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CCTV 'News in Brief' - December 2005


More of a good thing - Figures released by officials in Kuala Lumpur suggest that CCTV cameras installed at the end of last year, have resulted in a 40 per cent drop in crime within the area known as the Golden triangle. The success of this system has resulted in a committment to install a further 20 security cameras in the Cheras, Dang Wangi, Brickfields and Sentul police districts, before the end of the year - source New Straits Times - 1st December 2005

A reason to watch over .... - News from Islamabad, where the Federal Minister for the Interior, Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao has called for the urgent installation of CCTV cameras, for the protection of worshippers throughought the city's mosques. Leading clerics have subsequently refused to consider such a measure- source - 1st December 2005

If it looks wrong ... - Following the news that crime in Dungannon, Northern Ireland rose by almost a quarter during the last six months, it's been revealed that the towns CCTV scheme has actually not been used since 2001. Whilst the police are anxious to have the security cameras operational, local officials continue to argue over who should be funding the project - source The Belfast Telegraph - 3rd December 2005

You are charged with... - In the U.K., police officers investigating the fraudulent use of a cashcard at a Liverpool branch of Barclays Bank, were astonished when officials demanded payment for access to the CCTV recorded images of the suspect. Following the intervention of a local newspaper, the bank handed over the recordings without charge, and a spokesperson for the bank later admitted, there had been a "miscommunication" - source The Liverpool Echo - 5th December 2005





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