There's conventional Town Centre CCTV ...
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Outlines the
Safety Net ©

approach to providing affordable community based
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

The "Safety Net"© approach to CCTV

"Safety Net"© Community based CCTV - a low cost alternative?

Throughout the United Kingdom, conventional ‘Town Centre’ (TC) Closed Circuit Television schemes have increasingly developed along the lines of “active” systems.

This approach not only requires the construction of a hugely expensive dedicated control room, but the ongoing costs for staffing around the clock 24-7, can frequently create a whole new range of previously unexpected problems.

“Safety Net”© provides an alternative framework for adopting ‘community based’ CCTV schemes, that are often far better suited to the areas crime reduction requirements.

It is a particularly appropriate strategy for small towns, villages, housing estates, shopping areas, and business and leisure parks, where "Deterrence through Detection" or "DtD", can provide an affordable and effective alternative to conventional CCTV systems.

With a “Safety Net”© approach, the network of fixed cameras provides an exceptional degree of 'optimised' camera coverage, coupled with effective passive Evidential Quality Recording.

All this at a much lower cost than a conventional CCTV system.

So what are the major benefits of a “Safety Net” © CCTV scheme?

Well if you consider the average cost for installing a conventional camera scheme in a small town, there wouldn’t be too much change out of £ 250,000 (Euros or US $ 350- 450,000).

Quite frankly, that’s an awful lot of money for not many cameras.

So what is the major difference between a conventional active approach to CCTV system design, and the much lower cost passive “Safety Net”© concept.Put simply, the active systems rely heavily on an operators ability to spot or predict an incident using a remote control CCTV camera Which in general terms is not a particularly efficient approach to tackling crime; a “Safety Net”© strategy is very, very different.

If you’ve already looked at other sections of this site, you’ll be aware that the most basic principle of CCTV is that a camera can only really look in one direction at one time.


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