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CCTV 'News in Brief' - January 2006


Criminals on Cable - The East London area of Shoreditch has suddenly become the focus of attention for a pioneering community CCTV project, nicknamed "Asbo TV". As part of a community network project providing affordable broadband and cabled television services for initially 1000 residents, the organisation supplying the estates Shoreditch Digital Bridge, have announced that residents will be connected to a dedicated CCTV channel, eventually allowing access to almost 400 surveillance cameras located in the area. Critics have been swift to condemn the proposal as a gimmick, and fears regarding infringements of civil liberties have been raised in advance of the schemes launch next month. - source BBC News - 10th January 2006

The will of the people - In the small New Hampshire town of Bellows Falls, residents are gathering a petition to prevent the installation of 16 CCTV security cameras, to be provided from a US$ 98,000 federal grant. Opinions are mixed, but civil liberty issues and concerns over the redeployment of policing to unmonitored areas, has certainly touched a nerve with the good citizens of Bellows Falls - source Brattleboro Reformer - 11th January 2006

What not to wear - As part of a four week trial in upgrading commuter security, London's Paddington Station has been testing out a range of enhanced systems, including a behavioural analysis CCTV installation, and a millimetric imaging scanner capable of highlighting hidden weapons by seeing through an individuals clothing - source BBC News - 11th January 2006

As safe as houses? - Three armed raiders who ransacked a house in Withington, Manchesterwhile the occupier was in her bathroom, failed to spot a hidden CCTV camera installed by her husband, who owns a security firm. A police spokesperson is reported as saying that the offenders are believed to be three males. - source The Times - 11th January 2006

Drawing a veil over ... - In a quiet corner of Norfolk, eastern England., an ongoing neighbour dispute has taken a bizarre twist, with one homeowner erecting a giant 12 metre long banner to obstruct the view of his neighbours CCTV cameras. After 10 years of disagreements, drastic action was eventually taken to prevent the constant surveillance of his family from next door - source EDP News - 11th January 2006

The net is spreading ... - News from Phuket in Thailand, where the administrative authorities have announced their intention to install an extensive CCTV network, to help prevent terrorism, and address the problems in crime hotspots. A working group including IT experts, town planners and architects has been set up to report on how best to push forward this pilot scheme. - source - 13th January 2006

Who watches the watchers... - At the conclusion of a landmark court case, two CCTV System Operators working for Sefton Council in Liverpool, have each been jailed for the inappropriate use of their surveillance system. The two male CCTV operators were found guilty of offences, including voyeurism and misconduct in public office, following incidents of viewing and recording a young woman whilst in her flat. Sentencing them to jail terms of two and four months respectively, the judge was quoted as saying " You were the guards and the law shall guard you, to prevent other guards from abusing their position" - source Manchester Evening News - 13th January 2006

All under control - News from India, where for the first time, the annual Magh Mela event has been monitored by police using remote control CCTV cameras. The officer in charge was able to view images from a number of cameras, relayed to seven monitors set up in his command tent. - source Hindustan Times - 14th January 2006

Reducing mountains of waste - It's been reported that Ireland's Department of the Environment has decided to launch a scheme using CCTV cameras, to control the illegal dumping of waste in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains. If successful, the scheme will be extended to the west of the country. - source The - 15th January 2006

Using a car phone - In the U.K., the Highways Agency has recently launched a new service, allowing motorists to access surveillance camera images of motorways, using their mobile phones. The idea behind this pilot project, will enable drivers access to images of road conditions, sourced from around 100 cameras located on 11 of the countries major motorways. - source Times Online - 15th January 2006

CCTV on track - The Government Railway Police in Tiruchi, India, have announced that a further six stations will benefit from CCTV surveillance, with up to twenty cameras being installed at each location. This is in response to a heightened security threat to the countrys train network - source The Hindu - 17th January 2006

On the buses - For drivers operating the number 31 and 328 buses in North London, the installation of CCTV cameras on their vehicles provided a reasonable degree of security, that is until the managers decided to place a camera in the cab just to watch them driving. Hardly surprisingly, the drivers decided to walk out on strike, only returning to work after union officials intervened on their behalf - source The Ham and High - 13th January 2006

The danger of drugs - Police arriving to arrest a man on unrelated charges in Peru, Indiana, found their suspect manufacturing methamphetamine. Along with all the paraphenalia associated with illegal drugs production, officers discovered that the potentially explosive process was being monitored remotely using a basic CCTV system . - source Peru Tribune - 19th January 2006

The spread of surveillance - It's been confirmed that the federal government in Nigeria, have awarded contracts for the installation of CCTV systems in both Abuja and the capital Lagos - source All Africa - 20th January 2006

Where there's muck ... - It's bad enough when your figures don't add up, but for city officials in Delta Junction, their problem is causing a bit of a stink. Contractors emptying septic waste into a landfill site have somehow managed to dump 40,000 gallons more than was permitted. It is now hoped that the installation of a CCTV camera will help to identify who is taking the ..... - source News - Miner - 26th January 2006

Get yer cameras 'ere... - News from India, where traders have stumped up the cash to buy security cameras, which have been installed in various markets around New Delhi. The President of the market association is quoted as saying "...We hope this will keep away any miscreants." - source Express India - 26th January 2006

Any cameras going cheap...? - News from Australia, where the Police Minister in New South Wales has suggested that private businesses pay for upgraded security cameras, in the fight against crime and terrorism. Less than surprisingly, opposition politicions are significantly unimpressed with what they regard as policing on the cheap- source The Sydney Morning Herald - 26th January 2006

Give us a Ring - Following an evaluation of the "Ring of Steel", where controlled vehicle access and ANPR equipped cameras secure the gateways into the City of London, it's been reported that New York City officials are considering a similar system to protect their financial heartland. - source New York Daily News - 26th January 2006

A Bulgarian connection - Officials in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia have confirmed that the first stage of a new city wide CCTV system will go live on April 1st 2006. A working group formed by the Interior Ministry, will also be looking to develop similar projects in other cities.- source Dnevnik a.m. - 30th January 2006

No joke for the Irish - The owner of a Renault Clio car damaged whilst parked outside a police station in Northern Ireland, has described as a "joke" the fact that nothing was recorded on any of the sixteen CCTV cameras in the area. Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward - source The Derry Journal - 31st January 2006

Before your very eyes... - Homeland Security officers working at the forthcoming NFL's Super Bowl XL, will be sure to keep their eyes on the ball, using the very latest in 3D Imaging systems. The system known as LifeVison3D has been developed over a ten year period by Michigan based Intrepid Defense & Security Systems. This is believed to be the first time that a 3D hologram imaging system has been deployed in a public working situation - source Automation Alley - 30th January 2006




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