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CCTV 'News in Brief' -January 2008


You shouldn't judge a book ... - .A mother was outraged to discover that her 13 year old son had been blacklisted by a local supermarket, despite being innocent of any crime. The Tesco store in Dereham had apparently been keeping CCTV images of people they believed to be acting suspiciously, and according to a company spokesperson, the images are held in accordance with the Information Commissioners CCTV Code of Practice. - source - EDP24 - 5th January 2008

Ideas above their station - Installing 26 new CCTV cameras on historic Inverclyde train station, may have seemed a good idea at the time, but managers working for First ScotRail have had to admit they failed to get permission, to install the equipment on the 104 year old listed building. A retrospective planning application has now been submitted to Inverclyde Council, although Historic Scotland are likely to have the final word - source - Greenock Telegraph - 7th January 2008

Keeping the records accurate - .The Forensic Video Analysis Group have launched what is claimed to be the UK's first quality assessment facility for security video recording. The company which is based in Colwyn Bay, has had its testing service endorsed by the North Wales Police - source - Daily Post - 9th January 2008

Lessons in security - It's been announced by the Federal Government in Australia, that any school can now apply for a share of Aus$ 20 million ( £ 9 million, US$ 18 million, Euro 12 million) being made available for security upgrades including CCTV systems. The most likely applicants will be faith and minority schools, many of which are under constant threat of attack from racists and extremists- source - Sydney Morning Herald - 11th January 2008

Well son of a gun - Investigators working at the Broward Sheriffs Office in Florida, must have been ever so slightly bemused when they were called to investigate an armed robbery, at a house near Fort Lauderdale. The home owner and four security installers were approached by five suspects, two armed with handguns, literally minutes after the crew had completed installing a comprehensive video surveillance system. - source - - 11th January 2008

Drivers put a stop on taxis - Following a directive from the City of Ottawa, taxi drivers have been ordered to complete the installation of CCTV cameras in their vehicles, by the end of March 2008. Unfortunately for the city fathers, the drivers Union has reportedly voted to refuse to install any surveillance equipment, risking in the process the removal of their operating licenses. - source - - 11th January 2008

The cost of fuel these days - A Lancashire garage owners suspicions that fuel was going missing, were finally confirmed when he checked the CCTV recordings, and spotted a neighbour carrying away two 25 litre cans in the dead of night. In the local magistrates court, his defence informed the court that his vehicles engine had been wrecked after filling the tank, with what actually turned out to be heating oil. He was given a conditional discharge for two years, along with a £ 77 bill for compensation, with £ 70 costs. - source - The Citizen - 11th January 2008

Can you feel the force? - Following an extensive investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, no action will be taken against police officers who were caught on CCTV hitting a woman outside a nightclub in Sheffield. The IPCC has ruled that the officers involved were using reasonable force to make an arrest. Coincidentally, two defence lawyers working on the advisory board, resigned their positions, stating that they felt "dismay and disillusionment" about the way the IPCC is run. .- source - The Guardian - 12th January 2008

When the function doesn't creep - Businessmen in Lahore, Pakistan are outraged that most of the 2,500 CCTV cameras installed throughout the city in the last two years, are not working properly. The business community were instrumental in funding the programme for deploying video surveillance in markets and key locations, but little appears to have been spent on providing vital ongoing maintenance - source - Daily Times - 13th January 2008

Game set for the match - Preparations are well in hand for the Australian Open Tennis Championship being held in Melbourne later this month. Concerns about a repetition of last years events where Serb and Croatian fans threw bottles and chairs at each other, have prompted police to install a number of CCTV cameras, just in case - source - - 13th January 2008

Now you see them ... - It's been reported that numerous CCTV cameras installed at key road junctions in Rangoon, Burma early in 2007, have now apparently been removed by the authorities. Although the suggestion is that insufficient funding has prevented ongoing maintenance, it's also been acknowledged that the countries erratic power supply, may render the video surveillance as unsuitable.. - source - Democratic Voice of Burma - 14th January 2008

Plans not quite on track - Questions are being asked as to why the ambitious plans to install thousands of surveillance cameras throughout the New York Subway system, have fallen seriously behind schedule. The subway operator MTA have confirmed that only 300 cameras have so far been installed, whilst the completion date has been put back in the face of a rocketing budget. - source - Daily News - 15th January 2008

Didn't see that coming - Anyone thinking about using CCTV for a less than honourable reason, would do well to take a lesson from one constable, who having used his vehicles on board video surveillance camera to film a young woman relaxing in her apartment, found himself on the receiving end of a fifteen year jail term, courtesy of the Mississippi Supreme Court. The State is now one of more than 34 that have introduced anti - voyeurism statutes, to tackle a growing problem in the US. - source - ABC News - 18th January 2008

Hard lessons to learn - The school board for Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan have agreed to the installation of an $80k video surveillance system, despite the fact that 1,100 students signed a petition against the use of security cameras. - source - - 23rd January 2008

Moving forward on the transport system - Officials at the Chicago Transit Authority have decided to proceed with an ambitious plan to install live transmitted video feeds from all new rail cars introduced onto the tracks. Likewise, a pilot project is also being evaluated for a similar level of security on the city's bus fleet, with surveillance images from on-board cameras, beamed direct to both control rooms and local police vehicles. . - source - - 24th January 2008

Not quite switched on surveillance - Following two sexual assaults near a subway in Barkingside, Essex, it's been revealed that the local CCTV cameras were not switched on. Twelve months after the system was installed, a lack of agreement over who will pay to power up the cameras, has been given as the excuse for the systems failure to capture the assailant. . - source - Your Local Guardian - 24th January 2008

Recordings slip off the disc - Residents in St. John, US Virgin Island are looking forward to the repair of their ageing CCTV system, which has so far resulted in producing evidence to secure two convictions for crime. It's been reported that the cameras are not presently recording due to limitations, with only a 480Gb hard disc apparently available for use - source - St. John Tradewinds - 28th January 2008

In case it kicks off - News from Geneva in Switzerland, where the city authorities have agreed funding of 4.7m. Swiss Francs ( US$ 4.3m, £2.2m ) to pay for the installation of eight video surveillance cameras, to be used to enhance security during this summers Euro 2008 Football Championship - source - - 28th January 2008

Hush, Hush whisper who dares ... - The Information Commissioner has just launched the latest version of the "CCTV Code of Practice". Recommendations include avoidance of voice recording except in exceptional circumstances, and various additional steps necessary to avoid the U.K. becoming a "Surveillance State" - source - Computer - 28th January 2008 - ICO "Code of Practice document"

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