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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - January & February 2007



8th Wonder of the World - Europe's largest traditional Hindu Temple, the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir located on a 1.5 acre site in Neasden, North West London, has benefited from the installation of a twenty two camera CCTV system, complete with purpose built security control room, using equipment supplied by JVC Professional Europe.


Pelco, the worlds largest manufacturer of CCTV products, has recently announced the launch of its new Spectra Mini Dome. This compact 4.1 inch dome housed camera, is equipped with a 10X optical zoom, 8x Digital zoom function, 64 presets, and UTP or 24v AC power options as standard.
Photo (right) - The new Pelco Spectra Mini Dome


Facial Recognition systems specialist A4Vision, have announced completion of a high security project for the Department of Homeland Security's Region 10 Headquarters of the Federal Protective Service (FPS). The companies unique 3D facial recognition system is being used and evaluated by the FPS, which serves to advise other US government agencies on all matters relating to security.

Optelecom-NKF, a leading provider of high end IP network solutions, have announced the introduction of their new model C-40 MPEG-4 Codec. The unit combines multi stream MPEG-4 video with two way stereo audio and serial data in either RS 232, RS 422 or RS 485 formats.

Axis Communications, the Swedish based manufacturer of IP cameras, have recently secured a contract to supply more than 1,000 cameras to a major retailer. The network cameras will be installed in 200 of the clients outlets, with further orders anticipated for 9,000 more units in the next few years.

For the third year running, specialist IP software developer Milestone Systems have been awarded a place in the prestigious Deloitte European Technology Fast 500 survey, highlighting the company's outstanding growth.

Italian based CCTV equipment manufacturer Videotec srl, have announced the launch of their newly redesigned vandal proof camera housings. These steel fabricated units are available in a range of styles, with various accessories and options available including, built in heaters, power supply units, anti tamper switches, and polycarbonate or PMMA glass windows. Highlighted applications include mass transit systems, car parks and prisons.
Photo (right) - The new range of Videotec Vandal Proof Housings

As part of the UK's recent IIPSEC 2006 show, the annual Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony was this year held at the Royal Court Hotel, Coventry. Over 200 people were in attendance to see Codestuff Ltd. receive the 'Software Innovation' and 'Overall Innovation' awards for their IP Media Broadcaster, Dallmeier Electronic were voted winners in the 'Hardware Innovation' category for their new DF 3000 IP Colour Camera, Borer Data Systems Ltd. were 'Innovation Application' winners for their CruSafe Personnel On Board System, and finally Milestone Systems received the 'IP User Group' award for their X Protect Enterprise, chosen as an outstanding product by the members of the IP User Group.

Dutch authorities have recently completed work on a new Command and Control Centre in Venlo, Holland. The project which provides vital coverage of a high risk area encompassing 28 cities, was built using Zandar Technologies FusionPro 1RU MultiViewer system, providing the flexibility of customisable displays, from a range of both analogue and digital inputs.
Photo (right) - The Zandar Technologies FusionPro 1RU Multiviewer display system installed in the Venlo Control Centre.


News from the States where the Hotel Northampton, an antique property located in Massachusetts listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has been subject to a cabless IP surveillance solution, installed by Viocen Inc. The historic nature of the property prevented conventional cable install methods from being used, so an IP wireless network solution using Axis Communications and Toshiba cameras, has all been pulled togethor using Milestone Systems XProtect Professional software.

If you had any doubts about the future of Video surveillance processing systems, for two US based manufacturers, they have this month announced injections of venture capital funding to the tune of $ 18 million. Intellivid, a Massachusettes based operation that specialises in video image analysis for the retail loss sector, have received $ 8 million in new investment, whilst Californian image analysis specialist 3VR have also picked up funding of $ 10 million.

Milestone Systems have recently launched the updated version 4.6 of their XProtect Professional video management software. Designed for managing IP video systems with up to 36 cameras, new features include remote management and viewing of live or recorded images, and PDA support.

To help protect vital US oil and gas installations, Denver based HS3 Technologies Inc. have introduced a cost effective satellite based surveillance system, for remote unattended installations. The system provides for real time, high resolution monitoring of both visual and process information.

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