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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - September & October 2007

Pelco have introduced new software for the upgraded version of their popular DX 8100 Digital Video Recorder. The latest XPe based software, expands both audio and video output capability, improved privacy policy features, and an unlimited number of multicast connections, for live viewing via the web client in multi cast enabled Local Area Networks (LAN's).Yvonne Schwemmer, Pelco Product Marketing Manager says" Our customers love this product ... This is our second product enhancement in less than a year, an indication of our strong commitment to provide what our customers want ...". - more info. on this story ...

Having identified some security vulnerabilities in their IP Gateway video encoder and decoder, Services Platform and Integrated Services Platform, Cisco Video Surveillance have issued a software patch which can be accessed from the company's advisory page.

Vancouver based specialist Multi Megapixel camera manufacturer Avigilon, have been recognised for their exceptional products, with the Frost & Sullivan 2007 North American Award for Technology Innovation.

Sentry 360 Security have announced the launch of their revolutionary new Full Sight IP camera. Designed to provide a constant 360 degree view, the 5 megapixel unit incorporates onboard video analytics, with the ability to automatically track any objects of interest, within the field of view. Electronic pan tilt and zoom functions can be controlled in real time or from recorded material, and monitoring is available either using a standard web browser, or through the network video record software.

The IP UserGroup USA have announced the appointment of Susan Brady as their new Managing Director, effective from September 15th 2007. With more than 17 years experience as Editor in Chief for Security Dealer magazine, Susan takes over from Bruce Doneff who originally launched the group at ISC West in 2006. Staying on as Public Relations and Media Officer, Bruce said "Susan is a well known figure in our industry and she brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships to this position" - more info. on this story
Photo (left) - Susan Brady appointed new Managing Director of the IP User Group USA

News from San Clemente California, where specialist MegaPixel camera manufacturer IQinVision have announced the appointment of Mark Nazarenus as Vice President of Sales. With over 28 years experience in the security industry, Mark replaces Paul Bodell who assumes the role of Chief Marketing Officer, with special responsibilities for Strategic Business Development and OEM initiatives - more info. on this story

Photo (right) - Mark Nazarenus, Vice President Sales IQ inVision

CCTV Photo - Sanyo VDC-DP7585 IP 66 rated Day / Night vandal resistant dome - copyright Sanyo Europe

Video Domain have announced the launch of their latest MemoCam Zorro covert surveillance camera. Available for standard 640x480, or 1280x960 resolution using a MegaPixel sensor, the unit incorporates a pinhole camera, PIR movement detection, and digital recording onto a mini SD card, for easy playback on a PC or PDA using a seperate mini SD card reader. more info. on this story ...

Photo (left) - Video Domain MemoCam Zorro covert video recording camera

Mango DSP, a leading provider of intelligent video servers and its affiliate ICI Networks, a specialist in municipal wireless integrated systems, have introduced the new ICI Wireless Metropolitan Base Station™ (WMBS). Featuring advanced video processing capabilities enabled by the integration of the Mango DSP Raven HX 104 Intelligent Video Server, into its Modular platform, the system is designed to provide flexibility for future development in wireless applications - more info. on this story ...
Photo (right) - ICI Networks WMBS incorporating Mango DSP video processing

Specialist equipment manufacturer Videotec S.p.A., have announced the launch of their new corporate website. Having been completely redesigned, it provides a wide range of information on both the company and it's products, in four different languages. Martina Panighel, Marketing Manager at Videotec says "In line with company philosophy, this new website aims to offer our customers the best in communication and pre-and post- sales assistance. We wish our users fruitful browsing on www.videotec.com!". more info. on this story ...
Photo (left) - Videotecs newly designed corporate website

Recent announcements from Californian based Pelco, include the launch of their newest DX 4500 and DX 4600 DVR's; the news of a formal collaboration with Milestone Systems to develop customised software interfaces, to allow the company's CamclosureIP and IP3701 cameras to work with Milestone's XProtect software, and six years on, the annual 9/11 rememberance service has been held on campus, whilst hundreds of employees and honored guests gathered for the solemn ceremony, at the company's headquarters in Clovis .... - more info. on this story ...

Plymouth based installation company Westcountry Security part of the Chubb Electronic Security group, have recently been awarded the "Urmet Domus Southern Region Installer of the Year Award". In recognition of outstanding work at the Royal William Yard regeneration project in Plymouth, the company were required to fit video entry systems into a new development of residential apartments. Along with a trophy, the company have received a cheque for £ 250 payable to the charity of their choice.

Hertfordshire based Xtralis have announced the launch of the new ADPRO Video Wall display system. Designed to provide a flexible and responsive multi image dislay, it offers a "drag and drop" facility, to easily import various camera feeds into the display wall;comprising up to 16 monitors, it can facilitate a range of display options from full screen up to twenty multiplexed images per monitor. - more info. on this story ...

t's been announced that AD Group have now acquired all rights to Baxall Ltd.'s camera division. Following a deal secured with Baxall's administrators KPMG Corporate Restructuring, the ICE, ICED and ICED - VR range will in future be manufactured in Malta, with design and marketing centred at Dedicated Micros base in Daresbury.

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