actually needs to inform a central computer of the subjects location at all times, in order to work. - source - Softpedia - 2nd February 2009

Wintering the storm - Concerns about the retention of hundreds of security cameras, to be used at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, have been raised at a recent security and privacy workshop. The Privacy Commissioners of both Canada and British Columbia have made clear that simply retaining the video surveillance systems for use by the police after the event, is not an acceptable option for them - source - The Vancouver Sun - 2nd February 2009

Fast tracked recordings - Israel based surveillance specialist BriefCam have recently launched their unique Video Synopsis system, providing high speed review of CCTV recordings, at speeds of up to 1000x what has previously been available. - source - - 3rd February 2009

The dark side of surveillance - A 39 year old man has been arrested and charged by police officers in Macomb County, Michigan, after a hidden surveillance camera was found in a bathroom, used by his neighbours 10 year old daughter. Having befriended the family, he is alleged to have crept in to the property and installed the unit, which was subsequently used to make video recordings. Charged with 2nd degree home invasion, surveillance of an unclothed person and eavesdropping, he could face up to 15 years incarceration if convicted.. - source - - 3rd February 2009

It's all up in the air - Cambridge City Council in Massachusetts have stopped short of turning on eight new surveillance cameras, already installed as part of a $ 4.6 million Homeland Security grant project. In a unanimous vote, the decision was taken to put the cameras on hold, given concens over the way the equipment will eventually be used. - source - - 4th February 2009

A sharp intake of breath - A Dundee City Council spokesman has denied that they have any intention of using CCTV to enforce the public smoking ban. This follows a recent visit to the local hospital, where enforcement officers spotted smokers in a loading bay and issued £ 50 on the spot fines. They were alleged to have then asked for access to the hospitals CCTV system. - source - The Press and Journal - 5th February 2009

Cameras rank highly for cabbies - News from Bridlington, where a 19 year old man has been convicted of assault, after being captured on a taxi CCTV camera, moments before biting the driver repeatedly on the chest. Having refused to pay the fare, an argument ensued and the recordings from the cabs on board camera, has provided what is believed to be the first conviction using cabcams. - source - This is Hull & East Riding - 5th February 2009

And the Lords said .... - Concerns have been raised about the UK's surveillance society, after a new report was published by the House of Lords Constitution Select Committee.Whilst it states that Britain leads the world in the use of video surveillance, it is openly critical of the mostly unregulated use of CCTV cameras, which it believes risks undermining fundamental freedoms - source - - 6th February 2009 - the Lords Report

A golden age for surveillance - Authorities at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, have decided to install around 100 CCTV cameras throughout the world famous complex. Concerns about the general security of the Sikh holy place, coupled with incidents of minor criminality and issues concerning the sites management, have prompted the decision to have a comprehensive video surveillance system up and running by the end of April. - source - Punjab Heritage News - 7th February 2009

Teaching the facts of life - CCTV company's that specialise in supplying video surveillance systems for school classrooms, have been told by the UK's Information Commissioner, to moderate their use. In newly issued guidance, it's been made clear that cameras should only be used in exceptional circumstances, and that microphones should be switched off at all times. - source - Mail Online - 7th February 2009

Enough to drive you to drink - The Deputy Director of Bulgaria's State Agency for Child Protection, is pushing for the installation of CCTV cameras in every outlet selling liquor and tobacco. The idea would be to record the shop staff, to ensure that any unlawful sale of goods to minors, could be successfully prosecuted through the courts. - source - Standart News - 8th February 2009

Listen to this ... - Dutch manufacturer Sound Intelligence have been trialling their Sigurd sound monitoring technology in Glasgow, Scotland. The system is designed to identify aggression in a human voice, and is capable of automatically repositioning Town Centre CCTV cameras to spot the location of the sounds source. The technology is already in use in a number of towns throughout the Netherlands. - source - BBC News - 13th February 2009

Landlord calls time on cameras - A pub landlord from Islington, North London, has challenged a police request for CCTV to be fitted in to his premises, before he is granted a licence to trade by the Local Authority. The publican cites a mandatory invasion of privacy for his guests, as a valid reason for not deploying the cameras, which the police believe would help in tackling possible future anti social behaviour - source - - 14th February 2009

A force to be reckoned with - Officers working at a police station in Brighton, Sussex, have been informed that the staff kitchen will shortly be equipped with a CCTV camera. This follows problems caused by a small minority of people misusing the facilities.. - source - BBC News - 19th February 2009

There's a kind of hush ... - In the two months since a street monitoring CCTV camera was installed in the Rosegrove area of Burnley, crime has dropped significantly; so much so that the police have now decided the area is "too quiet", so they've removed the camera for use elsewhere.. - source - Lancashire Telegraph - 19th February 2009

Taxing times without cameras - A promised commercial CCTV scheme which has yet to be delivered, has resulted in around 500 companies in Coventry refusing to pay a local business tax. So far 150 bosses have been summoned to appear at the Magistrates Court for non payment. - source - BBC News - 20th February 2009

Policing on high - News from the US, where the city of Chicago has now linked their growing CCTV network, into the 911 emergency response centre. As well as providing despatchers with access to the city's high level street cameras, a total of twenty private organisations have also contributed their video feeds to help enhance security and public safety - source - New York Times - 21st February 2009

On a surveillance drive - Motorists in the London Borough of Waltham Forest are unlikely to rejoice at the news of yet further mobile CCTV deployment for routine traffic enforcement. The council have decided to double their fleet of video surveillance equipped Smart Cars, which are used to target errant drivers and issue fixed penaltiy fines for minor traffic offences. - source - This is Local London - 21st February 2009

A glass half full - An Optician in Norwich has successfully secured planning consent for their CCTV camera, despite an objection from a neighbouring pub. The landlord had complained that the security camera was intrusive and spied on his customers, but the local council decided that it did not constitute a sufficient loss of privacy in a publicly accessible place. . - source - Norwich Evening News - 22nd February 2009

The watchers are being watched - The New Local Government Network have just released their latest report, entitled "Little Brother?, Getting the balance right on surveillance powers". One of their key recommendations is that local residents should be more involved in their councils surveillance decision making process. - source - The NLGN report - 23rd February 2009

Never bored on the border - In the face of rising violence, the authorities in Texas are continuing to strengthen their efforts to secure their border with Mexico. It's been reported that thousands of virtual agents, are now accessing cameras through the internet, looking out for illegals. - source - NPR - 23rd February 2009

No body of evidence - Senior police officers in Thailand, are investigating the discovery of a severed head found hanging from the Rama VIII bridge. The identity of the western victim remains a mystery, as detectives confirmed that the bridge's CCTV cameras failed to capture any suspects. - source - Bangkok Post - 23rd February 2009

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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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