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CCTV 'News in Brief' - August 2006


Caught in the web - Police officers in Whangarei, in the Northern District of New Zealand, are keen to involve their local business community in the fight against crime. Local shopkeepers are being approached with a view to installing webcams in their shops to keep watch on the streets. Visitors to a dedicated website, will it's hoped keep an eye out for anything untoward. - source - 2nd Aug. 2006

Nothing good on the telly - CCTV evidence used in the trial of four police officers accused over the death of a prisoner in their custody, has been ruled unsafe when it was discovered that a crucial part of the voice recording was obscured by the soundtrack of a movie, being played on the stations television. All four officers were subsequently acquitted of any charges - source The Sun Online - 3rd Aug 2006

Too much traffic on the network - News from Greece, where the Council of State has finally approved the Police use of Athens extensive network of CCTV cameras ... to monitor the traffic. A further decision is expected later this year, on whether the authorities will be allowed to use any video surveillance systems for actual security purposes - source - 8th Aug. 2006

An unexpected take-away - Two thieves held up a city centre convenience store, stealing cash, an 18 pack of lager, 8 packets of cigarettes, and the CCTV security video. Having forced the shops supervisor to open the office at knifepoint, he ripped the cables out of the recorder, and then calmly walked off with his accomplis, haul and evidence tucked under his arm - source Evening News 24 - 8th Aug 2006

Phuket, we'll have those cameras - News form the Governors office in Phuket, Thailand, where a contract has recently been signed for the installation of 48 new IP enabled surveillance cameras, to provide a network of security surveillance units, linked over the internet - source Thais News - 15th Aug 2006

An alternative view of the church - In one quiet city centre churchyard, things aren't exactly as contemplative as the occasional visitor might expect. For St. Peters church in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, the problems of excessive drinking and drug taking, have led to drastic measures being taken. Along with new CCTV cameras to be monitored by the local District Councils control room, permission is being sought for a dozen trees and a variety of bushes to be cut down, so as to allow uninterrupted views of the churchyard - source The Herts. Advertiser - 17th Aug 2006

The state of things to come - Following a failed terrorist attack last month, when two bombs were placed on trains heading for Dortmund and Kobenz, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that rapid expansion of the nations video surveillance capability, must be a priority. Investigators have arrested a Lebanese suspect following the attack, where devices failed to explode after having been constructed incorrectly ..... - source BBC News - 21st Aug. 2006

Room to breathe - The London Borough of Bromley's CCTV Control Room has just completed a £ 310,000 upgrade , allowing all 160 cameras to be recorded on the latest Digital Video Record systems. ..... - source eGov Monitor - 22nd Aug. 2006

I spy with my little eye ... - A scientist working at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, has developed a new type of camera imaging sensor, which is based on the eye of a fly. Unlike a conventional imager where the entire scene is processed, with the new device each individual pixel can adjust for the specific light level, and so produce a far smoother contrast range in the image ..... - source - 29th Aug. 2006

In the dog house? - Fed up with inconsiderate dog owners allowing their pets to foul the pavements, Bolton Council have decided to strike back against this modern day scourge. An undercover CCTV van has been deployed to catch pet owners that fail to clean up after their prized pooches. In one operation near a primary school, 8% of those filmed, were caught by council officials and issued with on the spot' £ 50 fines (€ 70, US$ 85) ..... - source - 30th Aug. 2006




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