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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.
March Networks - A leading manufacturer of Digital Video Record Systems

Looking to see some CCTV ... camera ... action?

For the first time, Doktor Jon has decided to provide an event preview section, so for the benefit of anyone visiting IFSEC , manufacturers can briefly outline exactly what CCTV products and services, they'll be showing or launching at this years show.

I-View - Hall 20, Stand U -121, - contact Mr. Samuel Chiang
DVR recorders, including a POS unit, a biometric finger print access control DVR solution, 16 channel D1 400fps Stand Alone, and CCTV transmission equipment.

JVC Professional Europe - Hall 20, Stand N -110, - contact Djamila Ait-Braham
New products include the VR - 509E 9 channel MPEG-2 DVR, VN - C20U IP Network camera
(pictured right), VN - 4 IP server for streaming four analogue camera signals at 30fps in VGA (120 fps global). Also on display will be a wide range of traditional box and dome type cameras,15",17" & 19" flat panel displays, along with a 40" LCD and conventional CRT monitors from 10 - 21 inch screen sizes.
Show Competition - Drop a business card on the stand, for a chance to win an LCD Television.

Daiwon Optical Co. Ltd. - Hall 19, Stand P - 51, - contact April Baek
A complete range of lenses for all types of CCTV cameras.

Ultracker Technology Co. Ltd. - Hall 6, Stand C -150E, - contact Rachel Lee
Standalone DVR recorders, including the launch of the new UM 7000 series 4 channel DVR
(pictured left).

Videotec S.p.a. - Hall 20, Stand P - 90, - contact Mr. Gianni Viero
On show will be their unique ULISSE remote control camera positioning system, plus a wide range of environmental camera housings and control equipment.

Arecont Vision. - Hall 7, Stand A -135, - contact
The company will be exhibiting their unique range of high resolution megapixel cameras, including the UK launch of the AV 5100 5 mega pixel colour camera, and the unique AV 8360 360 degree 4 x 2 Megapixel camera.

Videalert Ltd. - Hall 20, Stand P -114, - contact David Towey
IFSEC 2006 has been chosen for the official launch of the company's latest flagship product, the V1000. Developed as a market ready real time CCTV content analysis system, it can automatically detect a wide range of abnormal or threat specific events, including abandoned object detection, object tracking, speeding vehicles, theft and object removal. It has been specifically designed as an easy to use intuitive system, with a range of application environments, including of course Homeland Security.

Zandar Technologies plc
- Hall 6, Stand D - 85, - contact Sharon Smyth
High resolution, large screen multi image display and control equipment for CCTV Control Rooms. Being showcased for the first time, the Fusion Pro+ and Predator VC / VS Multiviewer display systems
(pictured left).

Vivotek Inc.
- Hall 6, Stand J - 87, - contact
Specialists in IP enabled cameras and video servers, the company will be exhibiting a broad range of products, including the UK launch of the SD 6112/22V Vandal Proof Speed Dome cameras, the FD 6111/21V Varifocal Day/Night Vandal Proof Dome Cameras, PT 7135/7 3G connectable Pan / Tilt Cameras, and the VS 2403 4 channel M-JPEG Video Server.

March Networks.
- Hall 6, Stand D - 80, - contact Michael Rack
The company will be exhibiting their range of specialist DVR / NVR products
(pictured right) and software, including the 4000C NVR which supports both analog and high resolution IP camera inputs, and also their R5 Visual Intelligence Suite, which provides a comprehensive set of video based intelligence tools.

Bosch Security Systems.
- Hall 9, Stand Q - 40, - contact Samantha Dean
Bosch will be exhibiting a number of new CCTV / IP products, including the latest Dinion IP high performance cameras, and Network Video Recorders (NVR's). In addition, the DiBos 8 and DiBos Micro IP surveillance and recording systems, will be showcased along with the company's extensive range of Video Surveillance and security products, all available for evaluation in a unique purpose built demo-suite.

Sampo Security Technology Corp. - Hall 20, Stand U -129, - contact Charley
Exhibiting a wide range of CCTV equipment, along with a number of new products, including a 20.1" Public View Monitor System, A premium range of LCD monitors, a Standalone DVR and a weatherproof Infrared Camera.

Pixord Corporation.
- Hall 20, Stand U - 85, - contact Mr. Arthur Chu,
Being shown for the first time will be the Pixord 400 MPEG-4/ M-JPEG IP camera, the 1401 video server, model 128 100 metre range outdoor Infra Red IP camera, and the 5416 16 channel Networkable DVR. A number of other IP cameras will also be available for viewing.

MuxLab Inc. - Hall 20, Stand R -128, - contact Benoit Charles.
The company will be exhibiting their wide range of CCTV transmission equipment, including both passive and active UTP products, a newly launched Quad Video Balun and their latest Passive CCTV Hub.

- Hall 6, Stand G - 120, - contact Kevin Smith
Along with their comprehensive range of CCTV / IP Video products, Pelco will be launching the new Spectra III EVS and MIni full functioning Dome Cameras, along with Version 2 of the DX 8000 DVR with ATM / POS integration, and the new model DVR 5300.
(pictured left - DX 8000 Version 2.0 DVR).

Wavelet Technology
- Hall 7, Stand A - 201, - contact Chris Williams.
Introducing the latest Wavestore HiNet DVR / NVR system, offering a flexible and powerful recording and video management solution for analogue, IP enabled and Megapixel cameras. In addition to the existing range of Wavestore recording units, an advanced new Video Motion Detection system will be on show.

Regard Viewing and Logging Systems - Hall 20, Stand R - 70, - contact Mr. Arie Bendayan.
The "Observer" high capacity real time Video + Audio Recording and Management System, designed for use in demanding "high end" applications such as casinos, airports and city centres, will be on demonstration throughout the event.

Panasonic UK
- Hall 20, Stand M - 80, - contact Gareth Matthews
Having won the coveted 'Security Manufacturer of the Year' award in both 2004 and 2005, Panasonic will be showcasing an extensive range of CCTV and IP Video equipment. New products on show include the WV-CW960 30x optical zoom Colour Dome camera with the unique Super Dynamic III technology, plus the WV-NP 1000 1.25 Megapixel dual streaming IP Camera.
(pictured left - Panasonic WVCP - 480 SD III camera).

George Tang Industrial Corp.
- Hall 6, Stand D - 147D, - contacts Mr George Tang & Ms Livia Lin.
The company will be showing a broad range of DVR's, including Standalones, Mobile, and multi channel units operating on embedded Linux.

Visimetrics - Hall 6, Stand K - 76, - contact Gary James.
Exhibiting a wide range of Digital recording systems, including their Octar, Vader & Fastar DVR's, Octar Net NVR and Pathfinder Video Motion Detection product.

Video Domain Technology ( VDT UK Ltd. ) - Hall 20, Stand P - 78, - contact Annette Davis
Showcasing the unique MemoCam range of IP Cameras and associated equipment, the company will also be launching their RedZone and MemoCam Visual Verification systems. Also on the stand will be representatives from EMCS, a leading UK independent Alarm Receiving Centre.

Derwent Systems - Hall 20, Stand Q -116, - contact Emma Wilson
The company will be exhibiting and demonstrating their unique range of specialist Infra Red illuminators, including the SuperLED solid state unit, standard UF 500 model, and the ZX 700 high power lamp rated up to 700 metres range. The company will also be previewing the "next generation" of REG number plate recognition systems.


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