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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - 1st > 15th November 2005


Dogged by authority - An animal welfare volunteer has fallen foul of data protection legislation, following the death of her pet dog. Whilst working at an animal rescue kennels in West Sussex, the helpers animal was run over by a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the car park. Despite the incident being recorded on CCTV, and the assistants 17 year record working for the charity, officials have refused to identify the vehicle recorded by the system, as they claim it would infringe the drivers rights under the Data Protection Act - source telegraph.co.uk - 2nd November 2005

Another day in paradise - The Attorney General's office in St Lucia, has announced plans to draft legislation allowing CCTV images to be accepted as evidence in court. This follows a sharp increase in violent crime throughout the island - source Caribbean Net News - 4th November 2005

Blazing a trail - Attacks on fire officers have become so common in Greater Manchester, U.K., that the local Fire Service have decided to fit CCTV cameras to four appliances servicing high risk areas of the city. During the recent 'Guy Fawkes' celebrations, 11 attacks were recorded over just one weekend - source BBC News - 7th November 2005

Shopping for a bargain - The U.S. based retailer Bloomingdales has announced plans to evaluate new high tech CCTV cameras using Predictive Behavioural Analysis Systems (PBAS). The cameras will initially be trialled in their Roosevelt Field store in Garden City, New York, and if successful, will provide an automated monitoring system to identify shoplifters by their behaviour. - source WWD.com - 9th November 2005

Take a load off .... - U.K. Highways officials have decided to install surveillance cameras, to enforce a lorry ban on larger vehicles using the Bidston Moss Viaduct, on the M53 motorway. Despite strict enforcement of a weight restriction by the Merseyside Police, lorries have still been using the bridge illegally, during urgent strengthening works - source Transport News Network - 9th November 2005

Australian rules .... - Following a national forum involving government departments, private operators and surveillance experts, held recently in Sydney, Standards Australia are proposing to introduce new guidelines on the use of Closed Circuit Television. The move comes amid heightened awareness of the terrorist threat, and a clearly identified need to introduce standardisation in system design wherever possible. - source ABC News Online - 10th November 2005

When the deterrent fails - There have been complaints from a 37 year old man who feels "let down" after being beaten unconscious on a night out in Exmouth, in an area monitored by a town centre CCTV system. Although the system was recording, police have advised that "there was a problem with the way the film was developed". The victim was reported as saying " The town's CCTV system has cost the tax payer thousands of pounds. It looks good and makes you feel secure, but it doesn't really work, so what's the point". - source Exmouth Journal 24 - 10th November 2005

Cameras on the move - The Scottish Executive has announced funding of up to £ 1 million, to help provide mobile CCTV vans and wireless cameras. Councils in 18 areas already participating in the "safe cities and towns" initiatives, will be invited to bid for the funding - source The Scotsman -11th November 2005

Today we learned about ... - News from Tokyo, Japan, where the Metropolitan Government has announced plans to help all public elementary schools to install CCTV by the end of March 2007. The announcement of 1 billion yen funding, is intended to cover half the costs of providing between four and six cameras for each of the cities 1,331 schools. The move follows a number of knife attacks which have prompted an urgent upgrade for all schools security. - source asahi.com - 11th November 2005

A game of two halves - Following hot on the news that an eavesdropping device (a bug) has been placed in the changing room used by the Manchester United football team, officials have been trawling through hours of security video recordings to see if the suspect can be identified. The clubs boss Sir Alan Ferguson is reported to be "furious" about the security breach. - source The Sun Online - 12th November 2005

You can't beat a nice port - Over the next twelve months, the Port of Baltimore in the U.S., will be completing a $5.5 million contract to install a complete new security system, including remote video surveillance using low light and thermal imaging cameras, a fibre optic communications network, and video analytics software for automated monitoring of camera feeds - source Government Computer News - 14th November 2005

Checking in on camera - Police officials in Delhi are making urgent "requests" to hotels in the city, to install CCTV security cameras as a matter of priority. Following in the wake of the terrorist bomb attacks at the end of October, investigators discovered that the mastermind behind the bombings, had stayed in a hotel locally for 3 days whilst planning the attack - source The Hindustan Times - 15th November 2005

It's in the bag - In the U.K., Transport Secretary Alistair Darling has confirmed that "smart" CCTV installations are currently being evaluated for use on mass transit systems. The cameras are linked to computer analysis systems, which can generate an alarm condition if a bag is left unattended on a train or station platform. Although the technology has been around for some time, it is claimed that current systems are far more accurate, and less prone to false alarms - source Times Online - 15th November 2005



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