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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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- CCTV News - March 2009

Lies, damn lies, and .... - Like the product of a much loved chinese whisper, news and media organisations have long reported that the UK currently has 4.2 million CCTV cameras throughout the nation. In an attempt to seperate the truth from the fanciful, journalist David Aaronovitch has reported that the figure was original guesstimated in an academic report first published in 1999. - source - TimesOnline - 3rd March 2009

A tragic view on reality TV - An inquest jury in Ashford, Kent, has found that a homeless man died through 'misadventure', even though his last hours on the street were monitored by the town centre CCTV camera Operators. Despite a local business man raising the alarm, the victim lay down in the street outside the local public toilets, and passed away on a cold night back in November 2007. - source - - 4th March 2009

Credit crunched council cuts cameras - Financial cutbacks have reportedly led to a decision by Craven District Council, to terminate their CCTV monitoring contract with neighbouring Harrogate Borough Council. Unless an alternative or suitable funding can be found, the town centre is set to lose seven cameras, which original cost the council £ 128,000 back in 2000. - source - Craven Herald & Pioneer - 7th March 2009

You can always count on cameras - Senior police officers have indicated a willingness to start counting CCTV cameras in selected parts of the UK, to try and determine a more accurate picture of how many are installed, and just how well they are working. - source - TimesOnline - 7th March 2009

Barracks murders caught on camera - Detectives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, have confirmed that the brutal murder of two British Army soldiers gunned down by the 'Real IRA' at the Massareene Base in Antrim, may well have been recorded on CCTV, which is now being subjected to detailed analysis as part of the ongoing enquiry . - source - - 9th March 2009

Looking over the horizon - A US security agency is reported to be working on developing automated video analysis projects, capable of reviewing and cataloguing vast amounts of video data, obtained from sources outside of their borders. The work, which has apparently been underway since 2001, is intended to eventually provide an alternative method for gathering intelligence, by monitoring suspicious behaviour and any activity thought to be contributing towards heightened risks. - source - The Washington Post - 10th March 2009

Sign of the times - A real estate agent in South Carolina, was determined to find out who was vandalising his property 'For Sale' signs, so having set up some covert surveillance cameras, the suspect was eventually caught in the act. It appears that the culprit was the agents former boss, who is now effectively a competitor, albeit that he may be much the poorer for his actions if convicted and fined for the damage caused. - source - - 10th March 2009

Plate watchers on patrol - Two police vehicles patrolling the north Highlands of Scotland, have been equipped with ANPR vehicle recognition technology. - source - BBC News - 11th March 2009

The Maltese are cross over traffic charges - Almost half a million euros have been generated in traffic fines, using CCTV enforcement cameras in various parts of Malta. It's been revealed that in the last two years, 65% of the revenue collected has gone straight to the service providers, rather than the local councils that originally set up the schemes. - source - Malta Today - 11th March 2009

Tilting at windmills - A local businessman has complained that a town centre camera located in a high crime area of Sheffield, has been pointing towards the heavens for around three years. The problem came to light following a recent knife attack in close proximity to the camera - source - Sheffield Telegraph - 12th March 2009

A less than bitter taste - A pub landlord in Islington, north London, has successfully challenged a police request that the provision of CCTV be made a condition of licensing. The Information Commissioner agreed that a blanket requirement for CCTV in licensed premises raised privacy concerns, and as a result the local authority granted a licence without any cameras being installed. - source - - 12th March 2009

Cameras roll out on a mexican wave - As crime problems continue to spiral out of control in some parts of the country, the Mayor of Mexico City has announced plans to install over 8,000 cameras. As part of the 'Safe City' plan, the deployment of cameras will be rolled out over the next three years, at an estimated cost approaching half a billion dollars. - source - Latin American Herald Tribune - 12th March 2009

When patience is a virtue - In Idaho, USA, the Bonneville School District 93 have started fitting their yellow school buses with video surveillance systems. By law, motorists are required to stop when students are getting on or off the bus, but now errant drivers that are refusing to comply face misdemeanor charges with fines of up to $500, if they're captured on camera breaking the law. . - source - - 14th March 2009

Surveillance barely afloat - It's been reported that on the night that 54 boats were vandalised in the Elizabeth Marina in Jersey, three out of the five CCTV cameras covering the area, were not operating correctly. . - source - - 14th March 2009

A vision for tackling crime - The police in Tehran, Iran have announced plans to install CCTV cameras in high crime areas of the city. The systems which are intended to go live some time this year, will oversee a population of 15 million, the largest for any metropolitan area in the Middle East. . - source - PressTV - 14th March 2009

When the chips are down - Staff at a branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken were astonished to discover that the burglar caught on CCTV robbing their restaurant, was none other than the manager. The 25 year old was identified despite wearing a balaclava, as he stole the days £ 13,000 takings. Having been found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court, sentencing is due later in the month - source - - 15th March 2009

Self healing security - The main hospital in Freemantle, Western Australia, is to receive a substantial upgrade to it's current CCTV system, with a further 46 cameras being installed as a matter of priority. The project is being funded by the Department of Health, to help secure nuclear waste being stored on the site, in order to prevent it being used by terrorists. - source - - 16th March 2009

A new crop of cameras - The fall in prices for general video surveillance equipment, is credited for a surge in the uptake of CCTV equipment being used on a range of farm machinery. Although the technology has been used in the agricultural industry for around thirty years, the ready availability of cheap cameras is providing a simple solution for improving both efficiency and safety in a range of everyday farming tasks.- source - Farmers Weekly Interactive - 27th March 2009

Now you see them, now you don't - On the eve of the G20 summit in London, Westminster City Council have been ordered by a government department, to switch off 60 of their latest mesh networked street surveillance cameras. Apparently the wireless high tech units which are normally used for traffic enforcement, have been cited as illegal following a change in legislation, that now requires imaging systems to produce a fractional improvement in picture resolution, in order to be considered legally compliant. - source - - 30th March 2009 - DJ Comments ....

When the dealers go down - Three CCTV Operators have been awarded commendations for their part in obtaining video recorded evidence, that helped secure convictions against 8 drug dealers. The team from Camden in north west London, were each presented with awards by the local police commander, after their efforts resulted in the convicted being sentenced for a total of 34 years. - source - - 30th March 2009

Seeing through the woods and the trees - Whilst attention has previously been focussed on securing the US southern border in the face of growing unrest in Mexico, it's been announced that the Department for Homeland Security has awarded a $ 20m contract to Boeing, to deploy a network of security cameras at key points, along the four thousand mile northern border with Canada. - source - Nextgov - 31st March 2009

The watchers were watched ... - News from a shopping centre in Northamptonshire, UK, where three off duty security guards were caught on their own CCTV system, behaving in a less than appropriate way. Following an investigation, the three officers concerned have been dismissed, and now risk losing their SIA licenses which are necessary in order to provide contract guarding services. - source - Northampton Chronicle - 31st March 2009

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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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