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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

Every little helps ... - A campaign to extend the CCTV coverage in the Yorkshire town of Driffield, received a boost from local shoppers, when a 'Save our Streets' stall was set up in the local branch of Tesco's supermarket. In a matter of hours, local campaigners had managed to raise £ 161 ( US$ 210, € 165 ) - source - Cranswick Today - 1st April 2009

Protecting the core of the Big Apple - New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has announced an intention to extend the Lower Manhattan "Ring of Steel" into the Midtown region. As part of the estimated $ 58m required to increase security and deploy CCTV and ANPR cameras throughout the area, $ 21m is hoped to come from Department of Homeland Security grants. - source - Daily News - NY Local - 1st April 2009

Peace prevails through people power - A small group of irate residents in Alandur, India, have managed to force the removal of three privately owned CCTV cameras, after they alleged that the surveillance was being directed at women in the street. Following a signed complaint by 60 people, the police removed the cameras and returned them to the owner on the understanding that they wouldn't be used again. - source - The Times of India - 2nd April 2009

Developing a home market for chinese cameras - It's been reported that the provincial police in Guangdong, Southern China, have just introduced a new directive which makes it compulsory for a wide range of publicly accessible locations to install CCTV systems. As from the 1st of April, video surveillance must be fitted in public areas within schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and a wide range of other buildings. Whilst the cost of equipment can be reclaimed from the government, failure to comply will result in a fine equivalent to almost US $1500 - source - Radio Free Asia - 3rd April 2009

When the cats away - The day after police removed a CCTV camera for repair, vandals attacked a nearby bus shelter which was left unprotected. The re-deployable street surveillance camera had been installed in order to address anti social behaviour on the Coombes Community Centre in Royston, UK, but every time it's moved, the crime returns to the area. The unit is one of seven used to cover 25 crime hotspots around the town - source - Royston Weekly News - 3rd April 2009

Time to check the register - Police in Western Australia are setting up a voluntary CCTV register, to be known as the Blue Iris project. Commercially operated and public funded open space cameras, will be registered to help assist investigating officers in rapidly locating vital forensic surveillance material, from sources throughout the state. It's been estimated that between 4 - 6,000 cameras are likely to be registered in the first year alone. - source - - 3rd April 2009

Workers unite against surveillance - Following a wildcat strike by workers in the Secunderabad Passport Office, their colleagues in Chennai also walked out in support of their demands that a CCTV camera be removed from their office. The complaint relates to an allegation that the Regional Passport Office is showing images of staff to outsiders - source - The Times of India - 3rd April 2009

A tragedy unfolds on camera - It's been widely reported that the events leading up to the murder of Jillian and Kirstie Foster, may not have been uncovered without the aid of graphic CCTV images captured during their final moments. Christopher Foster was captured on his home CCTV system, during the period when he systematically killed his wife and daughter, along with all the family pets, before finally commiting suicide in the inferno that engulfed their family home. An inquest has heard that the former millionaire was financially ruined after his business collapsed - source - TimesOnline - 3rd April 2009

Patient abuse or abusive patients - In an ironic twist, within days of nurse Margaret Haywood being struck off for secretly filming patient abuse at a Sussex hospital, the Royal London has become the latest to announce that it is trialling Body Worn Video for staff working in the A&E department - source - Computer Weekly - 20th April 2009

There has to be a hidden catch - It's been revealed that Carlisle Housing Association is currently mounting at least one covert video surveillance operation every week, in an attempt to address Anti Social Behaviour on it's properties. This is despite the UK governments recent directive that councils and agencies should be making less use of RIPA legislation, already widely used for monitoring individuals using hidden cameras. - source - News & Star - 21st April 2009

Hanging on every word - Cricklade Town Council in Wiltshire are less than impressed with one of their own planning officers, who has insisted that a specialist bracket be used to fix a CCTV camera to a grade II listed building. Despite the estimated additional cost of £ 2,000, a spokesperson for the local Business Association has stated that the bracket will reduce the cameras coverage by 50%, and render it unfit for purpose. - source - Wilts. & Gloucestershire Standard - 21st April 2009

Saudi surfers surprised by surveillance - The Saudi government has recently issued new rules requiring all internet cafe's to fit video surveillance systems, in order to record any surfers accessing the internet. This along with a range of other regulations, have been introduced in an attempt to restrict terrorist activity . - source - Business Intelligence - Middle East - 22nd April 2009

Councillors on the case - In an attempt to save money, councillors from Winterton Town Council in Lincolnshire, UK, have agreed to review CCTV recordings and check the equipment in their own time. In what has been described as " ...a very positive move", the Deputy Mayor Linda Cawsey has indicated that the checks will need to be carried out on a weekly basis.. - source - This is - 23rd April 2009

Charity begins outside the home - News from Brisbane , Australia, where the local Salvation Army charity shop has been plagued with thieves stealing donated goods from the outdoor 'drop off' area. To help address the problem, the City Council has funded the purchase of a Aus $ 7,000 CCTV system. - source - South East Advertiser - 23rd April 2009

Ticked off by a camera - Polling agents attending two election booths in Andhra Pradeh's Prakasam district in India, are facing criminal proceedings, after having been caught on CCTV directing voters where to place their cross, apparently completely unaware that the cameras had been installed to prevent electoral cheating. - source - The Times of India - 25th April 2009

Home sweet home ... surveillance - Police in Atherton, California are taking a novel approach to enhancing their citizens sense of home security. In what is believed to be the first scheme of it's kind in the U.S., residents are being invited to link their security cameras through the internet, directly to the police response centre. Signing up for the scheme costs $ 300, and there is also a charge of $ 269 to register each camera, along with an annual cost per camera service fee of $ 50. Images from the cameras are only ever forwarded to the police in response to an alarm activation. .- source - San Jose Mercury News - 25th April 2009

Is CCTV a girls best friend? - It's been reported that a Brisbane woman who lost a $ 10,000 diamond at a bus stop whilst visiting relatives in Sydney, Australia, is soon to be reunited with the gem, after a bus driver came to her rescue. Having spotted the lost stone on a bus stand, the driver was later able to identify the owner using the CCTV images recorded of her, on the number 208 bus. - source - Brisbane Times - 26th April 2009

Animal crackers in my shop - Bemused staff in the SuperValu supermarket in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Eire, found there was just no pleasing one heavy weight customer, that decided to spend a few rushed minutes browsing the aisles. Rather than a quick trip to the local abattoir, one possibly peckish bullock chose instead to pop down to his local supermarket, to check out the weekly offers, The escaped animals exploits were captured on the stores CCTV system, and have since been watched by thousands on YouTube. - source - YouTube - 27th April 2009

Branching out with surveillance - With about one million hectares of forest at risk in the Aegean region of Turkey, experts from the Izmir Directorate of Forestry have decided to deploy smoke sensing video surveillance cameras, in a round the clock effort to locate and tackle spontaneous forest fires. The project will initially deploy digital cameras on four fire watch towers, with the remaining 63 being camera equipped over a period of time..- source - Hurriyet Daily News - 27th April 2009

When seeing isn't believing - Some residents living in the Forest Fields area of Nottingham, UK, are persuing a campaign to prevent the local council from installing three street monitoring surveillance cameras. The funding has already been found for the project, but many of those living locally believe that the mere presence of the cameras would suggest an unwarranted response to apparent high levels of criminal activity, rather than the actual situation where crime figures are in practice close to the national average.- source - This is Nottingham - 27th April 2009

Judge asked to become contract killer - The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority's ambitious $300m project to install video surveillance throughout their network, has been somewhat derailed after the main contractor, Lockheed Martin, applied to the Federal District Court in an attempt to have the judge cancel their contract. Whilst the company alleges ongoing problems caused by the MTA, the authority itself has claimed that the video analytics systems failed to operate as required. - source - The New York Times - 28th April 2009

Face-ing up to the consequences - CCTV cameras in Cirencester, failed to capture a group of 15 youths that viciously attacked a 56 year old man in the town centre, on a saturday night. Unfortunately, the contract for monitoring the cameras was terminated five months previously, and now Police Community Support Officers can really only provide a very limited level of observation on an ad hoc basis. The victim has now started a campaign on Facebook, to try and shame the council into action. - source - Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard - 29th April 2009

Wanna see some pictures? - Lack of funding in the Pennsylvania city of Allentown, has left a 62 camera video surveillance system, with nobody available to monitor the cameras. Concerns have now been raised by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) after the Mayor and Chief of Police, announced their intention to consider using volunteers to operate the system.- source - The Morning Call - 29th April 2009

Pushing the boat out - Six Chicago police officers recently received commendations after rescuing passengers that had been thrown overboard from a canoe, during a serious storm. An eagle eyed marine officer had spotted the boat in distress on his video surveillance system, and within minutes, fellow officers had dragged the victims to safety - source - Chicago Breaking News Center - 30th April 2009

Up on the roof - District officials are studying CCTV recordings from the Seven Cypress Creek High school, in Orange County, USA, after as many as 100 pupils staged an elaborate prank, removing all the desks and chairs from two school buildings, and then carefully arranging all the furniture on the roof during the dead of night.- source - - 30th April 2009

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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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