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CCTV 'News in Brief' - 1st > 18th September 2005


The race is on ... - In the United States, the Democrat candidates seeking election for the position of Mayor in New York, have brought the role of Closed Circuit Television, sharply into focus. Mayoral hopefuls Virginia Fields and Fernando Ferrer, have both called for the widescale installation of CCTV security cameras, throughout the mass transit system. Coincidentally, the cities Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) have just announced the award of a $ 212 million dollar contract to Lockheed Martin Group, for the installation of 1000 CCTV cameras with accompanying motion sensors, on subways and commuter rail facilities, over the next 3 years. - source NY 2nd September 2005

The bill for the London Bombings - With the rising cost of investigating the London Bombings now running at around £ 500,000 ( US$ 900k, € 700k ) per day, news has emerged that retired police officers are scrambling to offer assistance to their hard pressed colleagues. Top of the list of tasks is reviewing the tens of thousands of CCTV video recordings, in what is now widely regarded as the largest Forensic Surveillance operation in history. - source The Peninsula, Qatar 2nd September 2005

Unlucky for some - Two thieves were caught on CCTV digging up nine leylandii trees in Ellis Park, Leicestershire, just a year after they were planted to replace others stolen in an earlier theft. The theft of the trees which are described as worth next to nothing, was clearly recorded on a recently installed CCTV camera, one of 23 units provided by the parish and District councils, in a concerted effort to stem a recent rise in mindless vandalism. - source The Leicester Mercury 4th September 2005

More of the same? - In the wake of the recent London bombings, Phil Woolas minister for civil resilience, has indicated that CCTV on public transport has been identified as one area, which can expect to see a significant level of financial investment - source 8th September 2005

Cameras for Africa - In an attempt to stem a rise in local crime, Gaborone Police Commissioner Edwin Batshu has indicated that the Botswana Police Department is keen to work with private enterprise, to speed the installation of public area CCTV systems. Commissioner Batshu regards CCTV "as a tool that has proven very effective in other countries in reducing crime..." - source Botswana Daily News Online 8th September 2005

Switched on security .... - Six months after three people were shot dead in the Fulton County Courthouse Atlanta, officials are outraged that essential CCTV security cameras are apparently still not functioning. Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford is quoted as saying "A fire needs to be lit under somebody" - source 9th September 2005

CCTV off the rails - In response to a spate of gang related violent incidents, South Ribble Council in the U.K., are pushing for the installation of security cameras at Leyland railway station. Councillor Mark Alcock is quoted as saying " We know that having CCTV will not get rid of the problem completely, but will help with catching people who commit these attacks". - source - - 11th September 2005

Passenger safety surveillance - From the U.S., news that the Chicago Transit Authority has installed their first eleven security cameras, with a further 1189 due for installation throughout the rail network, by the end of 2006. The cameras will be linked by an upgraded fibre optic system costing US $ 31 million, with pictures initially being fed back to the Authority's Control Centre, but also planned to be routed through to the city's '911' emergency response centre. - source © The Associated Press - 11th September 2005.

No shelter for vandals - With Bus shelter vandalism costing Liverpool based Merseytravel around £ 1 million a year, the vehicle operator has now resorted to installing CCTV cameras in over 200 bus stops. Whilst the cameras are regularly moved around the city, in a joint Merseyside police operation earlier this year, cameras were set up to concentrate on 20 high risk "hot spots". Within twelve hours, two gangs were captured on camera causing more than £ 1500 worth of damage. - source - Liverpool Echo - 14th September 2005

Caught in the act - In Edinburgh, Scotland, in the previous twelve months, over 100 public area CCTV cameras have reportedly resulted in 2710 arrests or cautions, following the use of CCTV video recording - source - - 12th September 2005

Stop getting carried away - Managers at Malaysias' Kuala Lumpur International Airport are increasing the numbers of CCTV cameras installed, to deter further thefts from passengers baggage. With over 1100 cameras already in use, steps are being taken to further increase this number over the next month, to cover any existing blind spots where thieves may operate - source - The Malay Mail - 12th September 2005.

A burning desire - Fire chiefs in Huddersfield, U.K. are hoping to secure a deal to use the county's existing CCTV infrastructure, to identify and monitor fire operations. The West Yorkshire Fire Authority will be spending £ 116,000 in set up costs, with a further annual operating figure of around £ 25,000 to provide visual verification of reported fire incidents - source - The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - 13th September 2005

Register, an interest - News from Adelaide, Australia, Premier Mike Rann has announced that the state government wanted to establish a register of surveillance cameras, both private and public, which may prove useful in assisting police investigations. The city already has around 400 CCTV cameras installed, and Mr Rann has proposed that the Capital City Committee sponsor a review of all CCTV usage within public places. - source - The Advertiser, Adelaide - 14th September 2005

Cameras by law - In the United States, news from Towson, Maryland, where 18 members of the towns security-camera committee, are seeking to expand a recently introduced law, making it compulsory to install CCTV security camera systems, in any shopping center with more than 75,000 square feet of retail space. In what is believed to be the nations first mandatory licencing of privately operated CCTV systems, officials have been quick to point out that they are not really qualified to certify whether the systems either comply with the law, or have been correctly installed. - source - - 14th September 14th 2005

On the buses - Giving evidence to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, Londons Mayor Mr. Ken Livingstone has promised 100% CCTV coverage on all London Buses by the end of 2005 (compared to an existing 95% coverage). He has also pledged to double the number of security cameras operating on the London Underground rail network, within the next five years - source - Timesonline - 14th September 2005.

The battle against global terrorism - It's reported from India, that in response to threats of terrorist attacks by a group known as the Naxalites, local officials are requesting that the government provide CCTV cameras, to protect key targets including the Chamundeshwari Temple and the Krishnaraja Sagar dam. It is believed that as many as 14 temples, many recognised as tourist attractions, are thought to be on the terrorists 'hit list' - source Daijiworld - 17th September 2005.

Fuel for thought - As world fuel prices continue to rise, it's reported from Indiana, U.S.A. that Clark County officials are eager to install CCTV to monitor two remote highway gas (petrol) stations. Recognising the risk of fuel being stolen, the county are planning to install a surveillance system costing around US$ 8,000. Commissioner Ed Meyer is quoted as saying "The sooner we get it done, the better" - source - 16th September 2005

Freedom and liberty - At the University of Nevada, the Reno Faculty Senate have unanimously rejected proposals for the regulation of a campus wide, CCTV surveillance system. The draft policy document which was intended to provide an operational framework for the use of an existing 165 camera installation, failed to be adopted over wide ranging concerns for individuals civil liberties. Both committee and audience members said the "proposal didn't do enough to protect privacy rights. They said the proposal opened the door to abuse of civil rights by administrators or police" - source Reno Gazette Journal - 16th September 2005.

Bog standard cameras - News from Bolton, Lancashire where parents have sent a protest to Education Secretary Ruth Kelly. More than 80 parents have forwarded a petition demanding the removal of CCTV cameras from Westhoughton High School's toilets. Whilst staff describe the surveillance as a necessary measure to combat vandalism, smoking and drug taking, parents describe it as "an invasion of privacy" - Guardian Unlimited - 17th September 2005

Time for a change - Norwich City Council have announced their intention to replace the towns existing CCTV installation, with a brand new "state of the art" digital system costing an estimated £ 750,000. The work involving the replacement of 50 existing cameras and the provision of a new control room, is scheduled to be completed some time early next year - source Norwich Evening News 17th September 2005.

Images on stream - Italians Stefano Barbaresi and Stefania Mensa have broken the world record for living underwater, whilst monitored by scientists on Closed Circuit Television. The pair who managed to remain submerged under the sea for ten days, were all part of a scientific experiment by researchers from Rome's San Gallicano hospital, studying the effects of prolongued immersion on the human body - source ANSA - 17th September 2005

A crossroads for surveillance - Traffic police based in New Delhi, India, are planning to introduce a "City Wide Surveillance System", with initially three CCTV cameras located at each of eight key road junctions throughout the city. Key features for the project include a PA system for direct communication with each location, and video recordings to be stored for a period of seven days - source - 18th September 2005



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