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CCTV 'News in Brief' - July 2006


Take it slow .... - After what may seem like an eternity for residents and traders in Court Street, Bermuda, their first CCTV camera has finally been switched on around six months later than promised. Amongst the reasons given for the delay, were problems in getting the trenches dug. - source The Royal Gazette - 7th July 2006

Cameras in Transit - The city of Boston's mass transit system, has so far this year received US$ 11 million in federal Homeland Security grants, principally for the installation of CCTV surveillance systems.Nationally, the estimated budget for grants is expected to be in the order of US $ 110 million - source The Boston Globe - 8th July 2006

Walk on the wild side ... - For over a decade, scientists have been analysing the way people walk, to establish whether a criminal can be identified from their gait. Now it's been established that the unique pattern of movement can provide a comparitive method for analysing CCTV recordings, to establish whether it is indeed the suspect who has been caught on camera. - source Times OnLine - 10th July 2006

Lessons being learnt ... - It's been announced that as the reconstruction of New Orleans continues apace, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are intending to install CCTV cameras to monitor the levees and floodwalls during high risk periods. - source New Orleans City Business - 17th July 2006

A novel approach - In a new scheme being introduced in Long Beach, California, the Police Department are recruiting Police Cadets, to work part time in the community, gaining experience in carrying out a range of law enforcement roles, including monitoring the public space CCTV systems. - source - 17th July 2006

No business in the market - Authorities in the Kalkaji Market in New Delhi, India, were determined to get on top of crime problems with the installation of new CCTV cameras. Now three months later, a hapless thief named Saitaab Khan has been caught stealing the side view mirrors from off a Skoda car. - source Express India - 19th July 2006

Evidence ... what evidence? - Following an unprovoked attack on a 17 year old girl crossing a pedestrian footbridge, in Cambridge, England, questions are being asked about the provision of CCTV in this most public of public places. According to a press report, the bridge has CCTV cameras located at each end, but not on the bridge itself. So what of the recordings of the attacker as he entered and left the scene; well according to a spokesperson for the local County Council, the recordings are only retained for 48 hours, and as the attack took place early on a Friday morning ..... - source Cambridge Evening News - 19th July 2006 - DJ Comments

Cameras in the Community - Incidents of anti social behaviour (ASB)have reached a point in Peterborough, U.K., where the local Victim Support group have decided to launch a CCTV camera loan scheme. Supported by a local company, Cross Keys Homes, the cameras will be made available for a month at a time, to individual households previously the subject of ASB. - source Peterborough Today - 24th July 2006 - DJ Comments

I can see you Jimmy ....? - Following a marked increase in complaints against the constabulary, Strathclyde Police have decided to take action. With over a thousand complaints a year and only three convictions in the last 5 years, officers have decided to fit a recorded CCTV camera into the back of a police van, for an initial trial period. If successful in reducing false complaints, the scheme will eventually be rolled out across the fleet. - source The Herald (Glasgow) - 27th July 2006




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