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CCTV 'News in Brief' - August 2007


Eye spy with my little ... - Theft from retail premises may be a global problem, but for one clued up shop owner in North Richland Hills, Texas, catching criminals on camera may not be all that difficult. Spy Supply boss Kris Webb, was none to pleased to discover his security equipment store had been raided, with almost $10k worth of equipment spirited away in a trash can, in less than 15 seconds. Unfortunately for the thieves, their every move was faithfully captured, on no less than seventeen security cameras. - source - WRCB TV - 1st Aug. 2007

On track for the Olympics - The authorities in Shenzhen, China are installing at least 20,000 new police video surveillance cameras, coupled to video analytics systems to provide facial recognition, and to detect unusual behaviour. The project being developed in advance of the Olympics, is intended to operate alongside the introduction of a smart 'residency card' for 150 million city dwellers. - source - Sydney Morning Herald - 13th August 2007

An island race ... - The Royal St Lucia Police Force are advancing plans to install an extensive CCTV system throughout the island. The acting Police Commissioner has outlined his desire to adopt the technology to allow more responsive and efficient policing, along the lines of equivalent systems deployed elsewhere in the world. - source - The Star Online - 14th August 2007

Where's the catch ... - Just twelve months after the Mayor of San Francisco announced the funding for another 50 surveillance cameras in the city's crime ridden housing projects, it's been revealed that the video monitoring equipment has assisted in just two crime investigations. With a total of 178 cameras being used in areas where about a third of the annual gun crime takes place, questions are being asked as to how so much technology can produce so little results. - source - National Examiner - 14th August 2007

Just the ticket ... - Fed up with motorists using the city's bus lanes as a quick way through the traffic jams, Nottingham City Council are launching an ANPR equipped CCTV system, to identify offending drivers. Those caught on camera can expect a £ 60 penalty notice (US$ 115 or € 90), to be posted through their letter box, just in time for breakfast. - source - BBC News - 22nd Aug. 2007

Going with the flow - An inner city housing complex being constructed to home people recovering from substance abuse, has been plagued by a recent spate of material thefts. Unfortunately for the church authorities building the project in Winnipeg, Canada, the due to be installed CCTV cameras were the latest items to go missing - source - Winnipeg Sun - 23rd August 2007

Up front about it - For a couple of young ladies enjoying a day at the seaside, a quick flash on Worthing seafront exposed a good deal more than just their feminine charms. Having spotted a local authority CCTV camera, the two 21 year old sun seekers decided to lift their tops as a bit of a joke. Unfortunately for them, the control room operator called the Police, who subsequently charged them with outraging public decency. One month on and the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to drop proceedings that were scheduled to be heard at Chichester Crown Court, on the grounds that it would not be in the publics interest. - source - BBC News - 24th August 2007

Walk on the wild side - With the constant spread of city based surveillance, New Yorkers may be coming to terms with living in a video age,.but for those more intrepid residents of the Lower East Side, sitting back is now no longer an option. The long established Surveillance Camera Players have now started taking groups on a 90 minute walking tour of the city's camera hotspots. - source - New York Academy of Sciences - 26th August 2007

Big Brother meets Animal Farm - News from Finland where the MLOY and a leading security technology provider, have joined forces to provide the nations farmers with an IP Video solution, to help assist in both livestock management, and routine food production processes . - source - SWBusiness.FI - 27th August 2007

Not quite write - Thanks to the wonders of CCTV, a barrister representing a wife in a child custody case, has ended up as the first ever convicted of 'perverting the course of justice', here in the U.K. Having written and sent a bogus e-mail apparently supporting the fathers claim, when it was presented to the court as evidence, the barrister then formally challenged it and falsely accused the husband of forgery. It was only the ingenuity of the defendent, that allowed him to track down the source of the e-mail to an internet cafe, which fortunately for him was equipped with CCTV that captured the barrister writing and sending the falsified document. Having admitted the charges against him, the barrister is now due to be sentenced to a jail term, sometime next month . - source - - 30th August 2007




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