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CCTV 'News in Brief' - June 2007


Breaking the law with CCTV - According to a new industry watchdog, the majority of the CCTV cameras currently in use in the UK, are in breach of the Data Protection Act. At the official launch of CameraWatch in Edinburgh, it's been claimed that up to 90% of surveillance cameras are illegal, although this claim has been widely refuted by industry insiders. - source - 2nd Jun 2007

Talking cameras? ... no kidding! - To celebrate the launch of the latest "Talking CCTV" scheme in the Wirral, Cheshire, local primary school pupils were handed the control room microphone, to tell off adults who were misbehaving in front of the cameras. Meanwhile, schoolchildren in Reading, Berkshire are being encouraged by the local radio station, to enter a competition to write a four line "CCTV Rap" about the benefits of the new talking CCTV. - source Wirral Globe & Reading 107 FM - 2nd Jun 2007

Turnover, and ... action! - Austrian director Nino Leitner has secured a series of screenings for his new documentary "Every Step You Take". The film which explores the use of CCTV, will initially be screened in Vienna, with further showings pencilled in for Innsbruck later this year. - source - esyt blogspot - 2nd June 2007

So where's the catch? - Researchers at the NHL University in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, have reached the conclusion that surveillance cameras do not stop violence. Having evaluated the first twelve months operation of the local city centre CCTV scheme, it's been concluded that clubbers are not put off misbehaving, and whilst cameras can facilitate an early intervention, they are really only considered effective if sufficient officers are available to monitor the screens. - source Dutch News - 5th Jun 2007

Backing up on cameras - Ontario's Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has issued urgent guidance on the use of wireless CCTV cameras. This follows the revelation by a local news reporter, that a vehicle fitted with a rear view monitoring system, had accidentally picked up the signal from a wireless camera sited in a drugs treatment clinic. Unfortunately, the camera was being used at the time to monitor a female patient providing a urine sample for analysis. - source - - 11th Jun 2007

When the sums add up - News from the US, where proposals to spend $ 1.6 million on CCTV for school buses, has ended up not costing a cent. Instead, the Jefferson Parish school board has entered into a unique agreement with the equipment supplier, so that in addition to onboard surveillance, two external cameras will be used to capture vehicles passing stopped buses, an offence which currently carries a fine of $ 400; to be split between the School Board, supplier and Sheriffs Office - source The Times - Picayune - 13th Jun 2007

Please sir ... lose the cameras! - A US teachers union is up in arms, following disciplinery action against a school employee, who was caught out by a hidden camera fitted within a staff room. Whilst the schools officials have been unwilling to say who did what and why, the union is currently seeking any legal route possible, to force the removal of all covert surveillance systems which could be used against their members.- source - Daily Herald - 20th Jun 2007

Tackling Homer security - Movie studio executives have offered a reward for the immediate return of a life sized model of Homer Simpson. The statue which was being used for the publicity surrounding the premier of the Simpsons movie in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, was recorded on CCTV being carried from the cinema by two suspects at 3 am in the morning. - source - nstonline - 21st Jun 2007

The gift of vision - After almost three years posting as the US ambassador to Venezuala, William Brownfield has generously provided a parting gift to the international airport at La Chinita. In an attempt to reduce the movement of illegal substances, he has donated 37 CCTV cameras to the local police and the airport authorities. - source - - 27th June 2007

Root and branch security - News from Bodh Gaya in India, where the sacred Bodhi tree, thought to descend from the original banyan tree under which the Lord Buddha is believed to have sat over two and a half thousand years ago, has now been placed into the care of the Forest Research Institute. For its future protection, officials are planning to install a number of CCTV cameras, to provide constant round the clock surveillance. - source - The Times of India - 28th June 2007




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