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CCTV 'News in Brief' - February 2006


Read all about it - Amid fears of possible terrorist attacks, the annual Ekushey book fair in Bangladesh, has deployed sixteen CCTV cameras at various points throughout the Bangla Academy, venue for this years event - source The New Nation - 1st February 2006

The cost of fighting crime - There are mixed views on how effective Woking Borough Councils CCTV systems have been in reducing crime. With set up costs of £ 2.5 million, and a projected operating cost of £ 363,000 this year, an 18% increase in violent crime last year, has proved an uncomfortable statistic given the increased use of CCTV - source Woking News & Mail - 2nd February 2006

Would you believe it - Whilst an increasing number of public areas are now adopting CCTV coverage, the first ever systems actually installed in Japan were in Kabukicho in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward , and they were only commissioned in February 2002 - source The Yomiuri Shimbun - 2nd February 2006

Suffer the little children - Incidents of child abuse in New Zealand, will in future be subject to much greater protection for the victims. Following government intervention, security procedures will be significantly improved, and in the Whangarei hospital, young patients will be subject to constant CCTV monitoring, where abuse is strongly suspected. - source The New Zealand Herald - 4th February 2006

Something fishy going on ..? - News from Ireland, where the European Union are threatening fines of up to € 40 million, for allegedly wide scale unlawful fishing. In one incident, fifteen trucks were believed to have been used to offload an illegal catch from a port in Co. Galway, but only after attempts were made to disable the dockside CCTV cameras installed by the Fisheries Protection Service. Despite the attempted sabotage, recordings have been recovered and handed over to the Garda (Irish Police) - source The Times Online - 5th February 2006

Zoo TV - Delightful news from Taronga Zoo in Australia, where following a number of essential upgrades, including the installation of a constantly monitored CCTV system, authorities have issued a permit for the importation of the zoos latest attraction, eight Asian elephants, currently being held in a quarantine centre in Thailand- source The Sydney Morning Herald - 7th February 2006

Curbing crime in the desert communities - Authorities in La Quinta southern California, have decided to install CCTV in the towns main parks to prevent ongoing acts of vandalism. Nine cameras have already been installed as part of a $ 50,000 initiative- source The Desert Sun - 11th February 2006

Now you see them ... - Town Centre cameras are catching on in a big way, right across the globe, but for residents of Kampala in Uganda, the city authorities have decided to go one better, with the installation of a hidden covert system, to tackle local crime problems - source The New Vision - 17th February 2006

Didn't see that coming! - Much disappointment for residents of Barrow Village in Suffolk, after the CCTV system installed in the Village Hall, was stolen less than a month after it was fitted. Having removed the cameras, the thieves then broke into the building to steal the monitor and recorder - source Bury St Edmunds Today - 17th February 2006

A picture of privacy - Assistant Professor of Art and Technology Tiffany Holmes, has produced an exhibition of her work using CCTV and surveillance images, in a production called "Your Face is Safe With Me". Exploring the issues of privacy and surveillance, the show runs during March at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York State. - source The - 18th February 2006

Digital case dismissed - According to a report just published by the UK Governments independent National Audit Office, criminal cases being held in Magistrates Courts are sometimes collapsing, due to problems with the way CCTV evidence is presented. In six specific cases, vital CCTV evidence was introduced to court recorded onto DVD, but there was no suitable player available. The problem is currently estimated to to waste around £ 300,000 per year in taxpayers money - source The National Audit Office - 19th February 2006

Court on CCTV - For defence lawyers working in two court rooms in York County, U.S., these are far from happy times. Rather than benefitting from the admission of CCTV evidence into court proceedings, the legal eagles are less than impressed with the new video surveillance cameras that have been installed in the court room, specifically to watch proceedings as a training tool for prosecuting attorneys. - source The Herald - 23rd February 2006

Place your bets... - In anticipation of the development of new gambling facilities across the U.K., the country's first Casino College has opened in Blackpool and Fylde. With a full size casino training area, the facility is equipped with a number of CCTV cameras, allowing students to observe and review the various training sessions - source Authorised Online Casinos - 25th February 2006

Flaming cheek - Reports from Widnes, U.K., where appliances operated by the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service are to be fitted with CCTV cameras, in an attempt to protect the machines and crews, from repeated attacks by stone throwing youths - source The Daily Post - 28th February 2006




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