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CCTV 'News in Brief' - October 2007


Problems down South ... - Ongoing problems with the wireless CCTV cameras being used in the Green Point and Sea Point areas of Cape Town, have been blamed on a range of issues, from "management meltdown", through to demolition of buildings supporting the cameras, and theft of copper cables. - source - Cape Times - 18th October 2007

The rising Costa of surveillance - Plans are afoot to install 3,000 security cameras across Costa Rica, although the initial batch of 300 are due to be in place by the end of the year, at an estimated cost of US$ 20 million.. - source - Costa Rica Holiday - 18th October 2007

Brought down by the beak - For one hapless thief in Dallas, Texas, avoiding the properties three security cameras didn't present any obvious problems, until the pet Mexican red headed parrot called Salvador, squawked a greeting which awoke the sleeping occupant. Having experienced four previous break ins in the last month, the furious homeowner decided to shoot first and ask questions later. Although the video apparently doesn't show the burglar making any attempt to escape, he was fatally wounded following a shot to the upper part of his body - source - Private Officer Breaking News - 18th October 2007

Keeping a watch, around the clock - It's been reported that in an unprecedented step for the Canadian Government, lawyers will be seeking consent from a judge to allow the installation of CCTV cameras in the home of a suspected terrorist, currently living under house arrest. - source - Jurist - 30th October 2007

Top ranking solution for taxis - Following the murder of a taxi driver in Gravesham, Kent, it's been announced that £ 59,000 ( US$ 118,000 € 87,000) of European Union funding has been allocated to part fund a project to install CCTV cameras into the towns taxi fleet. The drivers themselves along with various community partners, will match the funding to help protect them against increasing crime problems in their cabs.. - source - News Shopper - 30th October 2007

Do as the law says - In an effort to cut crime, selected traders in El Cerrito, California are now required to install colour video surveillance systems on their premises, following the passing of a new town ordinance. The law will affect supermarkets, liquor stores, banks and pawn shops. - source - KCBS All News 740AM - 30th October 2007

Fake calls, real results - Cleveland Fire Brigade have a new weapon in their battle against hoax callers. 999 operators are now able to use CCTV cameras to zoom in on a public phone box, when an emergency call is received. Since introducing the new approach to verifying suspect calls, fake phone calls have dropped by over 30%. - source - Hartlepool Mail - 30th October 2007

A ring of surveillance on the phone - Researchers at the Institute for Pervasive Computing in Zurich, Switzerland, have developed a software programme called Facet, which is designed to interface any number of mobile phones, into a linked network of surveillance devices. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the cameras fitted into cell phones can be set up to detect movement and then share information with other units in order to analyse exactly what has been detected. - source - New Scientist Tech - 31st October 2007

Watching the pumps - News from Kampala in Uganda, where the City Council has instructed petrol (gas) stations and supermarkets to install CCTV, ahead of a planned summit in November. The Mayor is quoted as saying that only one person would be needed to watch individual premises, rather than the current 10 security guards required - source - Daily Monitor - 31st October 2007



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