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CCTV & General Security Events in the U.K.

Doktor Jon thought .... if you want to go and find out a bit more about what is happening in the world of CCTV, where do you go? The answer of course is to have a look at this show guide section:-

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IP User Group - IP in Action LIVE - 2007
March 2007 - Manchester - United Kingdom
June 21st 2007 - Royal Court Hotel - Coventry - United Kingdom
Theme "Local Government & Remote Monitoring"

IFSEC 2007 Exhibition and Conference
21st - 24th May 2007 - United Kingdom - National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
International Police Expo 2007
21st - 24th May 2007 - United Kingdom - NEC Birmingham

Doktor Jons IFSEC 2007 Show Preview ...
An absolutely vast show covering all aspects of fire and security,
with a seperate CCTV village, seminars and extensive conference programme.
DJ says "Wear comfortable shoes, and if at all possible
take the following week off work to recover!"

British Exhibition of Security Technology
6th - 7th June 2007 - United Kingdom - The Victory Services Club, London
Video Content Analysis Conference
25th - 26th June 2007 - United Kingdom - Hilton Hotel. Paddington, London

Homeland and Border Security 2007
3rd July 2007 - United Kingdom - The QEII Conference Centre, London
International Conference on Advanced Video & Signal based Surveillance
5 - 7th September 2007 - United Kingdom - Queen Mary College - London

Norbain Live 07 - National 'Roadshow'
September & October 2007 - United Kingdom - Various venues - more info.
British Retail Consortium - Retail Loss Prevention Conference 2007
31st October 2007 - United Kingdom -

CONSEC 2007 - Association of Security Consultants Annual Conference
November 8th 2007 - RAF Museum Hendon, London - U.K.
ISNR - International Security National Resilience 2007
December 4th - 5th 2007 - United Kingdom - National hall, Olympia - London
A conference and exhibition event focussing on counter terrorism and border security.

IIPSEC 2008 Exhibition and Conference
January 29th - 31st 2008 - United Kingdom - Stoneleigh Park, Nr. Coventry, Warwickshire
includes extensive Conference programme
A show specifically aimed at the use of IP / Network security equipment, with extensive representation by specialist CCTV / IP Video companies. In addition, practical training seminars are run alomgside a
one day conference.
info on 2007 show .....
http://www.iipsec.com D.J. says "Very friendly, relaxed and informative technical show ... well worth a visit"

Achieving Transmission Excellence Roadshow 2008
February & March 2008 - various venues - for more details ....
Association of Security Consultants - Business Club
February 13th 2008 - Bury House, 33 Bury Street, St James's, London - U.K.

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