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CCTV 'News in Brief' - July 2007


Locking down the Big Apple - Feathers are understandably being ruffled amongst the US protectors of civil liberties, following the announcement of a multi million dollar plan to install a video surveillance "Ring of Steel" in New Yorks Lower Manhattan. The scheme which is based on an existing operation in the City of London, will use cameras and road blocks to allow all vehicle movements to be checked and tracked throughout the area.. - source - The NYCLU - 9th July 2007

It's going to your head - Following a brief evaluation project by Devon and Cornwall police, the Home Office have quietly announced £ 3 million of funding for additional body worn "Head Cam" video surveillance systems, to be supplied to all constabularies throughout the country. - source - BBC News - 12th July 2007

A criminal waste of time - In a very high profile murder case being heard in the courthouse at Shah Alam in Malaysia, embarrassed court officials struggled to present crucial videotaped evidence from a Hotel near where the victim was discovered. Despite the offer of assistance from personnel working for two television stations covering the trial, attempts to playback the tape were eventually abandoned when it was discovered that the hardware was incompatible - source - The Star Online - 17th July 2007

The watchers ain't watching - Councillors in York have been shocked to discover that the city's extensive CCTV system was not being monitored during the night, for a period of nine months. It's been suggested that difficulties in recruiting suitable staff may have been the reason, but the suspicion of cost limitations is also thought to be a key factor. - source - The York Press - 17th July 2007

Speeding mission creep - In what has been described as a leak from a confidential Home Office document, it's been revealed that plans are afoot to rush through legislation to allow police unlimited access to real-time feeds from traffic surveillance cameras. It's also been disclosed that the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has overuled existing data protection safeguards, to allow London's Metropolitan Police Service to track any vehicles on camera, in the hunt for potential terrorists. - source - Guardian Unlimited - 18th July 2007

A high price to pay - It's been estimated that providing anti terrorist police access to Londons network of ANPR enabled vehicle monitoring cameras, could require up to 9 exabytes of digital storage, with an eventual cost of as much as £ 1.75 billion. - source - - 20th July 2007

When security adds up - In search of the ultimate 'Big Brother' location, a newspaper reporter has been looking into CCTV camera densities throughout Wales. Along Cardiff's High Street, a total of 73 cameras were identified, with 20 in Newport's equivalent location. Top prize however went to Swansea's 240 metre long Wind Street, where 34 cameras were spotted, which equates to an average of one every seven metres. . - source - IC Wales - 22nd July 2007

Kiss your privacy goodbye - Strolling in the sunshine in downtown Beijing, China.could hold hidden perils for any amorous couples seized by the moment. With the adoption of the latest video analytics systems being tested in advance of next years Olympic Games, any young lovers tempted to steal an occassional kiss have been warned that their close proximity to each other would almost certainly trigger an alert situation. - source - - 25th July 2007

Vive la revolution - The interior minister, Michele Alliot-Marie has announced that the french Government intends to urgently triple the number of video surveillance cameras, currently being used for anti terrorism and serious crime detection. As part of the rapid exapansion plans, hundreds of millions of euros will be spent on networking all public space and transport based security cameras, although it is unlikely that the current recording retention period will be changed from its present maximum of seven days. - source - The Peoples Daily - 27th July 2007

Can't be asked - In the trial of those accused of committing the Securitas £ 53 million cash raid (US$ 105 million), a detective has admitted under cross examination, that no attempt was made to examine CCTV recordings to see whether the depot manager had been kidnapped. Apparently the reason given was that the officer had not been asked . - source - News Shopper - 27th July 2007

Way to go ... - A survey by the broadcasting giant ABC News, has discovered that 71 per cent of Americans support the increased use of video surveillance, whilst 25 per cent are against it. Full details of the survey are available here - source - ABC News - 29th July 2007

Keeping a watchful eye, to be sure ... - Irelands Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan has announced the latest round of government funding for CCTV schemes in sixteen areas. A total of € 2.75 million (£ 1.85m / US$ 3.75m) has been pledged to install community based video surveillance schemes, to address anti social behaviour (ASB). Interesting to note that almost € 20k was allocated to four groups, simply to allow them to prepare applications for future funding - source - - 31st July 2007




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