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CCTV 'News in Brief' - April 2007


Going out on a limb - News from Preston, Lancs. where councillors have recently voted to spend £ 115,000 ( US$ 225,000) on installing four new CCTV cameras, to replace others that are obscured by the presence of mature trees. - source - Lancashire Evening Post - 2nd Apr 2007

Flying into trouble - Investigators from the Independent Communications Authority in South Africa, had to cover 120 square kilometres in their search for the cause of an electronic signal jamming the radar at Tambo Airport.. It was eventually tracked to a wireless CCTV camera operating on the 1.2GHz frequency, which is strictly illegal in this part of Africa. - source - 2nd Apr 2007

Balances and Czechs - News from the Czech Republic, where a court has for the first time, passed a verdict on the unlawful use of CCTV cameras which breach data protection laws. The ruling found that a Housing Association had retained video recordings for an excessive length of time, and installed certain cameras which were able to look inside individual flats, when their front doors were opened. A fine of 180,000 crowns.(US $ 8,500) was ordered by the court - source - - 3rd Apr 2007

A grave situation - It's been reported that a cemetry in Guangdong, China has installed 43 video surveillance cameras, to try and clamp down on tomb robbing. Criminals have been stealing the ashes from graves, and then holding the families to ransom. - source - Times Online - 3rd Apr 2007

Dogged determination - The latest puppy to be stolen from a New England petstore in the States, has been recovered by police thanks to the security camera system. It was reported that staff dealing with a dogfood delivery at the back door, and a tropical fish delivery at the front, were distracted as the thieves calmly walked out carrying the Beagle puppy. Arrests are imminent. - source - Seacoastonline - 3rd Apr 2007

The word on the streets - Following what was reportedly an outstandingly successful trial in Middlesbrugh Town Centre, the UK government has now announced a further £ 500,000 of funding for "Talking CCTV" cameras, to be installed in 20 locations around the country. - source BBC News - 4th Apr 2007

On the right track - In an international development project, involving researchers from the Indiana University School of Informatics and the Wakayama & Osaka Universities in Japan, a unique Video Analytics system has been engineered to study and respond to human behaviour. With a prototype system installed in a Kyoto subway station, a total of 28 custom built wide viewing cameras were linked to a computer analytics system, that was able to learn and react to what constitutes normal human behaviour. - source Inside Indiana Business - 6th Apr 2007

Help, I need some one ... - In what is fast becoming a bit of a national embarassment, Nantwich in Cheshire, U.K., has become the latest town to appeal for volunteer CCTV Operators, to help monitor the local authorities CCTV camera system. It is claimed that by using members of the public, police personnel can be freed up to perform other duties out on the streets.. - source This is Cheshire - 11th Apr 2007

Sorry seems to be the hardest word ... - Hot on the heels of global media interest in the UK's latest weapon against crime, the talking CCTV cameras in Middlesbrough, it's been revealed that council bosses have been forced to publicly apologise for talking out of place. A young mother was shown on broadcast TV news reports being rebuked by a camera operator for having dropped litter, when in fact the item had accidentally fallen off the pram she was pushing. She is quoted as saying "... when you haven't done anything wrong, it's annoying to appear like this". - source Guardian Unlimited - 12th Apr 2007

A greek tragedy - Following the recent clashes between rival supporters which resulted in the death of a football fan, the Greek government has announced that video surveillance will be installed in all national soccer and basketball stadia, before the start of next season, at an estimated cost of around € 7 million ( US$ 9.4 million) - source International Herald Tribune - 12th Apr 2007

Doktor Jons in the News! - Instead of simply reporting news from the fast moving world of CCTV, Doktor Jon has this week been reported in a number of media organisations, in advance of todays launch of the "TRUSTED" National CCTV Improvement Campaign. - source TRUSTED - 16th Apr 2007

Taking pride in their work - News from the Gir National Park in Gujurat, India, where Forestry Officials are installing CCTV cameras in a desperate battle to save the last few hundred Asiatic Lions from the attentions of poachers - source - Gulfnews - 17th Apr 2007

It started with a kiss - As schools across the US urgently seek to increase their levels of video surveillance, the Principal of Gig Harbor High has instead taken a step back, agreeing to review operating policy after two female students were caught on camera kissing and holding hands. One of the girls has sinced been moved to another school. - source KnoxNews - 25th Apr 2007

Core concerns in the Big Apple - Civil rights activists in New York are becoming increasingly concerned about the spread of video surveillance throughout the city. In a recent debate held by a group of lawyers, calls were made for the registration and regulation of all current and future CCTV, along with a suggestion that abuse of recorded material should be made a criminal offence - source - Reuters - 26th Apr 2007

Watching the Watchers - The UK's Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, is warning that Britain is at risk of "committing slow social suicide" in it's rush to embrace surveillance techniques including CCTV. The Commissioner and his immediate colleagues, are scheduled to give evidence to the parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee, conducting an inquiry into 'A Surveillance State' - source The Independent - 29th Apr 2007

The lesson today ... - Having seen for himself the devastating effects that a hostage siege had upon the students of Platte Canyon High School in Colorado, USA, local businessman Thomas Lee decided he wanted to do something positive to help improve the schools security. The result was a comprehensive surveillance system worth $ 350,000,which he donated to the School District. Thanks to the efforts of fellow businessman Jim Enos, $ 80,000 worth of cabling and labour was also freely provided to help get the job done. - source - CBS4 Denver - 30thApr 2007




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