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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

Graffiti and Vandalism -

As with many aspects of CCTV work, producing results, which in most cases means providing Evidential Quality video recordings, is not really that difficult to achieve.

The problems often start in presenting an effective case of criminal damage, which the courts are prepared to punish appropriately on conviction.

One possible 'alternative' to the conventional approach, hasn't as far as Doktor Jon is aware, been put to the test, so it is highly hypothetical!

Consider this ... if you want to place an advert in a daily newspaper, you can enter into a contract to provide the copy, which is then published at the stated rate. Once the ad has appeared, an invoice is sent out and payment is due within the stated terms. If you don't pay, the publication can take enforcement action through the civil
courts to obtain settlement, and if necessary 'send in the baillifs' under a court order.

Now what if ... an area, for arguments sake let's say a brick wall, is purged of its tags, and a notice is posted stating that any individual placing graffiti on the wall, will (by so doing) have entered into a contract to pay £ 200 ($ or Euros 300 > 350) for the graffiti to remain in place for 24 hours, and that this contract is enforced through the use of Closed Circuit Television.

Using the suggested approach for “Tagbuster”© with CCTV cameras hidden in the signage, it would then be a matter for appointed officers to seek settlement of the contract payment, if not, the matter would be pursued through the civil courts, with the costs (for the tagger) escalating at every stage.

Rather than simply addressing the issue as a matter of criminal damage, which often results in a nominal fine and/or a community service order (subject of course to conviction), Doktor Jon thinks this alternative appoach may well be worth considering, particularly as the financial penalty for the 'contractee' could far exceed any fines that the courts would normally hand down on conviction of a criminal offence.

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