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CCTV 'News in Brief' - May 2006



Cameras under pressure ... - It's been reported that Sahara Pipeline Inspection have developed a unique colour camera system that can be used for inspecting the inside of a 6 inch water main, whilst it's still pressurised. At least three UK water authorities have used the equipment to inspect up to 2 kilometres of pipework, without interrupting the supply to customers. - source Processingtalk - 2nd May 2006

A mark of disrespect - Having already suffered two incidents of vandalism against the town's 9/11 memorial, authorities in Naperville decided to install a $ 12,000 video surveillance system, for future protection. As a result of a further recent attack on the 11 feet high monument, a 16 year old was identified from recordings, fined $ 354 in restitution, and provided with an opportunity to perform community service work over a two month period - source Chicago Sun-Times - 4th May 2006

One door closes ... - For the residents of Coleraine in Northern Ireland, there is both good news, and bad. A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland has confirmed that the village will soon be receiving it's very own CCTV camera, as a useful tool in detecting and preventing crime, and anti social behaviour. Good news indeed, but the provision of video surveillance has only been made possible by the release of funds received, following the closure and sale .... of the local police station. - source UTV Live - 4th May 2006

A flash in the pan - Pupils at Queens school in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire had a rude shock when they returned to find CCTV had been installed in the toilets. The cameras are intended to prevent the kids from hiding out during lessons, and also minimise the risk of bullying by older pupils - source CBBC News - 16th May 2006

An olympic task ahead ... - In preperation for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, officials are pressing ahead with plans to install comprehensive CCTV coverage throughout the city. With an estimated 263,000 cameras installed so far, further coverage along with detailed regulations regarding the storage of security recordings, are planned to be in place by the end of this year.. - source - 19th May 2006

Video Surveillance on film - Nail biting times for British film director Andrea Arnold, as her first feature is entered in competition for the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Cannes Festival. Her movie, "Red Road" concentrates on a CCTV Operator working the mean streets of Glasgow, and it's impact amongst critics has been immediate. Even the productions Director of photography was apparently surprised by the quality of the CCTV cameras currently being used. - source BBC News - 20th May 2006

What have we here ...? - News from the Philippine's, where almost 43,000 examinees are awaiting their final tests before qualifying to various ranks within the police service. In order to ensure that the various exam papers are correctly handled and managed, CCTV systems have been put in place to monitor the preparation of all the test materials. - source Manila Standard Today - 23rd May 2006

Have you seen this picture? - The editor of the Kentish Saturday Observer newspaper, had no hesitation in publishing vital CCTV images of potential witnesses to a murder, despite the fact that Kent Police had slapped an embargo on their immediate use. The pictures which clearly show a number of individuals that officers were keen to to interview, were initially held back from immediate publication so that they could be exclusively shown on the BBC's monthly Crimewatch television programme. - source The Press Gazette - 25th May 2006

Heard the one about ...? - Earlier this year, an eagle eyed CCTV operator spotted a convicted rapist chasing an 18 year old through the streets of Perth in Scotland. Having alerted the Police, the suspect was apprehended by officers within feet of his intended victim. At the local Sheriff's Court last week, the accused who had previously been sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 and later released after a reduced sentence, was actually set free from court with nothing more than a tagging and curfew order. It has since been reported that the Crown Office may appeal the courts decision. - source BBC News - 25th May 2006

Anything to declare? - Reports from Nigeria, where two high ranking aviation bosses have been sacked, after CCTV evidence showed staff at Lagos airport, directing drug traffickers through secure doors to evade routine security checks. These sackings follow on from the arrest earlier this year, of the Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, who allegedly sold on drugs confiscated from couriers. - source (Reuters) Moneycontrol India - 26th May 2006

Share and share alike! - Police in Toronto, Canada have been shocked to discover that the mandatory use of CCTV cameras in taxi's, hasn't quite gone according to plan. Following two serious crimes committed within a matter of days, officers trying to recover recorded images from the on board CCTV systems, have discovered that vital recording equipment was actually missing from the cabs. It would appear that in order to save money, many taxi drivers have agreed to share the DVR, actually taking it in turns to have the recorders fitted to their vehicles, at the same time leaving many others without.- source AM 640 Toronto Radio - 26th May 2006

Can we have our cameras back? - Police officials in Athens have made a formal application to the Greek Data Protection Authority (APPD), to allow the use of 342 CCTV cameras located throughout the city. The cameras which were originally installed as part of the security arrangements for the 2004 Olympic Games, have only been licensed for use in traffic monitoring, up until the 24th May 2006. The police have requested a 12 month extension to allow the system to be used for security and anti terrorist operations. - source Kathimerini - 27th May 2006




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