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CCTV 'News in Brief' - December 2007


If your face fits - Scientists at the University of the West of England have joined forces with their colleagues in Imperial College, London, to develop an accurate facial recognition system that sees through disguises. The project known as PhotoFace, uses advanced computer processing to produce an analysed 3D image which can form part of a security or suspect recognition system. The work is supported by General Dynamics UK Ltd., the Home Office Scientific Development Branch, and has recently benefitted from a £ 672k injection of funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. - source - Innovations Report - 12th December 2007

A data network on the bus - London mayoral candidate Boris Johnson has announced his proposal to trial the use of networked CCTV cameras on 20 of the capitols most troubled bus routes. If implemented, the scheme would allow police to monitor images live either in their vehicles, or on hand held terminals as they respond to emergency calls for assistance. - source - This is London - 12th December 2007

Way to go ... - Dacorum Borough Council have made some impressive claims for successes using their Town Centre CCTV system. With almost 70 cameras installed across their catchment area using ANPR and facial recognition, the control room have logged almost 20,000 incidents leading to nearly 450 arrests, so far this year. - source - Hemel Today - 12th December 2007

Looking out for Santa - For one troubled resident of Scunthorpe, north east England, putting up an annual display of his £ 5,000 collection of christmas decorations, has provided an additional headache. Apart from the interest of many local admirers, a number of incidents of mindless vandalism have encouraged him to install CCTV in an attempt to prevent any further attacks. - source - Scunthorpe Telegraph - 12th December 2007

Self assembly security - It's been reported that 30 additional CCTV cameras have been installed around the latest branch of IKEA, which has just opened in Belfast. Apparently the extra video surveillance is part of an anti terrorism measure designed to protect the store from any attacks, particularly in the period leading up to Christmas. - source - Belfast Telegraph- 12th December 2007

Students in a class of their own - Students at the Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have submitted a petition to the school authorities, opposing the installation of 53 CCTV cameras. So far, 650 students have indicated their objection to the $ 80,000 project, so much so that the school board removed the proposal from a scheduled meeting last week, pending further consultation. - source - Ann Arbor News - 13th December 2007

Look worth a view - News from the United States where movie director Adam Rifkin has just released his latest work; a film drama entitled 'Look' which is shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras, following the cast as they live through a week oblivious to the presence of CCTV watching their every move. - source - Look - The Movie - 14th December 2007

Predicting the unpredictable - The University of Ottawa has received a $ 3.4million injection of funds from the computer giant IBM, to help fund research in the colleges Discover laboratory. Over the next four years, researchers will be looking at ways to enhance the effectiveness of video surveillance, by using computer based 'video analytic' systems, to predict possible criminal intent purely from an individuals behaviour. Although undoubtedly cutting edge in nature, the project has raised concerns from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. - source - Ottawa Sun - 14th December 2007

Watching the pilgrims progress - In advance of the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, it's been reported that Saudi Arabian authorities have installed over 1,000 CCTV cameras, supported by video equipped helicopters to help maintain safety and security in the city, during the forthcoming event.. - source - AlJazzeera - 16th December 2007

Between rocks and hard places - .In the scottish town of Moray, the local council have just invested £ 250,000 (US$ 510,000 € 350,000) in the latest CCTV equipment, including wireless covert cameras that can be fitted into fake rocks and plants. They're intended to be used in trouble hotspots, particularly where there are problems with vandals and fly-tippers. - source - BBC News - 18th December 2007

Consistantly catching crooks with cameras - It's been reported that in Manchester, the number of people arrested as a result of CCTV observation, has almost doubled in the last year. With around 220 cameras covering the city, 3,525 more anti social incidents were captured than in the previous year, whilst recorded crime in the city centre was down overall by 17%. - source - Manchester Evening News - 30th December 2007



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