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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - May & June 2007


Californian based Tessera Technologies Inc., have announced the development of a new wafer level camera technology. Designed to produce a complete camera imaging system at 'wafer' level, the OptiML design can produce a range of camera models in sub miniature packages, suitable for a range of applications from mobile phones to CCTV, and with resolution up to 2 MegaPixel using fixed focus technology.


Specialist IP Video equipment manufacturer Mango DSP, have launched their new Raven PC 104 Intelligent Video Server, which provides a ruggedised four channel device, incorporating video content analysis software. The unit is specifically designed to meet the Cisco Technology Developer Program criteria for compatibility with the Cisco 3200 wireless video router, providing enhanced flexibility for use in challenging applications.

Designed to control the Eyeview Electronics range of speed dome cameras, the latest KB 1000 unit offers RS 485 output for control of cameras up to 1200 metres away, using Pelco P, Pelco D or Eyeviews own control protocol.
Photo (left) - Eyeview Electronics KB 1000 Mini Speed Dome Controller

Croatian based oil pipeline company JANAF Plc, have employed the services of Tehnozavod Marusic k.d. to install what has been described as perhaps the largest IP Video monitoring system in the country. Stretching between two borders, the total project will include 100 Ulisse PTZ, 500 fixed cameras in HOV housings and numerous IR 300 Infra Red illuminators, all manufactured by Videotec SpA., and all required to operate under intense high temperatures during the summer, and exceptional winds of up to 130 m.p.h.
Photo (right) - IP Cameras fitted into Videotec HOV weatherproof camera housings.

Videotec's Hong Kong subsidiary were delighted to accept the prestigious 'Outstanding Innovation' award at the recent SecuTech event held in Taiwan. Judges at the show which boasts over 650 stands, considered the unique ULISSE moving camera platform to be a truly revolutionary product.
Alessio Grotto, Videotec President has confirmed that "Ulisse proved to be one of the most successful Videotec products ever ..."
Photo (left) - Videotec HK MD Jack Watt accepting the SecuTech Outstanding Innovation award

Cisco Systems, a market leader in networking infrastructure, has recently acquired Broadware Technologies which specialises in IP based video surveillance software. The move is seen as a continued push by Cisco, into the rapidly developing market for IP surveillance products.

Vision Fire & Security suppliers of ADPRO surveillance products, have announced that their company name will change to Xtralis

Although originally founded in 1957, Clovis based manufacturer Pelco are now celebrating the 20th anniversary of the companies re-birth. Having been transferred into new ownership on June 1st 1987, the business has since grown from fabricating a mere handful of CCTV products, into becoming a major global producer with a staggering 5,500 products in their portfolio. In celebration of this milestone, Pelco President and CEO David L. McDonald. paid tribute to the staff "It's Pelco culture, our core strength, and the reason we are where we are today ... It's been an incredible 20 years".

US aerospace contractor Goodrich Systems has been selected to supply the cargo door video monitoring systems for Boeings new 777 Freighter aircraft. The system comprises three cameras, two fitted internally and one on the leading edge of the left horizontal stabiliser, with images displayed on a control panel in the flight deck rest area.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has confirmed that it's entire fleet of public service coaches, including it's Wheel-Trans paratransit vehicles, will benefit from the installation of mobile video recording systems and software supplied by specialist Canadian manufacturer March Networks.





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