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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

If you are a CCTV manufacturer,
what can this website do for you ....?

Manufacturers ... what can Doktor Jon's site do for you?

Whilst there is a lot of information and experience contained within this site, Doktor Jon is also acutely aware that CCTV Manufacturers can often benefit from a little help now and again; so the development of this Manufacturers Section, is broadly intended to fulfil four main roles:-

1) To develop a range of directories providing a detailed reference source,
with information on both CCTV manufacturers, their products and distributors.

2) To provide a meeting place for manufacturers seeking trading partners,
a B2B facility to help develop distribution and representation of their products.

3) To provide a focus for the exchange of ideas and suggestions, which may
prove beneficial if included in the development of various key CCTV products.

4) To offer a truly independent platform for highlighting CCTV industry news
and events, from manufacturers right around the globe.

It is a fact that whilst design engineers spend a small fortune on developing new and innovative ideas for the market place, in the great scheme of things, there is rarely if ever the opportunity for end users, consultants and installers, to provide their useful input into the development process. Now that's a missed opportunity!

For "Friends" and "Supporters" of Doktor Jon, it is hoped that in the near future, equipment 'links' can be added into the equipment directories, to provide comprehensive specification details for individual CCTV products, already listed in the Equipment and New Products listings. This will enable visitors to locate preferred items, and then look up their technical suitability, all in a matter of seconds!

Likewise the 'NEW' CCTV products listing will be constantly developed and updated, to effectively showcase all that's new in the global market place.

Doktor Jon is aware, that some companies which produce excellent products, are sometimes let down by the poor quality of their instruction manuals, marketing leaflets and even after sales material.

Longterm it is hoped that for "Friends" and "Supporters",
Doktor Jon will also be able to provide a confidential support role, to assist with the preperation of a wide range of literature and materials, in standard conversational english.

As this site had already been receiving many regular requests for assistance from 'end users' and installers, Doktor Jon recently decided to introduce a unique "CCTV Helpdesk", for general technical and application enquiries; whilst already proving very popular, the longterm success and development of this unique service, will very much depend on continued CCTV industry support.

Having received a number of requests already, Doktor Jon is also seriously considering the possibility of eventually launching an independent "Product Test" facility, which will provide impartial reports on CCTV equipment in a working environment; something which installers and end users would hopefully find far more useful than a standard 'dry' specification sheet.

There is no question that in order to develop and maintain such an ambitious range of services, will require a degree of support from the CCTV Industry.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of becoming a "Friend" or "Supporter" of this ambitious project, or if you have any comments or suggestions to make,
Doktor Jon would love to hear from you ....

e-mail to:-

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