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CCTV 'News in Brief' - 1st > 14th October 2005


Doors wide shut - As a result of the 9/11 attacks, all aircraft flying into U.S. airspace will be subject to new regulations, coming into force early next year. The Federal Aviation Administration will require all aircraft to be equipped with cabin monitoring CCTV, or "peepholes" in the cockpit doors - source - 1st October 2005

Smoke gets in your eye - News from Maroussi in Northern Athens, where a traffic monitoring camera installed before last years Olympic Games, has mysteriously gone up in smoke. Local police confirm that dozens of other CCTV cameras have been targetted by arsonists this year - source Kathimerini - 1st October 2005

What do you want for Xmas? - To help tackle crime and anti social behaviour, the Shropshire town of Ellesmere is planning to install a £ 45,000 CCTV system as a matter of priority. Subject to planning permission and securing funding, the town council are confident the system will be in place in time for Christmas - source Shropshire Star - 1st October 2005

CCTV...on the buses - The Toronto Transit Commission have just installed security cameras on 20 city buses, as part of a pilot evaluation scheme. If proven successful, all 1750 buses and streetcars could be similarly equipped, at an estimated cost of around $ 19 million - source The Globe and Mail - 1st October 2005

Protecting the passengers - A contract is about to be placed for the installation of over 400 CCTV cameras in Singapores Changi airport. The advanced surveillance system will be capable of automatically alerting security staff to the presence of unattended bags, gathering crowds, and vehicles parked in restriceted areas - source ABC Asia Pacific - 3rd October 2005

And along comes another - As transport operators around the world rush through plans to improve passenger security, the Government of New South Wales, Australia, has announced that they will be spending $ 25 million over the next four years, equipping 2000 buses with digital CCTV systems. Critics point out that the provision of enhanced security on municipal buses, only covers 45% of the total fleet currently in operation, the rest being privately owned - source - 4th October 2005

A rubbish idea - Councillors at Fenland District Council are so fed up with fly tipped rubbish blighting the landscape, they've decided to mount a covert surveillance operation at two of the county's flytipping hotspots. The operation which has been set up with Cambridgeshire District Council will provide round the clock monitoring in an attempt to capture and prosecute persistant offenders. The cameras will be in place until the end of the year, and if proven successful, coverage will be extended to sites across Fenland - source CEN News - 4th October 2005

Frustration down under - News from Canberra, Australia, where a review of the city's 2,000 CCTV cameras has found that overall coverage of public spaces is "limited". In an attempt to more effectively co-ordinate security provision, the Chief Minister Mr Jon Stanhope has been pressing for greater involvement of the business community, and a more positive level of co-operation with Central Government. "I am, I have to say at this stage, disappointed" he said - source ABC Newsonline - 5th October 2005

Trouble at the top - Imagine coming into work on a Monday morning, and finding every corridor and office fitted with CCTV cameras. That's exactly what happened to the staff working at the Office of the Ombudsman in Manila. Although a spokeswoman has suggested that the video surveillance is intended to spot any case fixing or irregularities, it has been reported that there may have been a rift between key personnel heading the organisation - source The Manila Times / ABS-CBN News 5th October 2005

A storm blowing in the windy city - In Chicago, U.S.A. where surveillance cameras have traditionally been paid for using drug forfeiture money, changes to the Mayors budget rules have provided an unpleasant surprise for the city Aldermen. In future, any additional CCTV cameras will have to be paid for out of their own limited "street improvement" budget.Whilst the city already has 66 operational cameras with a further 30 due on line by year end, any additional bullet proof cameras are going to cost an estimated US$ 36,000 for each location. Alderman Joe Moore was quoted as saying that the mayor's decision was like "asking a senior citizen to choose between food and medicine" - source Chicago Sun-Times - 5th October 2005

The doggy's tale - Every month, The Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control send 10 dogs and puppies on a long drive to adoption in Wisconsin, all under the watchful eye of a CCTV camera. The unwanted pets are transported in the "Rescue Waggin" under climate controlled conditions, with classical music being played into the truck to keep the animals calm - source Fort Worth Journal Gazette - 5th October 2005

From wildlife to lowlife - After 4 years watching recordings of badgers and foxes parading in front of their domestic Infra Red CCTV camera, one day a Devon couple were astonished to see creatures of an all togethor different variety. Strolling across their patio oblivious to the video surveillance, were two burglars en route to a neighbouring property. After handing over the recording to local police, a 25 year old suspect was arrested and charged with having broken into 9 homes over a 4 day period - source BBC News - 7th October 2005

Pictures on the move - UK based Vemotion are now providing customers with live feeds from CCTV cameras, direct to their mobile phones (cellphone). The technology is designed to allow individuals access to their business or residential security camera systems, using only their 3G handset. - source - 8th October 2005

On their best behaviour - Children at the Douglas McArthur Elementary school in Indianapolis are reported by the principal to be "terrified", after a neighbour installed a CCTV camera to watch them playing in the school grounds. The cameras owner who claims to be a "... protector of children" has defended his use of the surveillance equipment, saying that it is not used to watch the students, but rather the anti social behaviour that takes place in the grounds, after school hours - source 8wish TV Indianapolis - 8th October 2005

You're feeling sleepy .... - The Marshall Browning Hospital in Du Quoin, Illinois, has opened a new sleep research laboratory, allowing doctors to monitor sleep deprived patients with a range of high tech diagnostic equipment, whilst monitoring their behaviour using a new Cllosed Circuit Television system - source - 9th October 2005

The Scandinavian Scenario - In a recent poll carried out by the National Institute for Transport Economy in Norway, nine out of ten respondents said they would accept the use of CCTV cameras in public places. Forty percent indicated they would agree to the use of surveillance technology in public rest rooms, and thirty percent accepted more widescale use in the workplace, schools, colleges and restaurants. The chief researcher is quoted as saying that the results reflect "...that one reason for this is that the camera has become a more natural part of society." - source The Norway Post - 10th October 2005

Bordering on the ridiculous? - News from the U.S. that a conservative group is lobbying for the installation of a border fence, complete with CCTV cameras, along the 2000 miles southern boundary with six Mexican states. The highly controversial project which is designed to restrict the illegal immigration of workers from across the border, is estimated to cost anything up to US$ 8 billion to complete - source The Oxford Press, Ohio - 10th October 2005

Throw away cameras - Residents in Knowsley, N.E. England, may be best advised to think twice before throwing any litter out of their car windows. In an ongoing battle with fly tippers and litter louts, the local council has employed the services of a mobile CCTV surveillance vehicle, complete with automatic number plate reading cameras (ANPR) to trap and fine offending motorists - source icLiverpool -11th October 2005

The art of tackling Graffiti - News from the U.S., where the Des Moines Art Centre has decided to use CCTV cameras in the Mary Miss Greenwood Pond project, to tackle vandalism and anti social behaviour. Officials have said that vandalism to the outdoor artwork, has cost about US$ 5,000 per year since 1996, and it is hoped that by installing security cameras, the problem will be solved - source DesMoines Register - 11th October 2005

Regulation in the African Nation - As CCTV continues to be adopted in all areas of daily life throughout Africa, calls are being made for regulation and accountability to be introduced by the Communications Commission of Kenya. At present, there is no control over the obtaining or management of personal data in the form of video recorded images - source - 11th October 2005

The camera says ....No! - The ever popular "Metal Mickey" camera already widely used in Town Centres across the U.K., is set to get a new voice. The latest generation of CCTV cameras are being installed with a target locating light beam, and direct audio link back to the Control Room. The first of six cameras being installed in Glasgow at a cost of £ 15,000 per unit, will allow operators to pinpoint suspects and order them to stop whatever they are doing at the time. - source Evening Times - 11th October 2005

Peace in the Provinces - Barely has the dust settled on the announcement that the IRA have finally destroyed their weapons cache, when news emerges of a government injection of cash for cameras in Northern Ireland. The 19 existing CCTV schemes currently in operation are to be extended, along with new Town Centre surveillance schemes, using a £ 2 million investment of government funding.Commenting on the upgrades due to commence in the new Year, Policing Board member Ian Paisley Jnr said " It is proven that CCTV reduces crime, it is proven to work and people want it." - source The Belfast Telegraph - 13th October 2005

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