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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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Every picture tells a story - The arrest of two brothers for drug dealing in a dive club in Queens, New York, has sparked a major controversy, after it came to light that the suspects were completely innocent. Despite the claims of undercover police officers, the clubs CCTV system proved beyond doubt that the accused had not been dealing drugs, prior to their arrest. As a result, a $10 million law suit for unlawful arrest has been filed against the police department, the officers and the city authorities. - source - Associated Press - 13th June 2009

And the winner is .... - A 35 year old DJ from Drogheda, Eire was reportedly in shock, having won € 350,000 on the national lottery ... without even realising it. After buying the winning ticket and then absent mindedly leaving it on the counter, it was down to the shopkeeper Tom Heavy, to later trawl through the CCTV recordings to help identify the lucky individual. - source - - 14th June 2009

Dogged determination frees the pup - Plumbers have used pipe inspection cameras for many years, but in a bizarre twist, one call of nature was answered when the camera was actually used to effect an emergency rescue. The drama started when a week old puppy was accidentally flushed down the toilet by his four year old owner. Despite the best efforts of the fire brigade, it took a gentle push from a sewer inspection camera to help move the pup into a position, where it could then be plucked to safety. As a tribute to the rescuers , the puppy has since been christened "Dyno". - source - - 15th June 2009

A flash and it's gone - Problems for the warders at Cass County Jail in Fargo, US, after an overnight storm knocked out the power supply, and as a consequence blew out many of the prisons vital CCTV cameras. - source - WDay News 6 - 17th June 2009

Where modesty prevails - Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Humayyen, the General President of Saudi Arabia's 'Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice' (Hai'a), has made clear that the kingdoms shopping centres (malls) will not be permitted to install video surveillance cameras; a technique that he described as "such methods which breach public privacy". - source - Saudi Gazette - 17th June 2009

When CCTV goes off the rails - Following last novembers terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, it's been revealed in court that there were significant problems with a vital CCTV system. Within the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, no less than 15 of the 21 cameras installed in the train station were not working on the day, apparently due to maintenance issues. The images from the remaining cameras were described by the Special Public Prosecutor as " ... of immense corroborative value", and have been accepted as evidence by the judge. - source - Sify News - 18th June 2009

Don't look now ... - News from Suffolk County in the US, where the landlord of a rental property has been arraigned at court, after appearing on charges of "unlawful surveillance". It's been alleged that he installed pinhole cameras in the bathroom and bedroom, which were discovered by the tenant who then immediately contacted the police - source - - 18th June 2009

A celebration with surveillance - The forthcoming Rath Yatra religious procession in Ahmedabad, India, will take place this year under much closer scrutiny than usual. The annual event which actually dates back over a hundred years, will for the first time see the huge wooden chariot of Lord Jagannath being fitted with up to 50 micro sized surveillance cameras, to help provide the police with unparalleled views of the massive crowds. - source - Sindh Today - 18th June 2009

What goes around .... - In an initiative aimed at tackling anti social behaviour and domestic violence, troubled residents are being offered the temporary use of CCTV cameras. The South Tyneside Association Neighbourhood Watches are providing CCTV cameras on loan, and those most in need covered by any of the organisations 677 'Watch' schemes, can apply to borrow the equipment when it's needed most - source - The Shields Gazette - 19th June 2009

Mother knows best - A mother from Romford in Essex, UK had something to celebrate after her CCTV camera captured images of the burglar who broke into her home. After downloading the evidence she handed a DVD of the recordings over to the police, who were quickly able to arrest the suspect, who later received a four and a half year prison term when convicted at Basildon Magistrates Court. - source - Romford Recorder - 19th June 2009

Judge for yourself - A Texas state judge has been indicted by a grand jury, after being charged withdamaging an SUV. It's alleged that the neighbours Range Rover was 'keyed' repeatedly, and the judge stands accused after having been recorded on the vehicle owners motion triggered CCTV camera system. The judge denies any involvement- source - NBC - KARE 11 - 19th June 2009

The Lord giveth ... -In a recent debate held in the UK parliament's House of Lords, the Justice Minister Lord Bach was fulsome in his praise for CCTV as a powerful tool in the fight against crime. Whilst highlighting the Government's commitment to video surveillance, he was quoted as saying "We have put in lace a strong legislative framework to protect the rights to privacy of the individual but have constantly to satisfy ourselves that we have got the balance right". - source - - 20th June 2009

A community in camera - One of America's oldest towns has only recently become one of it's most watched. With a population of just 55,000 residents, the Pennsylvanian town of Lancaster which is more used to the everyday sight of Amish families travelling up the main street in horse drawn buggy's, is only now coming to terms with it's new video surveillance system based on 165 public space cameras, all monitored and operated by unappointed volunteers- source - Los Angeles Times - 21st June 2009

Heading for a Falls - NAs part of the US Governments "Secure Border" initiative, 10 new surveillance cameras have been installed along the Niagara River, on it's approach to the Niagara Falls. The US Border Patrol have recently been strengthening their resources there in an attempt to better secure the border between the States and Canada, which historically has been a hotspot for smugglers and illegals crossing, but more recently a point of focus in the context of Homeland Security - source - - 23rd June 2009

You wear it well - The town of Victoria in Canada, is reported to be the first in North America to equip it's police officers with Body Worn Video systems. The pilot project will initially see six officers fitted with surveillance cameras for the Canada Day celebrations on July 1st, and the equipment will continue to be used for evaluation up until the end of August. - source - - 25th June 2009

You want to put it where ...? - The UK government is shortly to issue a document entitled, "Building Britains Future". As part of the commitment to more community involvement in key decision making, it's been reported that the police will need to consult residents on the location of CCTV cameras, despite the fact that almost all video surveillance in public places is actually the responsibility of the Local Authorities. - source - NewStatesman - 26th June 2009


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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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