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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - August 2006


Canadian specialist Infra Red camera manufacturer Extreme CCTV Inc, have recently announced the acquisition of UK based Forward Vision CCTV Ltd. Founded in 1998, Forward Vision are recognised for their development of compact fully functioning PTZ camera systems, notably the flagship Mic1-400, known affectionately in the industry as the 'Metal Mickey' camera. Revenues for the last financial year hit £ 3.3m, and the sale has been completed for a total consideration of approx. Can$ 10m.

News from IP software innovator DVTel, who have recently launched their new iSOC V5 intelligent Security Operations Centre. The V5 is designed as an open standards platform that combines all video, audio, data, access control and alarm management, along with video analytics functionality into a single command and control package. The iSOC product has already been adopted by East Midlands Airport, Havering College, The US Super Bowl and also chosen by LA County Sheriffs Department, for use in a wide range of applications.

As an enhanced anti fraud measure for IP Video system operators, Milestone Systems have announced the launch of their new XProtect Transact version 2.1 software. Aimed specifically at retailers and banks, the software is designed as a bolt on to the XProtect Enterprise, Professional or Basis+ video management platforms, to provide POS or ATM transaction data, combined with high quality video feeds as a unified visual auditing tool, to help identify any untoward transactions.

For school authorities in Junction City, Kansas, USA, providing a rapidly expanded learning environment, for thousands of additional children returning to the nearby Fort Riley military base, provides a number of interesting and complex challenges. As part of the "Secure our Schools" initiative, and using Homeland Security grants from the federal government, Unified School District 475 were able to initiate a video surveillance solution using Axis Communications cameras and Milestone Systems open platform IP video surveillance software. The resulting network provides video monitoring of people and property in 22 seperate buildings throughout the district.

Milestone Systems, a leading player in the development of IP Video
Surveillance software, have provided a technical solution for integrating all the various security systems, at the Mjolner Park public housing complex in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Using an open platform software based solution, the sites 230 CCTV cameras have been integrated into the existing access control and fire alarm systems, producing a drastic reduction in crime, which at one time was costing almost 600,000 danish crowns, in one six month period alone.
Photo (right) - Mjolner Park housing complex, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

CCTV Photo - Sanyo VDC-DP7585 IP 66 rated Day / Night vandal resistant dome - copyright Sanyo Europe

Taipei based specialist IP camera and server manufacturer Vivotek Inc, have recently announced the public flotation of their companies shares, on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company has grown very rapidly over the last 3 years, by promoting it's unique range of products to a global market.

Bosch Security Systems will be officially launching their new series of training programmes on 1st October 2006. Designed to build the highest levels of customer service amongst a select group of partner companies, the programmes will provide for three levels of recognition, from 'Approved Installer', through 'Bosch Security Systems Dealer' to the ultimate level of being a 'BSSD Premier' company.

Californian based CCTV manufacturer Pelco, are using the ASIS 2006 event to showcase a number of new products. The latest version of the company's best selling dome system, the Spectra IV is being introduced with a 35x optical zoom, 540 lines resolutiona and a claimed 0.007 lux sensitivity. There are two new DVR models also being introduced, the DVR 5100 with many features normally only found on high end solutions, and the DX 8100 which is the latest replacement for the proven DX 8000 series recorder.
The show is running from September 25 - 28th 2006 at the San Diego Convention Centre.





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