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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - February 2006



News from Korean manufacturer Planet 82, who have announced the first US demo of its new SMPD imaging device. The chip is significantly smaller and more sensitive than it's CCD or CMOS equivalent, and first production of these nanotechnology devices are expected within the next few months.

Canadian specialist camera manufacturer Extreme CCTV, have recently provided an EX 14 camera to operate in perhaps the most hostile environment on earth. The camera has been installed on top of Mount Erebus, the most highly active volcano in Antarctica. Images of eruptions are transmitted to a remote station using microwave links, and the images are then relayed by satellite to the Geochronology Research laboratory in New Mexico, USA. The new camera incorporating the company's MX4 sensor package, is working alongside existing EX50 and EX10 models providing vital research data for the regions volcanologists.

French optical technology company Varioptic, have announced the worlds first multi mega pixel auto iris liquid lens. The Arctic 320 lens has initially been developed for mobile phone cameras, using an electric current to change the focus of the lens. The product is claimed to offer significant advantages in terms of durability, low power consumption and miniaturisation, over a wide temperature operating range.

US based IMC Networks have introduced a number of new Media Convertors, allowing conventional co-axial cable to be used as the transmission medium for IP output cameras. These devices will permit the easy replacement of existing analogue technology cameras, without the need for rewiring with replacement CAT cable normally associated with network transmission.

News from the United Kingdom's Security Industry Authority (SIA), which has announced that licensing arrangements for the nations security consultants, has been put back to late 2007. Further development will be required before an appropriate licensing structure is in place.

Paris based security equipment distributor Gardiner Groupe Europe, are to be acquired by Honeywell Security, subject to regulatory authority approval. The $260 million (2005) revenue group will be incorporated into Honeywell ADI's International business, providing more than 100 branches in 14 European countries.

Cernium Corporation, the specialist video analytics developer, have recently deployed their Perceptrak and Exit Sentry intelligent video security systems, at Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota. The combination of intelligent video management and analytical platforms, provides a unique behavioural recognition enhanced security function using a conventional CCTV installation.



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