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CCTV 'News in Brief' - June 2006


Keeping eyes on the road - Officials in charge of the Florida Turnpike, have agreed to install 85 CCTV cameras along an 80 mile stretch of road between Boca Raton and Fort Pierce. The US$ 6m. system will provide cameras which are spaced out roughly a mile apart, to provide a constant traffic overview, to both highway authorities and motorists, who can access the images through the internet. - source Miami Herald - 2nd June 2006

Worth the wait - After two years of campaigning and fundraising, the local community of Chard in Somerset, have at last commisioned their very first CCTV camera. The remote control dome unit, will it's hoped keep a watchful eye over the town centre, and help to reduce anti social behaviour. More cameras are planned, although no time scale or funding has yet been agreed. - source Chard & Illminster News - 2nd June 2006

On the buses - Following a spate of incidents on the 292 bus between Edgware (NW London) and Borehamwood, police officers mounted a week long operation using covert CCTV systems, to catch teenage vandals in the act. A range of attacks were caught on camera, including slashed seats, broken windows and smashed lights, which resulted in eight teenagers being arrested, and later released with "final warnings". - source This is Hertfordshire - 2nd June 2006

Go figure it .... - It's been reported that during the last 12 months, Peterboroughs CCTV Operators have recorded 12,058 incidents, but only 760 recordings have ended up in court (6.3%). The city's 143 cameras have helped police officers to detain 2,232 people, which is an increase of over 13% against the previous year. The figures which were originally released in a city council report, also reveal the annual operating costs at £ 952,000 ( US$ 1,713,000, € 1,333,000 ) - source Peterborough Today - 2nd June 2006

An arresting sight - Authorities in Calcutta have decided to install CCTV cameras in all the cities 48 police stations, as a step towards addressing the issue of complaints against officers. Increasingly, members of the public are notifying headquarters of policemen refusing to record crimes, and harassing individuals visiting the stations. The cameras will be monitored around the clock from the Lalbazar control room, and recordings kept for a period of 7 days. - source The Telegraph India - 3rd June 2006

Not quite the purrfect crime .... - Finding an unexpected parcel on your doorstep may be an everyday event for some, but for one early morning jogger in Yorkshire, his return home was marked by a somewhat surprising discovery. Five furry felines had been abandoned in front of his house directly in view of a domestic CCTV camera. Both cat and kittens are reported to be well, although the identity of the culprit remains a mystery. - source Scarborough Today - 6th June 2006

Droning on about surveillance - Things are looking up for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, who are currently evaluating a small hand launched flying camera platform. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also commonly called a drone, can be quickly assembled and launched by a police officer, to provide immediate aeriel video surveillance at a fraction of the cost of conventional helicopter support. Initial trials with the SkySeer have been so successful, that further units are planned to enter service within weeks. - source BBC News - 6th June 2006

A move in the right direction - When an innocent man was set upon by three youths as he left a tower block in Glasgow's south side, he realised that escape would be impossible. Despite being punched and receiving a number of kicks to the head, the 41 year old victim managed to crawl into view of a nearby CCTV camera. The resulting images led to the arrest of the three attackers, who are due to be sentenced for assault next month, at the Glasgow Sheriff Court. - source Evening Times - 6th June 2006

Thinking out of the box - Officials from the Transport for London authority, have admitted some startling findings in their experimental use of CCTV cameras for traffic enforcement. After two years of using video surveillance to monitor "yellow box" road junctions, it's been revealed that 100,000 drivers have received penalties for stopping in the junction clearways, whilst the average flow of traffic has unexpectedly been reduced by 4%, contrary to the schemes original objectives - source The Times Online - 9th June 2006

One good turn .... - For one quick thinking motorist, the sight of a drunken pedestrian collapsed in the road, was not something to be ignored. Having stopped his car to help the man away from the traffic, he then phoned the police, who within minutes attended the incident in South London. By way of a reward for his swift public spirited action, the motorist received a £ 50 penalty notice through the post, having been spotted by a CCTV camera stopping on a designated 'Red Route'. His appeal against the fine was subsequently rejected. - source icCroydon - 16th June 2006

We're o.k. today ....? - It's been revealed that the authorities 200 camera system which covers the port of Tampa in Florida, is only being visually monitored for half a working day. Whilst the cameras are all constantly recorded, CCTV operators only watch the surveillance system around the clock, if the security threat level is raised to "Marsec 2", which is equivalent to level 'orange'. Apparently federal and state rules don't require the system to be monitored unless there is a specific terrorist threat. - source SP Times - 19th June 2006

Problems in the Forest - A report produced by New Forest District Council (UK), has highlighted the fact that the 39 CCTV cameras scattered throughout three major towns, has failed to produce any significant reduction in crime. The £ 1.2 million surveillance network was assessed over a twelve month period, and in that time, crimes actually increased in two of the locations - source This is Wiltshire - 21st June 2006

Having a smashing time! - Three kids who attacked all seven CCTV cameras sited around a carpet warehouse in Preston (UK), were considerate enough to leave nice clear images of their faces, as they attacked the equipment with a broom handle. The three boys, aged 10, 11 and 14 were all apprehended after causing £ 15,000 worth of damage, but fortunately for the shopkeeper, they have since written a letter of apology, so will receive the dreaded punishment of ... a final warning. - source Lancashire Evening Post - 21st June 2006

Give us a job - An eager youth strolled into a sports shop in Ipswich (UK), and enquired whether there were any vacancies. It was at that point the manager recognised the individual as a shoplifter who had been caught on CCTV the previous day, stealing a hooded top from the store. In court, the 18 year old was given a 1 day sentence in custody, this despite having failed to attend on a previous occassion, and already having breached a conditional discharge for ... shoplifting. . - source Evening Star 24 - 28th June 2006



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