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CCTV 'News in Brief' - January 2007


And the lesson today is ... - Following a spate of vandalism attacks targeted across the island, the Education Ministry in Cyprus has announced that security cameras will be installed throughout all schools within three years - source Cyprus Mail - 30th Jan 2007

On a mission - In the wake of the New Years Eve terrorist attacks in Thailand, plans have been accelerated to install widespread video surveillance throughout Bangkok, within the next two months. - source The Nation - 29th Jan 2007

It's the real thing - A former employee of the Coca Cola company, charged with stealing secret documents which were allegedly then offered by her accomplices to PepsiCo, was only identified after covert CCTV cameras were installed in the her office. If convicted, she may face up to 10 years in prison for conspiring to sell trade secrets. - source Tuscaloosa - 27th Jan 2007

Where there's a law ... - Following the recent explosion at the American embassy in Athens, investigators are trying to gain access to material recorded from traffic surveillance cameras. Under Greek law, the Personal Data Protection Authority had previously ruled that traffic cameras were not to be used for any other purpose, although the Public Order Ministry has now applied to the Council of State for special permission to evaluate the CCTV recordings . - source Athens News Agency - 15th Jan 2007

Stopping the stalkers - For the good folks of Brattleborough, Massachusetts, USA, a new law preventing video stalking cannot come a day to soon. Following a tragic case where a young woman committed suicide after being constantly monitored by her neighbours CCTV cameras, Senators are drafting a bill to outlaw intrusive video surveillance by one person against another. - source Brattleborough Reformer - 13th Jan 2007

A turn off for crime - The night manager of a Wal Mart in Port Clinton, Ohio, USA, has been arraigned on charges of stealing US$ 45,000 from the store, in a carefully planned theft. Having been caught on the branch's external CCTV system, the suspect then went to the video surveillance room and turned off the recorders. After the theft of merchandise and cash from the store safe, the recorders were then re-activated by the thief, who was reportedly on vacation at the time of the incident. - source - 13th Jan 2007

Care in the community - A 58 year old care worker from Eccles, UK., was convicted of stealing £ 160 from a pensioners purse, whilst caring for the woman in her own home. Police were unable to act on the family's suspicions due to lack of resources, so the victims son had CCTV cameras installed covertly, at a personal cost of £ 3000 (US$ 5800, € 4300 ). The local authority provided home carer was convicted at a Crown Court, and given a 4 months suspended sentence, 150 hours community service, and ordered to pay £ 150 compensation. - source Salford Advertiser - 11th Jan 2007

Clued up on cameras - In an attempt to develop a new approach to dealing with video recorded evidence, London's Metropolitan Police Service have now set up a specialist investigation unit to recover and process video recorded evidence. The Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office (Viido) has been established as a pilot project at Southwark Police Station, and if successful, will be rolled out with regional offices across the force. - source BBC News - 9th Jan 2007




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