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CCTV 'News in Brief' - February 2007


Bringing out the animal ... - This Friday sees the annual Groundhog Day celebration being held in Connecticut USA, and as in previous years, at dawn the appearance or otherwise of a resident groundhog, signals whether spring comes early or winter goes on for a further six weeks. At the Lutz Cildrens Museum in Manchester, their resident hog 'Chuckles' is now so old, that immediately after the ceremony his daily activities will instead be relayed to the crowd on Closed Circuit Television, to minimise any stress to the old timer. - source - - 1st Feb 2007

Wave at the camera - Police in Victoria, Australia used a bank of fixed CCTV cameras to watch the crowd at a recent one day cricket match against New Zealand. As a result of this increased security, ten fans were evicted from the ground for attempting to start a Mexican Wave. - source The Age - 4th Feb 2007

When the mask slips - Becoming the victim of a mugging rarely has a happy outcome, but for one recent victim of a crime in Hillsboro, Oregon, things may be looking up. Having just cashed a cheque for $ 4,000 the man was relieved of his money by a masked thief, who quickly made his escape on foot.It wasn't until he passed a security equipment store that he finally decided to remove his mask, only to be recorded in perfect detail on one of the outdoor surveillancecameras. - source KOMO TV Seattle - 6th Feb 2007

A nucleus of cameras - It's been confirmed that in the last few days, CCTV cameras have now been installed by The International Atomic Energy Authority in key locations within Iran's Natanz Nuclear Complex. Iran has so far refused to comply with a UN Resolution 1737, which is described by a government official as "legally incorrect and practically unjust" - source IRNA - 7th Feb 2007

A dirty game politics - Only a matter of months after the authorities ordered the immediate removal of a camera found hidden in the chambers of the Nigerian Senate, a further search has discovered a number of other covert devices which it's been alleged were possibly installed by the State Security Service. - source The Vanguard - 8th Feb 2007

Smoke gets in your eyes - Life will never be the same again, for pupils at the Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, Massachussettes. Following reports of a marijuana smell coming from the toilets, officials reviewed the recordings from a nearby CCTV camera, and identified the only pupil that was in the vicinty at the time. A 17 year old student has since been summonsed by the local police, to appear in court for possession . - source The Bolton Common - 15th Feb 2007

Wait for it ... - In the latest bizarre twist of living in a video age, a judge in New York has ruled that the NYPD may no longer routinely video record public gatherings, unless there is a clear suggestion that unlawful activity may be about to take place. - source The Guardian - 16th Feb 2007

What price safety? - Plans by the Toronto Transit Commission to spend $ 20 million on installing CCTV in buses and streetcars, could be shelved as part of a cost cutting exercise. The committee responsible for managing the budgets, has indicated that no further cameras will be installed unless the federal government provides 75% of the funding.. - source CTV Toronto - 16th Feb 2007

A shake up in surveillance - For the residents of Ngaruawahia in New Zealand, the revelation that there have been minor technical problems with their CCTV system may have come as something of a surprise. A report by the North Waikato Crime Prevention Trust has confirmed that cameras had failed as a result of plugs being shaken out of their sockets by passing trains, and police officers changing settings which have shut down the entire system - source The Waikato Times - 24th Feb 2007

Bowing to the inevitable - Officials in the Construction and Transportation Ministry in Japan, have confirmed that they will be evaluating Video Analytic CCTV systems, on the nations train network. Designed to identify suspicious behaviour, and in particular tasked with addressing concerns over terrorism, the computer based network will also evaluate automatic target tracking of identified suspects - source The Yomiuri Shimbun - 25th Feb 2007

Now you see it ... - According to press reports, CCTV Operators have been disciplined, after vital video recordings disappeared on two seperate occasions. In each case, a member of staff working for South Lanarkshire Council and another for the Dumfries and Galloway Police, were both subject to disciplinary proceedings, in what police believe may have been a deliberate attempt to hide tapes required for use as evidence in court. - source Scotland on Sunday - 25th Feb 2007

Painting a clearer picture - The University of Indianapolis has just recently opened its new Video Forensics Laboratory, claimed to be the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. Apart from providing cutting edge techniques for enhancing security videos, the facility will also offer training for surveillance experts from around the world. - source - - 26th Feb 2007

Getting stoned in camera - Engineers working to prepare the Space Shuttle Atlants for it's next mission, were studying CCTV images of the crafts fuel tank to see if it is safe to fly. Following an intense storm at the Florida spaceport, video cameras recorded damage to the foam insulation caused by thousands of hailstones hitting the craft . - source - Spaceflight Now - 27th Feb 2007




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