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Graffiti and Vandalism


Graffiti and vandalism are perennial problems, which despite best efforts and significant expenditure on Closed Circuit Television, rarely produce the desired results.

Just recently, reports have emerged of a local Town Centre scheme which caught two graffiti artists ‘in the act’, but is this use of a £ 350k TC system an appropriate way to employ tax and ratepayers money?

Having addressed these subjects on a number of occasions, Doktor Jon would like to offer the following thoughts on the subject.

Intelligence suggests that the problems associated with graffiti and vandalism are generally attributable to very few individuals, often aged between 11 and 30, and somewhat surprisingly, from a whole range of social backgrounds.

The culture surrounding the growth in graffiti, is diametrically opposed to the view of most law abiding individuals, and so it’s much the same as with any crime, if you can at least attempt to understand the nature of the problem, then you can start to redress it.

One suggestion which might be worth considering is the adoption of a neighbourhood based “Tagbuster”© scheme.

In brief, the idea revolves around a 'branded' campaign designed to deter offendors from tagging in the first place.

It is envisaged that any scheme would ideally require a multi agency approach, with the Local Authority providing support:-

a) through the Councils Neighbourhood Management Department (to remove all the graffiti on request),

b) the Councils Education Department, (to provide literature and information materials to local schools),

c) local trader/ resident groups to support and monitor the scheme,

d) the Local Press to (sponsor) endorse and report on its progress, and of course

e) the Police to enforce the scheme.

More suggestions for 'Tagbuster' >>>

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