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CCTV 'News in Brief' - October 2006


What a Nelly - Keepers at Houston Zoo were absolutely delighted, when after weeks of using a CCTV system to monitor their Asian Elephant Shanti, she eventually gave birth to a male calf which tipped the scales at a whopping 384 pounds!! - source - 2nd Oct. 2006

Spot the dog ....! - Council officials working in the Ribble Valley, are so fed up with dog owners allowing their pets to foul the local Whalley Arches beauty spot, they've decided to set up a CCTV surveillance operation ... to catch them in the act. - source This is Lancashire - 2nd Oct. 2006

Britains most wanted - Officers from Taunton Borough Council were less than impressed with the pictures coming from their recently installed, £ 13,000 relocateable CCTV camera ... there weren't any. Sometime during the night, a thief removed the unit mounted 20 feet up on the side of a church. Police are asking locals to look out for the camera, in case it's offered for sale. - source Avon and Somerset Constabulary - 4th Oct. 2006

The cost of convictions - It's been revealed that Transport for London (TfL) acting on behalf of the capitols bus operators, have reached a 'memorandum of understanding' regarding the supply of CCTV recordings required as evidence. According to press reports, senior Metropolitan Police officers are absolutely furious at the proposal to charge them for access to selected video recordings, made using bus mounted CCTV systems. - source ic South London - 6th Oct. 2006

Red faces feeling blue - The realisation of having your car stolen is bad enough, but for one visitor to the Cheadle swimming baths near Manchester, there was another shock awaiting him. On reporting the theft to the staff on duty, it quickly became obvious that the sites CCTV camera which was set up to monitor the car park, was'nt actually going to be much help. Council Officials reluctantly had to admit that the camera is a dummy ... - source Stockport Express - 11th Oct. 2006

A take away too far - On opposite sides of the Atlantic, thieves have been targetting CCTV cameras, as the latest must nick commodity. In Plymouth England, a hapless thief recorded himself stealing £ 10k worth of cameras from a pub and social club. Whilst across the water in San Antonia USA, thieves have been caught on camera stealing the CCTV from several McDonalds eateries. - & BBC News - 13th Oct. 2006

A flight of fancy - Anti Social Behaviour has become such a hot topic in the North West of England, that officers in Merseyside's ASB task force, have now been considering new ways to tackle the problems. Among the latest suggestions are a proposal to fly UAV's or pilotless drones, using their on-board video surveillance cameras to help locate and identify suspects in the act. - source BBC News - 15th Oct. 2006

Love thy neighbour ... - For one Lancashire resident, the continued activities of his drug dealing neighbour, was more than he could stand. Having finally decided that enough was enough, the troubled homeowner installed a covert CCTV camera, to gather evidence of his errant neighbours unneighbourly practices. Having reviewed the recordings, police officers arrested a 35 year old man, who subsequently appeared in court on various charges. He was sentenced to two years and eight months imprisonment, and a cash haul of up to £ 10k ( US $ 18k, € 14k ) was seized by the courts under a Proceeds of Crime confiscation order. - source Lancashire Telegraph - 19th Oct 2006

Cameras in the front line - News from war torn Lebanon, where the government have this week announced that security cameras will be installed in key parts of Beirut. This is in response to continued minor attacks, and will be phased in as the damaged city is gradually rebuilt. - source - 20th Oct 2006

Recording the kick off - Police were less than amused when a CCTV tape, supposedly showing an altercation at the entrance to a pub, was later discovered to contain a recording of the football World Cup. The licensee of the pub in Worsop, Northamptonshire, was promptly arrested by police officers and spent the following 13 hours in jail. Following his highly unusual experience, the publican is so distraught that he has vowed to quit the pub and move away. - source The - 23rd Oct 2006

I don't believe it ....! - Imagine Martyn Styles surprise when he received a speeding ticket from Humberside Police. Having his car captured on an ANPR equipped CCTV system may not be that surprising, but for the blind and deaf owner who was 200 miles away at the time, it has provided an unpleasant shock. Police will now investigate whether his vehicle has been cloned. - source BBC News - 23rd Oct. 2006

An expensive shopping trip - The increasing use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, has proved to be a less than satisfacotry experience for one south of England supermarket. Having issued numerous fines to frequent shoppers who were flagged by the computer as having overstayed their welcome, the branch management have had to admit their system was at fault, and plan to refund the fines. - source Portsmouth - 28th Oct. 2006

In the frame, but the picture won't fit - Traders in an exclusive part of Central London have been subject to the repeat attentions of a serial shoplifter for some time now. Unfortunately, the jewellers that captured a clear recording of the woman stealing £ 2,000 (US$ 3,500 € 2,800 ) of their silver and gold trinkets, have been told by Police that they can't show the womans picture to neighbouring shopkeepers, as this would infringe the thiefs "human rights". - source The - 28th Oct. 2006




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