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CCTV 'News in Brief' -February 2008


Driving home a safety message - The GMB Union which represents cab drivers throughout the UK, is pressing for CCTV to be installed in all licensed mini cabs, after it was revealed that in one short period last year, an average of one driver a month was killed by their passengers. Following the introduction of taxi CCTV in Sheffield, attacks on drivers has fallen by 72% .- source - GMB Union - 1st February 2008

Cameras provide an arresting sight - Dorset Police have issued new crime figures, which show that dring the first month of the year, 53 people were charged with a variety of offences, after being caught on Bournemouth's new CCTV system .- source - Dorset Police - 4th February 2008

What a liberty ... - In a damning report by the US Department of Interior, security failings in the US Park Police Service have left many of the nations national monuments seriously unprotected. Around the Statue of Liberty, out of 110 CCTV cameras installed, 27 were found to be not working.- source - - 4th February 2008

Mega growth predicted - Industry analysts IMS Research, have predicted a compound annual growth rate in the use of MegaPixel cameras, to exceed 100% per annum, over the next three years.- source - Tekrati - 4th February 2008

Privacy in the privy - Outraged diners in a Quebec restaurant have sparked an investigation by the province's Information Commission, after a dummy CCTV camera was installed inside the w.c.. Whilst the camera was intended to deter drug users, instead it has generated a lot of negative publicity for the franchisers, who have since forced its removal .- source - The Globe and Mail - 5th February 2008

It doesn't sound right - According to research by the Information Commissioners Office, seventy percent of people questioned were against the use of CCTV equipped with microphones, that could allow their conversations to be recorded.- source - The Times - 5th February 2008

Getting tough on the streets - Street wardens in Loughborough, Leicestershire are being equipped with "body worn" CCTV recording systems. A total of 18 council workers will be supplied with the equipment, to record incidents as they occur .- source - Loughborough News - 6th February 2008

Knock knock, who's there .... - Apparently in the States, the popularity of having a porter at a residential block, coupled with the high costs involved in hiring suitable staff, has seen an explosion in the popularity of remote door monitoring using video surveillance through the internet. Visitors can now be identified and given access by an employee of 'Cyberdoorman', located in a remote control room well away from the housing complex. - source - BBC 'Click' - 15th February 2008

All change on the TV - The manager of a clothing store in El Dorado Springs, USA, has been charged with 'invasion of privacy' after a camera was discovered hidden in a changing room. The misdemeanor could be increased to a felony charge if the unit was found to be recording girls and young women trying on clothing. - source - - 15th February 2008

Counting cameras down under - News from Australia, where the New South Wales Police have just introduced a CCTV registration scheme across the State. Any operators can now register details of their video surveillance systems, and it's hoped that the database of information will prove invaluable helping to locate evidential recordings needed to assist with criminal investigations. - source - New South Wales Police - 18th February 2008

Cracks showing in the Homeland - Since the US Federal Protective Service was incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security, concerns have been raised as to whether government sites are being adequately protected. At one large high risk federal building, it was discovered that of the 150 security cameras installed, only 11 were actually working.- source - Federal - 18th February 2008

It doesn't pay to watch - Despite a rapid growth in the sales of CCTV cameras for use on residential properties, a leading UK insurance company has said that fitting security cameras at home will not in any way reduce the level of premiums for the homeowner - source - London Stock Exchange - 20th February 2008

The race is on... - There has been some controversy over plans to expand the level of video surveillance in San Francisco, but existing operating procedures seem to be the main bone of contention. With recordings being stored for just seven days, and public defenders being denied access, it seems that using CCTV to prove innocence is not that high on the list of operational objectives - source - San Francisco Bay Guardian - 20th February 2008

Bordering on the ridiculous ... - The Italian town of Gorizia has been given permission to install CCTV cameras on it's border, after the European Commission ruled on the detail of the Schengen acquis. This follows a complaint from the mayor of neighbouring Nova Gorcia in Slovenia, that the use of video surveillance went against the principle of an open EU borderless zone.- source - EU Observer - 20th February 2008

Barriers in the way of progress - The ambitious project to secure the entire US and Mexican border using a combination of technologies, including very high performance video surveillance cameras, has hit something of a brick wall. The main contractor Boeing had provided a 28 mile 'testpad' fence at a cost in excess of $20 million, but it's been revealed that folowing numerous technical problems, the Dept for Homeland Security (DHS) will not be continuing with the multi billion dollar project, in its entirety.- source - BusinessWeek - 24th February 2008

Keeping an eye on the goal - It's been reported that training sessions at Chelsea Football Club, take place under the constant gaze of CCTV cameras, allowing the clubs owner to oversee his players from wherever he happens to be. Despite this hi-tech investment, the team still lost out in the Carling Champions League Cup final, beaten two goals to one by their arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur.- source - The Guardian - 24th February 2008

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