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CCTV 'News in Brief' - May 2007


Keeping on track - Following an investigation into a rail accident, in which a male passenger was dragged along a station platform with his coat caught in the train door, operator First Capital Connect has been advised to review the position and quality of the CCTV monitors provided. The drivers failure to spot on CCTV that the passenger was in danger, has been identified as a significant contributory factor in the incident. . - source - Transport Briefing - 1st May 2007

Big Mother's watching ... - City Officials in Moscow have completed the installation of 8,600 cameras throughout the city's municipal apartment buildings. Somewhat unusually, each of the ten district control centres are staffed by middle aged or elderly ladies, and somewhat worryingly, a city police spokesman has been quoted as saying that "The quality of cameras is not good enough to use in court ...". - source The Moscow Times - 2nd May 2007

Who is that masked man - A teenage burglar that broke in to a newsagents in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire and stole cigarette, tried to cover his tracks by also stealing the hard drive from the computer. Unfortunately for him, the store owner had also linked the CCTV to his home computer, so the recordings made off site were handed over to the police who promptly identified, then arrested the hapless thief, who is now serving an 18 month jail term. - source - Lancashire Telegraph - 4th May 2007

Watching the tide ... - Pop star Kate Bush has managed to upset some locals with the CCTV security cameras she's had installed around her secluded mansion. Situated on a clifftop overlooking the picturesque coastline of south Devon, complaints have been made to the local council about surveillance cameras that can look down on bathers using the beach below. - source - - 5th May 2007

Life on the edge - News from Texas, USA where the volunteers of the American Border Patrol have set up their own surveillance cameras to look out for illegals trying to cross into the States from Mexico. Whilst the American Government is committed to spending billions of dollars on building a fence and advanced surveillance infrastructure along the country's southernmost border, the ABP have instead gone the route of using low cost off the shelf CCTV equipment, to look out for incursions - source Sierra Vista Herald - 6th May 2007

Gone but not forgotten - Police in Qormi, Malta are having some difficulty in investigation a fatal shooting involving their officers. It's been reported that after a man threatened three police officers with a penknife, he was then shot five times. Having retrieved some brief CCTV footage immediately after the event, the Court subsequently demanded the recovery off all material recorded, which it would now appear was automatically deleted after 48 hours. - source - 8th May 2007

A face in the crowd - Austrian film maker Manu Luksch decided she wanted to make a movie, using only CCTV cameras to do the filming. Her film Faceless, is a futuristic "science fiction fairy tale", with all footage of the director as the star, sourced from video surveillance systems under access rights granted by the Data Protection Act. Throughout the film Ms. Luksch appears surrounded by people who's faces have been obscured - source - BBC News - 15th May 2007

There's no escape - It's been reported that North Korea has recently installed surveillance cameras along a section of it's border with China. Since the beginning of the month, border guards have begun fitting CCTV to help capture people fleeing into China, with stiff penalties of up to five years in prison for anyone caught trying to make the crossing - source - ABC Radio Australia - 16th May 2007

The voice of reason - Following an initial trial, eight strategically positioned CCTV cameras in the City of London, have now been equipped with high powered speaker systems, to assist with evacuation and crowd control. In the event of an incident, City of London Police can broadcast voice messages to provide information, and direct people away from the immediate area (see photo above) - source - - 16th May 2007

Orwell and not good - Following hard on the heels of warnings from the Information Commissioner, Ian Readhead , the Deputy Chief Constable of Hampshire Police has raised his own concerns about Britains headlong rush into an "Orwellian" society. Commenting on BBC Televisions 'The Politics Show', he cited the unchecked spread of CCTV into low crime rural villages as being a step too far. - source The Independent - 21st May 2007

Droning on about surveillance - The latest addition to the polices' ever expanding armoury, is a small radio controlled "spy drone", which is currently being tested by Merseyside Police. The one metre long flying camera platform, is designed to provide aeriel imagery whilst hovering at up to 500 metres above the ground - source The Guardian - 21st May 2007

A head on penalties - Traffic Wardens in Greater Manchester are the latest recipients for head mounted video cameras, to help record any motoring misdemeanours. Following a trial of the technology by police officers working in the city, private wardens employed by NCP will in future patrol the streets equipped with the high tech headwear, in an effort to prevent challenges to legitimately issued penalty notices. - source Manchester Evening News - 23rd May 2007

All that glitters ... - Thousands of jewellers went on strike in Mumbai, India, following a spate of raids and attacks on the city's gold merchants. In the last two months alone, three jewellers have been killed whilst the suspects were wearing a traditional burqa to hide their identity from CCTV cameras. - source - 30th May 2007



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