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CCTV 'News in Brief' - September 2007


A step too far - A young train passenger may well end up with a criminal record,.after being summonsed to a magistrates court, for resting her feet on the seat opposite. Despite apologising for her mistake, the 19 year old student was interviewed by a 'Head Cam' equipped rail enforcement officer, working for the trains operator Merseyrail. In the last six months, the company have prosecuted around 250 passengers under similar circumstances. - source - TimesONLine - 4th September 2007

An important lesson ... - Being mindful of the potential problems for any school using video surveillance to keep an eye on their pupils, the Arkansas School Board Association has developed a model 'Code of Practice' outlining how best to use CCTV in a college environment. - source - 5th September 2007

No stone unturned - Authorities at Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey (USA). are introducing a video equipped inspection platform, to screen the underside of all vehicles entering the airport. The video cameras are intended to provide visual verification of any explosives or contraband strapped to the underside of buses trucks or private vehicles. - source - - 10th September 2007

Getting ahead in the market - UK based specialist Audax have secured a £ 1.1 million contract to supply advanced "Head Cams" to the US military. A initial batch of 20 body worn camera systems have already been supplied to the Department of Defense, for use by troops on operations. - source - The Herald - 12th September 2007

Not everything in the garden is rosy - In response to repeated vandalism in one of Suffolks top award winning parks, Woodbridge Town Council decided to install a CCTV camera. Instead of tackling the annual £ 10,000 problem ( US$ 20,000 € 15,000 ), the vandals have instead moved their activities into an area not presently covered by video surveillance. With no reduction in crime, and no offenders apprehended, it now seems likely that the camera will be removed to a neighbouring town . - source - EADT24 - 18th September 2007

Short sighted surveillance ... - In a desperate attempt to cut £ 10 million from it's operating budget next year (US$ 20 million, €15 million), Sussex Police Authority has decided to slash the number of CCTV Control Room Operators from 35 to 20. In announcing the closure of the Eastbourne and Bognor Control Rooms, the county's 364 cameras will now be monitored from just 2 locations. A police spokesman is quoted as saying " Introducing digital will put us in a better position to keep up with future developments like smart cameras that look after themselves". . - source - The Argus - 18th September 2007

Driven to distraction ... - Audacious thieves escaped with a dozen rental cars and trucks, parked up in the Avis compound at Halifax Stanfield Airport, in Nova Scotia. The police have suggested that the gang put covers over the CCTV cameras, before dismantling the main gate and then installing a ramp device to allow the vehicles to be driven off, over the anti theft spike strips. - source - The Chronicle - 19th September 2007

CCTV results are just criminal - According to details of a survey published by the Liberal Democrats group on the London Assembly, only one in five crimes are being solved in the capital. and despite at least £ 200m having been spent on Public Space CCTV, there does not appear to be any tangible link between the number of cameras and the crime clear up rate. - source - Liberal Democrats- 19th September 2007

When Coppers share the bill - News from the States, where plans are afoot to allow the Jersey City Police access to the video suurveillance system, currently being operated by the New Jersey Transit Police; providing an interesting example in high tech cross departmental co-operation - source - - 24th September 2007



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