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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - March & April 2007


UK based specialist Digital Video Recording manufacturer Wavelet Technology, have announced the introduction of their new HiNet Wavestore system. Capable of integrating analogue, multi Megapixel and IP cameras into a single HYBRID recorder, the unit supports up to 32 analogue and up to 120 IP and Megapixel cameras simultaneously, complete with syncronised audio. Both live and recorded Megapixel images can be enlarged up to 28 times using the powerful built in electronic zoom function.

Leading Italian manufacturer of CCTV products Videotec SpA, have supplied an Ulisse remote positioning system equipped with a Panasonic CP 480 SDIII and 20:1 motor zoom lens, for firewatch duties in the italian mountains.
Located atop a 30 meter pole at 2000 metres above sea level, the solar powered camera system is linked by wireless transmission equipment, to provide a vital remote observation facility for the Morbegno Valtellina Valley community.
Photo (right) - Videotec ULISSE remote positioning system on firewatch.

Canadian based Lumenera Corporation have announced the launch of their latest intelligent camera, with onboard video analytics.
The model Li045 streams a full 720 x 480 resolution at up to 30 fps, on a standard 10/100BaseT network.With selectable M-JPEG and H.264 on board, Ultra Wide Dynamic performance, and built in video analytic capabilities using ObjectVideo software, the camera can provide real time detection, tracking and analysis of objects and threats.
Photo (left) - Lumenera's new Li045 "intelligent" MegaPixel camera

New from Pelco this month, the company have announced the launch of two new ranges of large screen monitor displays. The 500 Series comprises five different LCD monitors ranging in size from 23 up to 42 inches in size. The units offer a very slim profile suitable for wall mounting, and with low energy consumption and no burn in, will provide a valuable addition to the product range. The 600 Series offers three large format Plasma displays, ranging in size from 42 to 60 inch. The units are particularly suited to use with the company's Multiviewer device, providing flexibility in displaying large numbers of multiple images on a single screen.
Photo (right) - Pelco 600 Series large format Plasma Monitor

CCTV Photo - Bosch Video surveillance systems protect visitors to the Oktoberfest 2006 event in Germany - photo copyright Bosch Security Systems

Leading Italian manufacturer of CCTV products Videotec SpA, have announced the launch of their new Medusa enclosure, for speed domes and network PTZ cameras.
Constructed from aluminium alloy, with an optically corrected polycarbonate window, the unit offers environmental protection to IP66 and is designed to be extremely simple to install and maintain.
Photo (left) - Videotec MEDUSA dome enclosure

Plenty of news from US based specialist imaging chip manufacturer Pixim Inc., who have recently secured a US$ 15 million investment from a group of venture capital companies. The funding will help accelerate new product development, with the company's imagers already in use within over 100 different Mega-Pixel and Wide Dynamic Range cameras available throughout the world.

Recently launched by Nuvation, their new IP Video camera which is Linux based and uses a TI imager, offers a compact design capable of streaming D1 (720x480) video over Ethernet at 30 ips.

JVC Professional Europe have announced the introduction of two new LCD flat panel displays.
The 17" LM - 170 and 15" LM - 150 are 4:3 ratio metal cased monitors providing resolution up to SXGA standard, designed throughout for continuous operation, and being particularly suited to the constant demands of a CCTV Control Room environment.
The units are supplied complete with stand and wired remote control unit.

News from Israel, where specialist electronics company Given Imaging, have announced the supply of their 500,000th Pill Cam, a patient swallowed imaging device designed to aid gastro-intestinal diagnosis.

Specialist Korean manufacturer Nanophotonics, have announced the launch of a unique low cost catadioptric ultra wide angle lens. Designed for use with a 1/3" imager. The innovative optical system is capable of providing a 151 degree field of view, with distortion quoted at less than 1%.




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