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CCTV 'News in Brief' - March 2007


The roadmap to security - Council officials in Birmingham, UK have decided to turn 400 of their traffic monitoring cameras, over to the police for use in tackling crime throughout the city. It's hoped that by allowing access to so many street monitoring cameras, this will help to tackle local crime hotspots. - source - The Birmingham Post - 2nd Mar 2007

Fancy watching some telly? - Residents of Haverfordwest in Wales could be forgiven for being quietly relieved to have a state of the art CCTV system in their town centre, save for one glaringly obvious problem. Dyfed-Powys Police have been forced to admit that they don't actually have any staff available to watch the monitors. So a request has been made for members of the public to volunteer to staff the CCTV Control Room, particularly on Friday or Saturday nights, when the town can get a bit lively. - source - icWales - 3rd Mar 2007

When the chips are down - When a transit worker retired after 20 years employment with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, he could have been looking forward to a nice comfortable time enjoying the fruits of his labours. Unfortunately for the 69 year old ex electrician, he was caught on camera loading money tokens onto the systems travel cards. When police paid a visit to his home, they discovered US$ 40,000 worth of stolen tokens waiting to be reclaimed. He has since been charged with 'larceny by scheme'. - source - The Boston Globe - 5th Mar 2007

Would you believe it? - According to researchers at the Graduate School of Dongguk University in Korea, the one thing that rapists fear most is CCTV cameras. The police confirmed that fear of identification is the primary route to prevention . - source The Korea Times - 6th Mar 2007

Lets face it ... - Engineers working for National ICT in Australia, are reported to be finalising work on their iBox project, which is designed to recognise and match faces, from a range of distances and angles.It's been designed to capture analogue vdeo data, which is then converted to a digital format for processing, and it's claimed, will work with high, low or obscure camera angles. - source Infoworld - 8th Mar 2007

Getting windy over cameras - Businesses in Chicago which stay open between 8pm and 4am in the morning, will be required to fit video surveillance cameras, under a new city ordinance due for approval within the week. Meanwhile, members of the Illinois Restaurant Association are less than impressed with demands that are going to hit them where it hurts ... in their profits. - source Suntimes - 9th Mar 2007

Barking up the wrong tree - Neighbour from hell disputes come in all shapes and forms, but for one wolf-dog breeder in Texas, USA, trying to run a business in a residential neighbourhood in Kaufman County, was almost guaranteed to cause problems. So incensed was his immediate neighbour, that at one time she was reported to have installed eight CCTV cameras on 10 - 20 foot poles, each watching the daily activities on the other side of the fence. - source - 20th Mar 2007

Saddle up with Surveillance - News from Sydney Australia, where the city mayor has announced that security cameras are to be installed in the harbour, to protect a rare colony of wild seahorses. Around a 100 of the Pot Belly and Whitei varieties live alongside a shark net near the Manly Wharf, and there have been recent incidents of poachers being spotted in the vicinity- source - 22nd Mar 2007

Looks familier - For two hapless thieves, returning to the scene of their crime in Liaoning, China, wasn't quite such a bright idea after all. Having stolen a mobile phone and cash from a teenage victim, they decided to return again to check that they hadn't been caught on CCTV. Having already identified them from the previous days recordings, police were then able to arrest them when they again appeared on camera. - source China Daily - 24th Mar 2007

How much is enough? - In a report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering, it's been suggested that no more surveillance cameras should be applied in the UK, "unless there is a compelling reason to install more". Prof. Nigel Gilberts report also raises the spectre of poor security surrounding networked surveillance images. - source - The Metro - 25th Mar 2007

Looking in to monitoring - In the UK, some Members of Parliament have reportedly become so alarmed at the spread of video surveillance cameras, that it's now been decided that the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee will investigate this issue alongside other matters pertaining to privacy and civil liberties - source - 27th Mar 2007

Lessons to be learned - In an attempt to address juvenile crime, one school in Tbilisi, Georgia, has installed a number of CCTV cameras, in what is described by the headmaster " a civilised way to control the whole school without bars". - source - The Messenger - 28th Mar 2007

Trouble on the buses - The New York City Transit authorities plans to introduce security cameras into its bus fleet, has run into problems. The $ 5.2 million project to equip 450 buses in Manhattan has been delayed after it was discovered that the digital storage systems were causing gaps in the recordings. - source - The New York Times - 29th Mar 2007




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