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CCTV 'News in Brief' - December 2006


As shepherds watch their flocks ... - Whilst the Christmas period is widely noted for an increase in crime, in many parts of the world, for the good citizens of Cheviot in Cincinnati U.S.A., this year they're not taking any chances. Having last year experienced the trauma of baby Jesus being stolen, not once but twice from the towns nativity scene, city officials have arranged for round the clock monitoring using CCTV cameras hidden in the manger. - source TV Station WKRC 12 Cincinnati - 4th Dec 2006

Hands up who's watching? - In the small market town of Calne in Wiltshire (U.K.), the CCTV System operators have hit something of a snag. The enthusiastic local volunteers that monitor the 7 cameras around the clock, are now in desperate need of further help from the community. Apparently it's not that easy to find people prepared to watch the cameras through the night, without being paid. - source The Wiltshire Gazette & Herald - 5th Dec 2006

Anything good on the Tube? - In a modern day twist on the old theme of issuing most wanted posters, police officers in Hamilton, Canada have gone one step further in their quest to locate the suspects. Following the murder of a 22 year old man at a hip hop concert, investigators recovered a CCTV recording showing the two men believed to have been involved, and promptly posted it on the internet video site 'YouTube', a much favoured 'hit' for the mostly young concert goers. - source The Hamilton Spectator - 7th Dec 2006

Where'd it go ...? - Following a major robbery in the small town of Fareham, U.K., embarrased officials have had to admit that their Town Centre CCTV system has "...flaws...". Of the 12 cameras located in West Street, not one managed to capture any useful images following a raid on a jewellers shop in the early hours of the morning. - source - 9th Dec 2006

The latest in Jam Cams. - The age old british pastime of collecting wild berries whilst out rambling, took a bizarre twist after 67 year old Ian Blayney decided to gather some rowan berries to make jam. Whilst enjoying a countryside walk near the northern english town of Macclesfield, Ian gathered a bagful of wild berries, completely unaware that his every move was being monitored by a nearby CCTV camera. Some 3 months later, having traced his address through the recording of his vehicle number plate, Mr. Blayney was hauled into his local police station in Gloucestershire, and interviewed under caution for the reported theft.. - source This is - 25th Dec 2006

A splash of colour cameras - Following the launch of a high profile christmas anti graffiti campaign by the British Transport Police, embarassed officials have had to acknowledge they may have got it wrong. In an audacious 'guerrilla" style attack on the London Underground, Camden Town station was targetted by graffiti vandals on Christmas day, causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. The vandals attacked platforms, noticeboards, and .... cctv cameras - source Camden New Journal- 28th Dec 2006 - DJ Comments



Unfortunately due to technical problems, further news updates for December will be held over until the new year.




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